Why Use A Real Estate Agent When Buying A New Home?

Why Use A Real Estate Agent When Buying A New Home?

Hi everyone your Tampa real estate expert Lance Mohr and this is a question that I get all the time for new home buyers. And that i’m buying a new home should i hire a real estate agent or why should i use a real estate agent when I buy a new home. We’re going to go over that and how you could possibly save thousands of dollars when buying a new home alright so the question is why use a real estate agent when buying a new home now obviously you don’t have to use a real estate agent when buying a new home but if the end of the day the builder rep is there to represent a filter if things go wrong you don’t have anybody on your side you don’t have anybody covering your back because the builder rep is getting paid by their employer and that’s how they’re going to represent so you need to get someone on your side someone who could represent your best interest now I’ve been in your position before I know it’s hard when you’re looking at buying a new home taking yourself well what are the different builders like out there is a building good homes are they building jumped homes what’s the reputation what happens if I have a problem and they didn’t fix their they not going to fix it if I hire a real estate agent I don’t really know anybody who sells a lot in your home or knows a lot about new homes and are they really going to represent made if the builders paying them the money i would say this get a real estate agent who sells a lot of new homes the understand the new home process and the new home builders because at the end of the day and I feel like that’s why talk to a buyer i’ll say if you’re looking at buying a new helmet how many homes let’s just say you’re looking with ABC builders how many homes are you going to buy through ABC builders in a year five years ten years and personal usually table 1 i’ll say what do you think they know that and of course they do is the real estate agent or we could sell one homer year I’ve homes in here penhold a year or lifetime I’ve had builders are sold 19 homes in the year 12 homes in one year builders know this so go with the real estate agent who understands the new home builders who understands the process and make it most likely get you a better deal on the home looking just because of the amount of business they could bring the Builder not only that they bring them right now that they might bring them five or ten years down the line and then how big is the office they work for is the producing office because they want the readers to work with them but if the end of the day whether you use a real estate agent or whether you don’t your prices already in there the builders is budgeted the real estate commission in there so whether use a realtor or whether you don’t you’re paying the exact same price you have any questions whatsoever don’t hesitate to give me a call I’d love to help you if you’re looking for a new home or if you just have any questions in general leave a comment if you like this video or if there’s any other Q&A videos you like me to do I wish you the best of luck have a wonderful day

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