Will you find your passion in Salt Lake City? American Express Careers

Will you find your passion in Salt Lake City? American Express Careers

TAMMY: What I think is important, is American
Express has figured out that its not for us to determine what service is, but for us to
listen to our customers. For American Express, service is part of our
culture. Whether youre on the front line as a customer
care professional talking to our customers every day, or behind the scenes providing
a support to enable us to provide extraordinary customer care, service is critical and a cornerstone
for each of our employees. And we really look for that when we hire our
customer care professionals. Our customer care professionals work hard
to figure out solutions and options for our customers. Not every call is the same and so they must
listen to the customer and solve differently for each of the calls. And what makes them unique is they figure
out ways to do that and the tools that they need to go above and beyond for our customers. Any time I have an opportunity to talk to
employeesóand especially new employeesóthe one thing that brings them to our company
is the opportunity for development. We are such a large company and there are
multiple businesses that you can support and learn and continue to develop yourself. And so within World Service we have multiple
functions and seeing those opportunities is really exciting and many people join the company
because of that and as a leadership team were very committed to developing our employees. Were very proud to offer our employees many
different benefits, from employee tuition reimbursement, to medical benefits. Weve really kicked off a tremendous healthy
living campaign and our employees have really responded to it. As an example, we have a fitness center, we
have a nurse practitioner on site, and so just a lot of different opportunities for
employees to take advantage of all these different benefits. American Express is seen as a community leader,
and when you spend time in the community at different organizations, our employees are
making a difference, and our company is making a difference. Our employees really feel good about that. At American Express, we work very hard to
create a culture where people feel like their voice is heard. And so our customer care professionals continue
to share feedback on ways we can improve: improve the benefits we offer, the service
we provide to our customers, and thats really how and why weve been successful as a company.

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