You Can Rent a House Here For Only €0.88 a Year…

You Can Rent a House Here For Only €0.88 a Year…

Just outside of Munich lies a sleepy village
called Fuggerei, where the rent for a whole year is just under one Euro, 88 cents to be
precise. So what do you get in exchange for your measly rent? A matchbox? A cupboard maybe?
Is it made of strudel? No, you get a modestly spacious two-bedroom apartment made of stone.
Is it in a dodgy area? No, Fuggerei is extremely safe and rather pretty if you ask me. It even
sits inside its own walled enclave; people pay millions for that shit in America. The
five gates of Fuggerei are locked every day at 10pm, blocking off any passage in or out
of the housing complex. The residents have to take turns to man a gatehouse to let stragglers
in after 10pm who got locked outside, all of whom have to pay a fee of 1 Euro for coming
home late. What time do you call this Steve? But bu… Listen Steve, I don’t care if
your car broke down on your way to visit your terminally ill grandma. It’s 2 minutes past
10, that’ll be one year’s rent please. Why is the rent so cheap anyway? Well Fuggerei
is the world’s oldest social housing complex still in use. Fuggerei sits in the Bavarian
city of Augsburg and it was created in 1520 to house the city’s poorest residents, the
rent was set at 1 Rhein guilder when it was built, about 88 Euro cents in todays money,
and it hasn’t changed since. The owners, which are still the same family that built
the complex in 1520, have basically put a big middle finger up to inflation. Fuggerei
was built by a rather interesting bloke and one of the richest persons to have ever lived,
Jakob Fugger, from the little known but highly influential Fugger family – but more about
him in a minute. Altogether there are 52 identical houses in Fuggerei, each divided into apartments.
There’s also a town square and a church. But wait a minute, before you go and tell
your mum you’ve found a place of your own and you’re moving to Germany. Because unfortunately,
you’re probably not allowed to live there. Yeah sorry, sit back down. If the rent sounds
too good to be true, that’s because there are strict rules for anyone wanting to rent
their very own slice of this super-cheap gated community. To rent an apartment here one must
have lived at least two years in Augsburg, belong to the Catholic faith and be extremely
poor, without any debt. No only that, once you live in Fuggerei, you are required to
say three prayers every day, thanking the Fugger family for allowing you to live there
and you also must pray for their souls. This place is like a cult. People usually
have a grave dislike for bankers, which the residents of Fuggerei all agree with. But
when residents were asked about their opinion of the Fugger family, whom themselves were
billionaire bankers, their opinion quickly changes. The residents here have nothing but
endless good words to say about Jakob Fugger and his family, upholding them almost as deities.
Maybe they’re just grateful for the fact they have a house in a rather lovely city
for just under one Euro per year. Or maybe it’s the fact that they will be chucked
out of Fuggerei if they say otherwise. Hmm, I’m starting to think they should rename
this place to “Little North Korea”. I’m exaggerating of course, it’s not that bad;
“I’m sorry lord Fugger, please don’t evict my grandma!”. So who is Jakob Fugger, why was he so wealthy
and why did he create Fuggerei? The Fugger family are a prominent family of European
bankers who took over the infamous Medici family. Jakob Fugger was the wealthiest of
the family and he was commonly referred to as “Jakob the Rich” by all who knew him.
Jakob started out in the textile industry, trading with Italy. He then invested in mining
and soon came to control a huge portion of the silver and copper mining operations throughout
Europe. Jakob also owned a bank and actually minted
coins for the Vatican, which enabled him to control the catholic faith and thusly control
European politics, because at that time, the pope had his fingers in all those juicy political
pies. For a short while Jakob’s wealth made his home city of Augsburg the banking capital
of Europe. Jakob was worth the modern equivalent of $277 billion, if he was alive today he
would be the richest person in the world, by a mile. But he was no saint, Jakob’s
path to riches was paved with deceit and political corruption, some say he was even worse than
the highly corrupt Medicis. He even created his own weekly newspaper, just for his eyes,
that contained dirt on his competitors, so he could get ahead of them. He paid a lot
of money for the newspaper to be researched, printed and delivered to him every week. One week he must have read some dirt on himself
in his own newspaper, because in an effort to dispel the bad press surrounding him, and
improve his public image, Jakob created the social housing complex of Fuggerei to house
the poorest of Augsburg’s citizens and he made the rent so ridiculously low, at 1 Rhein
guilder, that anyone could afford to live there. So why was Fuggerei created? So a ruthless
capitalist could try to persuade the world that he was really quite a nice guy. Hey,
it seems to have worked, even today the residents of Fuggerei literally worship Jakob and the
Fugger family. They’ve even opened a museum there to showcase the legacy of the Fugger
family. So would you live in Fuggerei if you could? All you have to do is worship a false
deity that’s been dead for 500 years. Oh and don’t come home after 10 o’clock,
they still haven’t forgiven Steve.

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  2. I live in Augsburg lol

  3. I’d say no. Especially for the religious and narcissist aspect. Too many rules and I’m not about to worship anyone or anything. I’m not religious. Also, this isn’t practical and seeing this video inflation as probably made the rent higher. This Jacob person is just looking for a way to control the poor people and force them into binding lifestyles for cheap. It’s all about control. Fuck this guy and his stupid mind games with religion. This is what religion does.

