Will Real Estate Agents Be Needed in the Future?

Will Real Estate Agents Be Needed in the Future?

If that was true, everyone would
drive the cheapest car possible. They want to drive and
pay for what they think, feel like they’re getting back in return. And so you can’t charge Mercedes
prices if you’re a Honda civic. And so we’ll see maybe in 30, 40, 50
years. Maybe one day it will happen. But I dunno, the Zillow thing
hasn’t really kicked off that well. They are so new to this. Purplebricks is already canceled in
Australia. Those numbers are already down. Um, they have never dealt with two sellers
and a buyer fighting with each other. They’ve never dealt with
someone dying in a transaction, they’ve never dealt with any of
these things. At the end of the day, they’re just numbers. They’re
still gonna need people. So the, the Internet and what’s coming around is
just going to replace 75% of this room. So you have a choice, get really good at your job and stick
around or go find another industry or go work for Zillow or Redfin and those
kinds of, cause that’s the truth. Redfin’s already been doing this. So if Redfin was so great and
this was so going to happen, wouldn’t everyone work with a
Redfin agent? No. Because they suck. No offense to anyone who works for
Redfin in here. But they’re terrible. But exactly. Nice. But
here’s the biggest issue. How many realtors work for Tigar?
How many agents work for Tigar? Or how many are members? 2200 right? Yeah. And there’s probably maybe
50 in this room. Yes. That is why these Zillow, all these companies even have
a chance to get in this market. We’re the worst people to
our own industry. And if
you’re a broker in this room, it’s really your fault, because
your job is to train your agents. And my last note for the day to
p*ss anyone else off… Brokers: If your agents don’t do business and
they’re terrible, you need to fire them, because that looks bad on
you. Just remember that.

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  1. Solid video. Liked & Bell Hit! Keep It Up!

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