Zac Talks to Kat About Their Long-Distance Relationship ‘Sneak Peek’ | Love & Listings

Zac Talks to Kat About Their Long-Distance Relationship ‘Sneak Peek’  | Love & Listings

Oh. Oh. Oh, I like that shirt.
I really do. Thank you. I just got it. I’m over here trying to expand
the screen and (beep). You with all looking about
getting sexy. What you got up
under that cover? See something. Oh man. You know what it is.
You know what I’m saying? I miss you. No (beep), I miss you too. I’m not going to lie, you know a long distance
relationship is hard. Maintaining that romance
and connection with all the distractions
around us is hard, but Kat is worth it. I see you with you hat’s
your fresh little hair cut- No a little something.
A little something. But yo, yo, yo, yo,
check this out though, I’m at this event,
you know with the other agents, but everything’s all right
and all of a sudden Samantha, the question comes up
of where you are. And then she goes
to talk about like, I could have you
if I wanted you, this, that and third. What do you think
makes her that way? When I’m in a relationship,
maybe she’s a little jealous? My name should not come out
her mouth, period. She’s jealous. I’m not worried
about what she’s talking about and so that’s why I told her Like straight up. Well, I mean I’m not going to
let her tell me that she could have me
whenever she wants to. But you could shut it down
in other ways. You could say,
no you know I have a girlfriend. I’m not going to disrespect her. You don’t have to talk
about your (beep). You know, Kat does have a point. You know, engaging with Samantha
is disrespectful to my lady. Lesson learned. I can’t control what she is
or isn’t going to say. The reality is, is that you
and I are really good. I’m happy with you.
That’s all that matters. I try to be very lenient
and understanding that you have to be around
these people in your business, but no girl
is going to be comfortable with her man
being around his ex, or a chick he used to (beep),
period. And you guys are apparently
going to have to do business together
and be around each other. I can’t control what
she thinks though. All I can, at the end of the day
all I can control is how I feel
about you, our relationship. If it was Sam’s intention
to throw a wrench into my relationship with Kat,
she might’ve succeeded, but I’m not going to
let that (beep) ride. I’m not even worried
about Samantha, I’m with you, I moved on. Whatever.

63 thoughts on “Zac Talks to Kat About Their Long-Distance Relationship ‘Sneak Peek’ | Love & Listings

  1. First

  2. Everyone that reads this I wish you nothing but success💯👍🏾

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    Girl bye you sleep with Don a married man Ryan he was with racheal so whats good

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  30. Dear Person That's Reading This You May Be Goin Through Something But God Got U He Didn’t Bring You This Far To Quit.We Dont’t Know Each Other But I Wish U All The Best In Life 2019-2020🇧🇸❤️

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