  4. Thanks for a great video. I'm not here to judge the people that live there. There are things outsiders don't understand. No I couldn't live there but hey, if your already Catholic and the history doesn't bother you why not? That family will have to answer for what they did in the past and they only know if they are doing it now out of good will or good publicty 😉

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  12. its not fiuggorai its german and its pronounced IPA transcription (phonemes):

    f ʊ k ə r aɪ

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  14. The rent is so low cause they're going to cash in via all the latecomers that are outside drinking and miss the curfew.

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  19. It's just Almshouse group – loads in UK but rents have gone high.

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  22. I know a place,where the rent is below Fuggerei and you get cable tv,internet, electricity, heat, water, swimming pool, maid service, free food, laundry , a car and garage

  23. I wouldn’t call it a cult but damn is it extreme

  24. So you did get most things right, but you left one important detail out. He did not just build these apartments because of bad press. It was more religious than that, he was involved with the pope that time and helped him finance a new church in rome which turned out to be too expensive for the church and rather than stopping he and the pope decided too make money out of the fear of common people. Fear of hellfire. They sold "Ablassbriefe" :papers which supposedly safe your or the soul of deceased from hellfire. They had practically an army of preachers going around and spreading fear. They made quite the money with that and were able to fool the common folk into spending their last dime to safe themselves or their families from hellfire. The worst part you couldn't just buy yourself out for good, no supposedly you had to buy yourself papers which safed you from hellfire only a certain amount of years.
    Well that's a pretty bad thing to do, isn't it? He himself was a strong believer in god and ghosts and all the other stuff. So he had some preachers himself whom predicted him that he will go to hell himself for all his sins especially for tricking all those innocent people into fearing god, just to get their money. So he opend these apartments not to buy his freedom from his sins.
    No he just made sure that even loong after his death his soul will be safed by forcing those who want to stay in his houses to pray for his soul and wellbeing every day. Because he thought that was the only way to save himself.

    *well I'm sorry if I misspelled some things I'm, who would have guessed xD, from Augsburg Germany. I left some minor things out in there but it's obviously already way too much.


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  31. I just moved here and the rent isn't that cheap. it's now 96 cents which is kind of a rip off

  32. Damn I have 300 bucks of debt. So even though I can speak German, and I'd live there for 2 years to get somewhere with rent so low, unfortunately I can't live there. I'd live there I'd be game nice to know, I'd be well up for living there looks lovely.

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  37. "and you must also pray for their souls. This place is like a cult" this chap obviously doesn't know much about the Catholic or Orthodox churches. Praying for the souls of those who died is common practice.
    And since the Fugga man wasn't a such a nice man that's more reason to pray for his soul.

  38. You seem a little down on the requirements. Lets face it, if there weren't some fairly strict rules, it would soon become a shithole. Can you imagine what any of the homeless druggies and alcohol abusers would do to this if it were in the UK? It would quickly become another Moss Side surrounded by needles and dealers.

  39. So any German girls want to marry an American so we can get a two bedroom apartment together for 1 euro a year and sweet love every night and spend all our money on German beer?

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  48. I had to go back & listen to that again. I thought you said "Had to be dirt poor without any doubt" 🤣 Ok now I heard it – without debt. I do understand his requirements tho. Say you said prayers for this guy 3x a day bc he wants to get out of purgatory. Its a clever set up. He was a shit alive & by creating this community he can be released from accountability (if you are from the Catholic belief). Some guys will find a way to cheat the system even into death smh

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    a cult!

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  68. This fugger built himself a hellofa nice house!

  69. Well, I admire the the charitable nature of it even though I'm not religious. Certainly many people could follow from this example. . . In my hometown there's an senior living centre that closed down because the property was sold so the building could be demolished and turned into a condominium high-rise. But due to some legal red-tape (I think it was an issue of the planned building not adhering to certain local height restrictions) the condo never got built, and the old age home has been sitting empty for years. . . All I can think is, "if the owner's actually gave a damn, they could house a lot of people here for cheap, rather than let the building rot."

    Sadly, that's just not the way a lot of these big business types think.

  70. lord gaben should open somthing like this

  71. Seems way better to me than just giving poor people money. This way they might actually be happy, find some rest and if applicable learn the lifestyle to get out of there and build a better life.

  72. Dammit Im pastafarian

  73. We are taught this in School in Germany

    And the Fugger where an interesting family and I'd highly advise you to put in a little more research yourself because Jakob was the biggest bad-ass in history

    And no they are not a cult so please chill with that North Korea bullshit

  74. The housing is actually paid for by Jakob Fugger's money, even today.

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  76. Heck i'm Atheist but i'm cool with it my Dutch family are Catholics and my Philippine wife is Catholic she would love it, oh wow a little dictatorship in Germany

  77. 88 xd

  78. Well i live there, not everything you've said is true! Please do more Research.
    I have to say that those prayers are not a must, hell my neighbours dont even do that all time
    (And yes we do have Internet, actually pretty good Internet if you ask me)

    You can ask me any questions if you like!

  79. Augsburg is not a village btw

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    Also people: What?! 3 prayers a day? Hell no that's a cult ! (even tho they kiss their boss' ass everyday and can barely aford a little apartment in town)

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  88. Like from anyone who thoight this was a scam and therfore looked at the comment section

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    me finks ya mean 'BUR-GLA-RY' 😊🌟✌🐨💫

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  95. Read the book on Fugger, very interesting figure. Martin Luther hate him (b/c he was rich) and was main reason why the Catholic Church lifted the ban on usury.

  96. I will pass i hate the Catholic chruch the rape boys and girls pure evil.

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