Young Man Builds Stunning School Bus Tiny House for Only $4,500 – Debt Free Mobile Home

Young Man Builds Stunning School Bus Tiny House for Only $4,500 – Debt Free Mobile Home

I saw this bus on Craigslist, and I’ve always been a wheeler and dealer, and I knew it’s something that I always wanted to try and I just said I’ve lived my life, so cautiously up to this point I got to do something that I think I’m gonna enjoy and uh I ended up just doing it. For me I wanted the highest quality bus possible with the lowest kind of impact on my wallet and by kind of reusing repurposed woods and basically stuff I just found on the side of the road including getting the bus which actually traded for it. I’ve done everything here today for about $4,500 All of my trims were uh Repurposed pallet board that I found Umm, my slab countertops used to be a teeter-totter in a goat pen that I basically cut down and Completely redone. I have an old exit sign that I found and I used that as my medicine cabinet. Just basically like finding a use for things that Otherwise people would just throw away Umm, transitioning to living in the bus full-time over the past three or four months I’ve really kind of been working on like minimalizing my lifestyle and slowly fitting my life into a space as small as this and uh In turn, I think I’ve really learned a lot about myself. This Is my 1959 Bluebird B 600 school bus that I’ve converted into a tiny home. This is my $40 Craigslist special swinging wicker chair it uh just barely fits in here But uh absolutely love it. Down here, this is my wit’s left countertops Turned out really well really happy with it my whole kind of Thing with this bus is I wanted the highest quality possible But on a shoestring budget so a lot of the things I’ve kind of done myself Is this kind of my like my wardrobe down here. I got everything that I need to kind of live when I want to eat This is my kind of dining area. Don’t use it too much, but it’s kind of nice to have. This is my my Slat bed that I’ve made. I made it completely out of reclaimed 2×4 Umm, it pulls out to a full size queen bed, which is really nice because I’m not the tiniest guy in the world and er It’s pretty comfy. Here is Just kind of a side table here. Eventually this would be Kind of like the washroom. I’m gonna have it toilet installed underneath. This just flips up into a room divider and Then the stuff will be here. Right now It is excess storage because I’m still working on kind of minimalizing the junk I have. This is my hundred dollar RV mechanic special stove Umm, It runs on propane which is really nice. I also use it as kind of my pantry for now and er It’s it’s been awesome. This is my my little fridge here. It is just basically an old koolatron cooler. That’s er 55 watts so when I hook up solar it’s gonna run exclusively off that. Works really well. It was like 120 bucks so I’m pretty happy with that. This is my kind of gonna be my dry goods area. It’s not quite stocked up yet, but I wanted to go with kind of a cool leg little throwback So these are all just like vintage liquor liquor bottles and Old mason jars. Yeah, so the way I have my propane system working right now It’s not a hundred percent done, but what I do I have a quick-release hose back hose back there Basically I run it out to my cargo rack in the back where I have my propane tanks My jerry cans and kind of firewood and stuff like that just a really simple quick setup I didn’t want to do anything too crazy with mounting tanks or anything like that Just because the amount I used the stove it wasn’t really worth putting that much time in Especially during the supper summer months it gets so hot in here I find myself Just eating a lot of like a lot of produce and and cooler things. For now I’m just doing water jugs eventually I will be doing a full Sink that’s hooked up to an electric pump via my solar system. For now a 2.5. Gallon jug just works great So people call her the Dorf back in the day They had the Ford emblem in here and someone switched the F and the D and Ever since then um whenever I’m driving by, people be like ah it’s the ‘DORF’, that’s so cool Yeah
So that’s kind of how the name came by. This is the the deck that was put on this bad boy turns out to be Really really useful put a couple lawn chairs in there have a beer. Probably one of my favorite features on the bus ugh, I got a swing window basically just opens up everything Really really nice makes the space feel a lot bigger and also really helps with air flow. What I really like about this bus for kind of like my lifestyle it gives me that flexibility to Kind of go out and go kayaking and camping wherever I want, but it also really allowed me to Minimalize like my overhead cost I feel like I haven’t lost any quality of life but at the same time I need to work a bit less, and I can pursue things that I want to pursue in life and Not have to kind of lose out on that

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  1. Could you see yourself living in a school bus conversion like this full time?

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  11. If I could go back to 18 years old I would have just got a small RV to live in and put half my income into the stock market. Now I'm 45 and I'm doing exactly that. It's not too late lol

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  15. You are very intelligent to take a bus & turn it into a home, that is awesomely cool. Smart move young man. You’ve done a great job. Save all of that rent/mortgage money in the bank.

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  17. how does he shower and use the bathroom?

  18. Debt free and you'll never go homeless. That's all that matters.

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  51. Really cute, but I'm wondering how on earth you actually travel anywhere. I'm picturing glass bottles, plants full of dirt, and water jugs banging into each other, dumping over, etc.

  52. Rent-free yes debt-free no. Keep in mind what he's saving on rent he's probably spending on gas or close to it a month. Not to mention RV fees, food all his toiletries. internet ,cell phone, car insurance maybe even Commercial Insurance depending on the vehicle which could be pricey. that's not including car Maintenance and unforeseen repairs on the road. just facts.

  53. Good for you!!

  54. >^. .^< What do you think, for every person living in a school bus home there are possibly 5,ooo homeless Americans through out the USA living on the streets???? Sure hope I am wrong……..

  55. Problem is it's a short-term fix he's not debt-free because eventually he's going to lose that bus it's going to cost money to maintain it the story's not over and eventually won't be able to repair it, it is subject to being towed on a pigs whim. He needs to park it on a piece of land that he owns, otherwise eventually he's going to lose it. Sorry but that's the truth🤔

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    How I so wish to live in one,… build one,… JUST SO MUCH!!!!

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  100. Wow, I love your bus and wishing you all the best of life. Happy Trails.🌻🌅
    Peace, Much Love, and Namaste.

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