Will There Ever Be Another World’s Tallest Building? | The B1M

Will There Ever Be Another World’s Tallest Building? | The B1M

Why do we build tall buildings? From the Tower of Babel to the pyramids, St
Paul’s Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, and, finally, that great 20th century invention,
the skyscraper – we’ve always yearned to touch the sky. The skyscraper is both a symbol for mankind’s
limitless ambition and an immensely practical and profitable solution to our increasingly
urbanised lives. However, the economics of the skyscraper has
long been a contentious subject. Building higher can increase revenue, as each
additional floor creates opportunities for retail, office and residential spaces. For decades, conventional wisdom said that
63 storeys was the optimal height for a skyscraper. Building any less essentially leaves money
on the table, while building higher risks overshooting construction costs leaving developers
without a profit. While 63 storeys may sound precise, it is
in fact a rough figure that clearly depends on a variety of conditional factors – but
it illustrates the argument: at a certain point, skyscrapers are no longer economically
feasible. Beyond that point they cease their practical
purpose and become something else. This is no more apparent than in the race
to build the world’s tallest building, where the limits of practicality knock against the
expanse of human ambition. The last century has seen the title change
hands from building to building no less than nine times, but with the construction of Dubai’s
Burj Khalifa in 2010 – a building that jumped more than 300 metres higher than its predecessor
– we’ve seen that race cool, and perhaps end. The Burj Khalifa is the first structure since
Chicago’s Sears Tower to hold onto the title of world’s tallest building for longer than
a decade. In that time, competing projects to the Burj
have come and gone, brought back down to earth by mounting costs and their own impracticality. The desire to be the tallest appears to be
fading. Have we finally found the meeting point of
hubris and economics? Have we built the world’s last tallest building? The Burj Khalifa is an icon – and it was built
to be one. 2020 marks a decade since the 828 metre-high
tower officially opened – the culmination of five years of construction work from foundation
to spire, more than 10 years of planning, and some 22 million man hours. Plans for the tower first emerged in the late
1990s and early 2000s. Keen to diversify its economy away from the
oil industry and to leave its mark on the world, the small port city of Dubai began
to invest heavily in creating tourist attractions and turned its eye to that most superlative
of construction titles: the world’s tallest building. At that time, a number of projects were attempting
to overtake the reigning Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. The Shanghai World Finance Centre and the
508 metre Taipei 101 were both already under construction, and the long-gestating World
Trade Centre had ambitions to bring the title back to New York. Dubai officials didn’t want to invest in
constructing the world’s tallest building only for its record to be broken a few years
later by another project. They wanted to create a building so high that it would reign as the world’s tallest for decades. This was a building made to be awe-inspiring Skidmore, Owings and Merrill envisioned an
unheard of 62 percent increase in height from the last world’s tallest. To put that in perspective, over the past
century no other contender has gone higher than 19 percent – including the Empire State
Building. The construction of the Burj Khalifa was the
result of a perfect storm; an alignment of key components needed to create such a structure. Funded by a city eager to prove itself on
the world stage combined with a near bottomless pit of money to draw from. None of the usual requirements and restraints
of practicality applied here, and no one questioned whether a city of little more than a million
people needed a USD $1.5 billion skyscraper. In the years since the Burj Khalifa’s opening
a number of projects have sought to take its crown. In 2013, the 838 metre Sky City skyscraper
was proposed in China; an incredibly ambitious pre-fabricated project that would have been
built in just 120 days. Foundations were laid, but safety concerns
and a failure to obtain proper approval from the government pushed the project back and
it stalled. The foundations are now used by locals as a fish farm. China has had several other notable proposals. In 2014 there was the Suzhou Zhongnan Center which was also set to reach 838 metres. Construction stalled in 2015 and the project is now officially on hold. Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah Tower is by far the
closest a building has come to taking the Burj’s crown. The project shares a number of similarities
with the Burj. Rising from a small desert city with aims to move away from an oil-dependent
