Woodmont Arlington VA Neighborhood | Real Estate in Arlington VA

Woodmont Arlington VA Neighborhood | Real Estate in Arlington VA

Today we are taking a look at a neighborhood
in north Arlington that is secluded, but not inconvenient. Affluent, but not pompous. And
desired, but not widely-publicized. Ladies and gentleman, today we are going to
be talking about Woodmont. In this video, we’re going to take a look at what the neighborhood
has to offer. We’re going to learn about one of the most infamous houses in all of
Arlington. I’m talking unmarked black SUVs, visits from foreign dignitaries, and even
a visit from Michael Jackson, oh yeah, you’re going to want to watch this video. And we
will of course focus our discussion on the current state of Woodmont. The pros and cons
of the neighborhood and give you the top 3 things you need to know about living in Woodmont.
We have an action packed video coming up! Stay tuned Woodmont is located in north Arlington. It’s
irregular boundaries are formed by Spout Run and Lorcom Lane on the south, Military road
on the west, and Nelly Custis, Windy Run, and the GW Parkway on the north. Woodmont was originally founded in 1914. The
neighborhood had been apart of the Parkway Citizen’s Association up until the early
1990’s, until the civic association split into 3 neighborhoods and became what is now
known as Dover-Crystal, Riverwood, and Woodmont Woodmont is a small neighborhood. We are only
talking about 300 houses here. That being said, the neighborhood does vary dramatically
compared to neighboring areas like Maywood, Cherrydale, and Donaldson Run. The western most part of Woodmont will share
some of the same neighborhood characteristics as the before-mentioned areas, but most of
the neighborhood is on the eastern tract near Spout Run and that part of the neighborhood
will be the focus of our video. Homes in Woodmont are surrounded by lots of
trees setting up a park-like setting. The landscape is somewhat hilly and we tend to
see houses that are situated relatively close to one another, although homes are often separated
by trees providing a natural boundary between residences. Woodmont’s housing inventory is solely single-family
homes. There are no other types of residences. No townhouses no condo buildings. In fact,
houses are almost the only structures in the neighborhood. The other structures are a few
churches, the YMCA, and a few buildings at Fort CF Smith Park. Touching first on the gymnastics center, this
place offers open gym and can host birthday parties and other activities. The park that
surrounds it has a basketball court, a field and a playground. Moving now to Fort CF Smith Park, and here
we have an awesome 19-acre park that features a walking trail, a large field perfect for
picnics or a wedding, Civil War relics, and the Hendry House, which can be rented out
for community events. Wrapping up the parks and we saved the best
for last. Windy Run Park is a 14-acre park with a stream, a trail that leads down to
the Potomac River, and a lush forest that surrounds the park. It’s a dog-friendly
area and a great place to go for a walk. The Potomac Heritage trail even leads to Teddy
Roosevelt Island if you are feeling a bit ambitious. Other than the two churches and the buildings
in the parks, all the structures in Woodmont are single-family homes, except for one. At the end of 24th Street there sits a mansion
that is home to The Fellowship. Also known as The Family, the organization is one of
the most powerful, well-connected Christian fundamentalist movements in the US. The Family’s
membership includes congressmen, corporate leaders, and foreign ambassadors. The group
is best known for the annual National Prayer Breakfast which has been held every February
in D.C. since 1953. It’s kind of hard to describe what the group actually does. They
basically teach the rich about Jesus Christ. And since 1978, they have called the Woodmont-based
Doubleday Mansion, also known as The Cedars, its headquarters. In addition to this property, related organizations
own two group homes toward the end of 24th street. Now these aren’t your typical Arlington
group homes that usually have luxury sedans parked on the front lawn, Virginia Tech flags,
and cigarette butts everywhere. These homes in Woodmont are actually zoned as dormitories,
which basically means that they are oversized group homes. There is one for males and one
for females. The male house is known as Ivanwald while the female house is known as Potomac
Point. In the past, there have been issues with housing
up to 12 people in each of these homes. As you can imagine, when you’re living in your
own house, and the home next to you has 12 young males or 12 young females living together,
you might get some issues that come up. I don’t care if you’re a follower of Jesus
Christ or a follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, with that many people, something
could happen. In the neighborhood you will find Cedar-people
and non-Cedar people. You’re going to have a portion of people that have some sort of
loose connection to The Cedars, you’re going to have a group that just doesn’t care one
way or the other, and you’re going to have residents in Woodmont that does not appreciate
the group and doesn’t see what value the group brings to the neighborhood. To summarize, you have non-residents staying
temporarily in specially-zoned housing that assist in the up-keep of a mansion that is
tax-exempt because of a religious affiliation. And it attracts even more outsiders that inevitably
