Why You DON’T Need a Real Estate License | Wholesaling Real Estate

Why You DON’T Need a Real Estate License | Wholesaling Real Estate

Are you interested in getting started in real estate investing but you’re not sure if you need to get your real estate license first Or if that’s your way to get your foot in the door? Well, if so, keep watching and I’ll explain to you why I think it is Unnecessary to get your real estate license and why you actually shouldn’t get your real estate license if you want to be a real estate investor. Hey guys, it’s Dara, real estate investor and entrepreneur out of Atlanta, Georgia. And, as you saw in the intro of this video, I’m gonna be answering the question that I frequently get from people. “I want to get started in real estate, but I don’t know, should I go to school and get my license first? My answer Well, it’s never a yes or no for me. I always want to know, you know, first, what’s your goal? Is your goal… I- I don’t know If your goal is to be a real estate investor Then no it’s not necessary to have to get your license first and then start investing Um, in fact You don’t need any kind of schooling, any kind of license or certification To be a real estate investor, to be a landlord, or to flip homes, which is what I do. In fact, a lot of people are like, “Hey, you know, You should probably get your license. If you want to get started in real estate investing, err. Oh you’re already doing it Why don’t you get your license, it’s the cherry on top.” Mm, not for me. Not for me I’m all about delegating when I flip a house and I want to sell it, hey Realtor Hey Realtor, you come and list it, get your coin I don’t care to get that Commission on the back end and that’s what so many people are saying, “Well You get the money up front, in the middle, and at the end.” I’m okay. And here are the reasons why I personally do not have a license, will not get a real estate license, and why I Tell people who want to get started in– whether its wholesaling, fixing and flipping, or buying and holding–real estate That they don’t need to get their license. First and foremost Judge me not. I don’t want to get dressed up every single day. I personally– I don’t like to get– I’m not– that’s why I’m not in corporate America. I want to wear jeans and t-shirts and cutoffs like you see me in now And I just, I don’t want to wear heels and whatever else to show a house. And I understand you don’t have to But you kind of do So that’s really one of the main reasons. I’m like, I don’t want to get dressed up every single day to go Show houses, you know. That’s one. Two I don’t want to show houses. I don’t want to Drive you around with my gas and your indecisiveness on What house you want to get and which house your wife doesn’t want because the kitchens in the back, you know I would never be a buyer’s agent, because of that simple fact You’re just all over town and, you know. Does it pay off? Mmm, maybe. Your three, four, five, six percent commission? I guess. But um, yeah, I don’t wanna represent anybody when it comes to buying and selling property Nobody but myself Okay, I don’t want to list a property. Although I used to be like “hmm, if I was ever gonna be an agent, I’d be a listing agent, All you gotta do is list it.” I’m sure there’s a lot more to it, but that was just my ignorance speaking. But I don’t want to represent people period. I don’t want somebody who thinks their house is worth a million when they Really can only get five hundred thousand and they’re like, “I want you to list it and sell it for a million!” Sir. It won’t happen. Right, let’s be realistic. So that is another reason. I don’t want to have to deal with Sellers or buyers, who Are either not realistic or indecisive. I just don’t wanna– I don’t wanna go through all that. Sorry, shoot me, fight me. The third reason I don’t want to get my license, don’t need to get my license is because I realized Luckily for me that I got into real estate wholesaling and investing before I even knew. I didn’t know anything about real estate, at all. At all. Even real estate agents and Realtors. I didn’t know even about that profession. I was so one-track minded in college I was medicine, medicine, health whatever that I didn’t even know that something like this existed really. So I’m very fortunate that I got introduced to real estate straight out of gate as an investor, with investing. So a lot of people maybe don’t even know that portion, but they do know Oh my cousin My mom, my neighbor, my aunt is a real estate agent and that’s what I should do to get into real estate investing. And um, Yeah, that’s not– that’s not the case. So my third reason is because I don’t have to go to school again. I don’t wanna take classes again, take tests again. And I have Realtor friends who were like, “Yo, That was the hardest thing I ever had to do. That’s