You’ll NEVER Look At Money The Same Way Again

You’ll NEVER Look At Money The Same Way Again

Watch this video and there’s a good chance
that you’re never going to look at money the same way again. As an investor, I have developed a specific
frame of mind for how I now look at money very different than how I used to and I’ll
tell you this, it means that I’ve got my money growing in all sorts of new ways that it would
never have been and today’s information here on Limitless Wealth TV is going to share it
with you. So recently, I watched this video by Graham
Stephan that was all about you’ll never look at money the same again after watching this
video and I agreed whole-heartedly with this mindset that he has on money and I want to
recap some of the ideas with you and then I want to share with you what it can really
mean for you and where you can really go with this idea in life. It’s all about looking at money from a very
different point of view. In life, we’re either living off of the principle
of something or we’re living off of the interest of something. So for example, it’s this game of opportunity
cost. What am I forgoing with the choice that I’m
making? Think how hard the average American needs
to work to make a thousand dollars but if you spend that thousand dollars then the thousand
dollars is gone and the question is, what is really gone if you’re actually living off
of the interest of that thousand dollars rather than just the thousand dollars itself. Now, Graham, in his video, he really talks
about this idea of, hey, in real estate, if I’m making 10% a year on my money, minus the
3% inflation, I’m netting 7%. So every thousand dollars equivalent to like
$70 a year and so what he’ll do is, he’ll say, “Alright, is this thing that I want to
pay for with the thousand dollars really worth that $70 a month every month for the rest
of my life, compounding and growing and still having the principle?” Well let’s see if you can answer the question. Let me give you a couple of examples on this. If you can learn how to see money through
the lens of opportunity cost, you’ll never look at it the same way again. Opportunity cost means, what am I forgoing? What’s the best next option? What am I missing out on by the choice that
I’m making? And in life, when it comes to money, we’re
so busy spending the principle that we’re never living off at the interest. You know, when I retired for the first time
at the age of 26, it’s because I had 25 homes producing over $10,000 a month for me, every
month no matter what, whether I worked or whether I didn’t. Now I could sell off all that real estate,
let’s say, make a million dollars. But what would I rather have? The million dollars or $10,000 a month every
month for the rest of my life plus the million dollars and nothing eating it away, that’s
our conversation. You see, we get so in this habit of earning
money and saving money and then spending money that we’re always spending the principle rather
than the interest. What we need to learn how to do is start viewing
the world through this other lens. You know, Graham Stephan, in one of his videos,
he actually talked about, you’ll never see money the same way again after you do this
math, I’m going to do the math a little bit different. He and I, we both believe in real estate and
most of my real estate is producing 15% 20% a year for me and sometimes more than that,
year over year over year but let’s just knock that down with inflation and what not just
to have bare bones basic 10%. That means that for every thousand dollars
that I put in real estate, I’m running a hundred dollars a year but if I spend that thousand
dollars on a flat screen TV then what I’m missing out on is a hundred dollars every
year, every year, every decade for the rest of my life and just look at how that adds
up with time. Not even, we’re just talking about simple
interest, we’re not even talking about compounding yet. In a decade, I’ve recuperated my entire thousand
dollars plus I still have my original thousand dollars. 50 years later, the thousand dollars has turned
into $6,000. Now if I compound it with the way that it
really goes down, that $5,000 or $6,000, you could start adding extra digits and it starts
growing phenomenally. The reality is, that’s what real estate does. Unfortunately, when we’re out there working
hard, we’re spending our harder dollars and we’re spending the principle of it. Instead of saying, you know what? Maybe instead of buying that flat screen TV,
what I should so instead is I should buy an investment and I should let the interest for
that investment actually pay for the flat screen TV. What would that look like? Well, if I save up $10,000, I view that $10,000
as a thousand dollars every year in interest that I get paid. So I take that $10,000 and by letting it invest
in real estate with my and maturing in my investments, at the end of the year, I’m off
with a thousand left over. Guess what I can do now. I can buy that flat screen TV. But if I actually erode that $10,000 and I
buy a flat screen TV and a downpayment on a car and other things that depreciate with
time, they’re not assets, they’re not performing, they don’t grow then in time, my $10,000 is
gone and all I did was trade dollars for hours. So I worked by butt off to make this money
and at the end of the day, the money is what? It’s turned into things that just, they go
away and they get reduced with value like this table, this chair, they don’t go up with
value, they go down with value. So here’s the interesting thing, my wife and
I, if there’s one thing over the years that we’ve argued about, it’s the conversation
of, we’re going to buy a car, should we pay it off or should we get it with a loan? And it’s the opportunity cost math that we’re
talking about right now. The car is $20,000, if I pay for it, I’m out
$20,000. On an asset, that out the gate is worth a
lot less and each year will only become less. With $20,000 sitting in real estate at 10%
is two grand a year and that $2,000 a year, that I can amaturize out to cover a $170 a
month-ish vehicle payment and now all of a sudden, my real estate is buying the car and
by the time the car is paid off, my asset has continued to grow, it’s multiplied and
it’s even more. We’ve got to stop taking our money and just
spending it on things where the money is gone, we have nothing to show at the end of the
day and with a little bit of delayed gratification that I write about in my Straight Path To
Real Estate book. By the way, click up here on the link and
you can get my book for free and I’m going to teach you this principle. You can start harvesting that money and saving
it and instead of you’re earning 10% a year, put it into real estate where you can make
that 10% a year and then spend the earning, spend the interest as opposed to the principle
and watch where that gets you with life. This is really a critical switch in a way
that we view the world because at the end of the day, there’s a lot of things that you’re
going to say no to now and you’re going to delay gratification because the reality is,
growing your investments bigger bigger and bigger, holds more worth and holds more value
and it really holds the secret key to financial independence. If you’re committed to this way of thinking,
then what ends up happening is you’ll start looking at the world different. For every dollar in your wallet, think of
the dime and the question is, can you buy with the dime what you want? For every thousand dollars, it’s a hundred
dollars a year that you could be earning in real estate as opposed to flushing it down
the toilet. For every hundred thousand dollars there’s
$10,000 that you could be getting every single year. Start looking at money different and if you
do, you’ll start making your choices different. And if you’ll start aiming those choices towards
investing then trust me when I tell you in time, you can have anything that you want. Right now, the house that I’m living in now
that I custom built ten years ago, right up here on the gold course outside of a beautiful
canyon, the cars that I drive, the furniture that’s in my house, the trips that I take,
just got back from Costa Rica, I’m getting ready to go to Porta Vallarta, after that
I’m going to Cambodia, we’re going to be going to Uganda, the clothes that I buy for my children. At this point in my life, my investments are
paying for these things so that I no longer have to go to work for them, I have them working
for me. Look at money different and start looking
at the fact that every dollar that you’re spending on something in real estate, it could
be making you 10% and if you can switch enough of your choices around in time, guess what? Your investments will start paying for your
life as opposed to working and slaving and working for money to pay for your own. What a refreshing perspective on money. If you want more of this kind of information,
I’m going to invite you to get live with me for three days, click the link up here on
the top corner and learn how we can spend three days revamping our entire mindset on
the way we view the world so that we can attract more of what we want from it.

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