speed through the neighborhood to get to the Headquarters. yeah, I think I can see how that adds up into
people not liking the group You will hear big time names through the grapevines
that visit The Cedars. Michael Jackson came to Woodmont in 2002. Hillary Clinton is rumored
to have stopped by. And there’s a long list of foreigners who we wouldn’t know by name,
but do rank high in their respective home country. I don’t think The Cedars is something that
would make you not want to live in the neighborhood. I personally think the organization is fascinating.
I want to know what’s going on there. They do a good job of keeping things under wraps.
Occasionally they will have events and if you know the right people, you may find your
way in. You know Woodmont is such a small neighborhood,
but you have this huge destination for powerful leaders both foreign, and national as there
are a lot of politicians that are linked to The Family. The organization is something
to be aware of, but other than the occasional extra traffic or speeders, there’s probably
not a significant downside to having The Fellowship in the community. So summarizing, homes in Woodmont are surrounded
by trees and parks. Do check out Windy Run Park. You don’t even have to live in this
part of the area, just check it out. You’re going to love it. You might even see some
wildlife like foxes, deer. Maybe even a bald eagle or on the rare occurrence, even a turkey. Homes are usually a bit older, and many have
since been renovated. Some have been torn down. New construction homes in Woodmont are
some of the priciest in all of Arlington. That should give you an idea of how exclusive
and desired the neighborhood and location is. Cut-through streets are not an issue.
24th does have speeders, but other than that, it is simply neighborhood traffic. Overall, Woodmont is one of my personal favorite
neighborhoods. The downsides are that it will get airplane noise, it’s small, so the neighborhood
is difficult to buy into, and there may be an issue involving civic involvement. There
may be issues getting neighbors to volunteer their time to help out with the civic association,
the Neighborhood Conservation plan, and things of this nature. All things considered, Woodmont one of the
better neighborhoods in Arlington and is still an unheralded neighborhood amongst the larger,
and more publicized neighborhoods in north Arlington. Ok with that being said, it’s time to take
a look at the top 3 things you need to know about living in Woodmont: Proximity to DC. Woodmont is located just
1 stop light to DC. You’re 9 minutes away the airport. It’s crazy, I hear about people
that want to live in Petworth or Columbia Heights, or Bethesda because there’s new
inventory, and the neighborhood is vibrant! Whatever that means. Vibrant is the dumbest
way to describe a neighborhood. These other locations force you to traverse all of the
D.C. traffic just to get to any sort of attraction or larger mode of transportation. In Woodmont,
if you want to go the Kennedy Center, boom no problem. Verizon Center? Piece of cake.
National Airport or Dulles, no problem, Woodmont is surrounded by highways, so it’s kind
of closed off in that sense and the neighborhood provides great access to transportation all
the while being in an unbelievably convenient location.
The Cedars. We’ve talked about it in detail. The Fellowship brings in some big names to
the neighborhood, but it does come with strings attached. Do some research on the group. There
are a few interesting articles floating around out there. And be on the lookout for the unmarked
black SUVs that cruise up and down 24th St every so often. You never know who may be
in the neighborhood. Low Inventory. Because of Woodmont’s size,
you’re going to see less homes available for sale. Recently we’ve seen a trend of
deforestation in Woodmont, especially along Lorcom Lane where new construction homes have
taken the place of a dense forest. Is it surprising? No. Is it a little disappointing? Sure. One
of the things that makes Woodmont great is the ample tree cover that makes you forget
that you’re bordering a large city. When it comes to the types of houses that come
available in Woodmont, we’re starting to see newer homes, maybe 10 years old or newer,
priced at the top of the market, along with older homes that may be in need of some work,
but are still priced at a premium because of the pent-up demand in the neighborhood.
These two extremes could stay on the market for longer, while the middle of that, the
older homes that have been renovated tend to sell quickly for list price or for over
list price so you might have to escalate your offer. In Woodmont, there is simply too much
demand for the limited number of houses that come available. Okay there you have it, the top 3 things you
need to know about living in Woodmont. Just to recap, number one is proximity to DC, number
tow is The Cedars, and number three is low inventory. As always, thank you so much for
watching. Be sure to hit the subscribe button if you’re not already subscribed and if
you’ve missed any other Arlington neighborhood video, I’ve linked the Arlington neighborhood
playlist in the description below. Okay thanks again for watching, until next time, create
a productive day. Take care.

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  1. I can tell you right now. Speeding doesn't happen. Where you got that information I also don't know,but rules are followed on all of 24th Street.

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