the hardest test I ever had to take. And I’m cool I’ll pass. So yeah… Reason number four why I don’t want to get my license, why I will not get my real estate license is because There’s a lot of There’s a lot of regulation I’ve been told. I know people who are Realtors as well as investors, whether they were one or the other first There’s a lot of regulations and do’s and don’ts and a lot of more don’ts than do’s and a lot of Disclosures that they have to fill out and paperwork that they have to fill out just to do investment deals and Things like that and again I’m cool. I like to just have my own contract. Thanks lawyer, thanks attorney for the contract, you know, boom boom boom. I want you, homeowner, to sell your house to me Because I’m going to buy it or I got somebody who will buy it and that’s it. I don’t want another– I don’t want to be another middle person So when I come to a homeowner and say “Hey, I can get your house sold or I will buy your house,” that’s it. The only paperwork you have to worry about is signing my Standard contract and filling out the attorney’s seller information and then coming to the closing table and there’s the HUD. Right? But you don’t have to worry about exclusive listing agreements and da-da-da-da-da. No, it’s Maybe three documents, maybe four documents and that’s one upfront from between you and I One right before closing, that’s your seller information sheet, and then one at closing, a couple at closing and that’s it. So I’m saving the homeowner all that paperwork and headache and jargon and Verbiage that they have to dance through and I have to like, “Hey! Don’t worry about that. Just sign right here And then we’re good.” You know, so That’s another reason The Fifth reason, and as you can see, like we’re–we’re– there’s reasons, there are reasons. So the fifth reason is because we all know that you don’t build wealth by selling real estate You build wealth by buying real estate You can get rich selling real estate, but you get wealthy buying real estate and as a real estate agent, you’re really just selling. Well not even that, you’re just representing. So when you’re a listing agent, you’re representing the seller and You sell a property. When you are a buyer’s agent, you’re representing the buyer and you Facilitate the buyer buying the property. You’re not I guess you’re selling it to the buyer. Either way, you’re just getting commission Right, you’re not ever owning any of it. Not to say that real estate agents can’t obviously buy their own Real estate as well But that goes back to what I was saying about the regulations and whatever you have to disclose to whomever. Is it impossible? Absolutely not. Do people do it every single second of every single day? Absolutely I just know that I’m trying to hoard houses. I’m trying to stack up and acquire houses Representing who? Me, myself, and I when it comes to acquiring these properties and Yeah, so those are the five reasons why I don’t have a license, why I don’t think that it’s necessary to have a real estate license If you want to get involved in real estate investing So There are probably other reasons I could think of. Those five were not in any particular order But To recap First and foremost. I just want to be comfortable I don’t want to have to wear suits and skirts and dresses and and– I was gonna take ties, but I don’t wear ties And I wouldn’t have to wear ties. But heels and things like that to to go to work every single day I don’t want to represent anybody but myself when it comes to buying and selling property I don’t want to have to go to more schools and more schooling and Again, thankfully I was introduced to real estate right out the gate Through investing. I don’t want to have to be regulated by any boards of Anything and I Don’t want to just get a piece of the pie. I don’t want to get a commission I want the whole thing. If I’m gonna sell a house As an investor and I’m using a real estate agent. Alright, cool. You get your piece of the pie Let me get the chunk of the profit And move on to the next one. If I’m buying the property I have that appreciation. And I have a lot of a whole host of other things that come along with buying real estate such as wealth. So I hope these five reasons helped you in, you know, Making your decision on whether or not you should get your real estate license before you Decide to invest or if you do decide to invest. If these five reasons helped you in any way shape or form, Like it if you like it. If you have any other questions or if you have Reasons yourself as to why you don’t think it’s necessary to get a license, comment below and share this Video. Subscribe to my channel all that good stuff, and I’ll see you in the next one. Thanks for watching So the fifth reason is because Hmmm Hmm, yeah, I don’t know

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