economy, and backed by a government with a near endless amount of money. The tower is even designed by the same architect, Adrian Smith, and employs the same Y-shaped floor-plan as the Burj – an
innovative technique used to offset wind loads. The Jeddah Tower had plans to rise to 1000
metres – making it the first man-made structure to reach the kilometre high mark. Construction started in April 2013 and was
set to take just over five years to complete. However, the project currently sits at a height
of around 260 metres, with work appearing to have stopped sometime in 2018. There are several reports that the
tower is officially on hold, a virtual kiss of death for a project
like this. Several factors have led the scheme stalling,
including the much-publicized anti-corruption purge of 2017 which claimed two of the building’s
most prominent backers, growing costs and the shifting priorities of the Saudi government. Not to be outdone, Dubai announced its own competitor with the Dubai Creek Tower – a 1,300 metre high observation
structure that would have dwarfed both Jeddah Tower and the Burj Khalifa. While foundations were laid in 2017, no progress
has been made since, and with construction on Jeddah Tower yet to resume there seems
to be little motivation for them to continue. So where will the next world’s tallest building
come from? The most obvious answer would appear to be China. They have money to spend, a vast
urban population, and an eagerness to prove themselves on the world stage. Yet, China’s
cooling economy has seen a number of their recent megaprojects cancelled or postponed. It is worth noting that taking away the Burj’s
vanity height, the highest occupiable floor of China’s tallest building, the Shanghai
Tower, is just two metres below that of the Burj’s. If the Burj didn’t have it’s nearly 200
metre high spire the towers would be approximately the same height. While Shanghai Tower is an impressive architectural
icon of modern China, the building has been plagued with an astoundingly low occupancy
rate, crippling debt, and bureaucratic red tape that has delayed tenants who have been
ready to move in for years. These problems are made painfully visible
at night, when half of the tower fails to light up. As such, China’s reluctance to invest in
another megatall structure so soon after the failures of Shanghai Tower is perhaps understandable. India also has ambitions to compete with Dubai
– unveiling plans in 2017 for a new tower in Mumbai. The plans were immediately met with an outcry
from locals, who pointed to the country’s considerable socio-economic problems, much
needed public infrastructure, and food and water shortages – all seen as far greater
priorities than building a large skyscraper. Building the world’s tallest building is
now such an immense undertaking that it cannot be achieved by developers alone. That’s why, looking back over the last few
decades in skyscraper construction, these remarkably tall buildings are no longer named
after corporations, but after cities and countries. The days of the Sears and Petronas Towers
are gone. We now have Taipei 101 and Shanghai Tower. Even the Burj Khalifa’s original
name was the Burj Dubai, before it was renamed in honour of the ruler of Abu Dhabi. These projects require an enormous amount
of money behind them, they also require the rewriting of local building regulations and
flight paths. They need the unequivocal support and oftentimes the financial backing of their
governments, otherwise they will never get out of the ground. This perfect storm needed to create the world’s
next tallest building – a booming economy, a near endless supply of money, a desire to
be put on the world map, and uncategorical support from the government – now has to match
the immense height that Dubai has already presented to the world. It was a lot easier to build a 500 metre plus
skyscraper ten years ago than it is to build an 800 metre plus one now. Currently, there isn’t anywhere in the world
that has the financial backing and ambition to beat Dubai, and Skidmore, Owings and Merrill
may have achieved exactly what they were asked to when first conceiving the Burj Khalifa:
to create a world’s tallest building that would last. So, will we ever build taller? Is this the
end of the race? For now, it would seem so. When the Empire State Building opened to the
public 88 years ago, actress Fay Wray said: “When I’m in New York I look at the Empire
State Building and feel as though it belongs to me… or is it vice versa?” That is what great construction accomplishes.
The Empire State Building was so tall, so grand, that it seemed almost impossible. It
was unthinkable that anyone could build taller, and it took 40 years for its record to be beaten. Why do we build tall buildings? Because we
can. And when the time is right, when that perfect storm appears again, we will.

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