Why on earth would you want to be an Estate Agent?

Why on earth would you want to be an Estate Agent?

Hello I’m Katy Jones, I am an Estate Agent
and I also have a blog about the property industry its called ‘Careerinproperty.co.uk’.
Today I wanted to talk to you about why on earth you would want to be an estate agent,
after all there is so much bad press about estate agents, they have such a bad reputation
and often when I have said to people that I am an estate agent the reaction has been
less than positive. So I want to tell you some hugely important positive reasons why
you should consider being an estate agent. I want to tell you some great things about
working in the industry looking at it from the point of view of anyone who is thinking
about starting in the industry, changing from their current career, I’ve had a great career
myself and I want to share with you a bit of that positivity and enthusiasm so that
you can decide whether its the right career move for you.
First and foremost for a lot of young people starting out, leaving University or school
who have no experience, the great thing about working in the property industry is that you
don’t actually need any specific experience whatsoever. You can start a job in property
with absolutely no further training or qualifications and that’s really important for a lot of people
because a lot of other industries have huge boundaries to entry and are hugely competitive.
The estate agency industry you can almost always find a job within the industry at some
level being advertised so its an industry where you are going to have success in starting
a career even if you have got very limited skills and experience. Your personality counts
for a lot, if you are good at talking to people, good at making people feel at ease and generally
are a friendly chatty salesy person its is a great industry for you to consider. The
second reason why you should consider working as an estate agent is that the career progression
is relatively rapid. Within 2-5 years you can get a promotion to be a senior negotiator
or you could within 5 or 6 years be running your own estate agency branch. Throughout
your career, even from day one there is really good earnings potential. So if you are leaving
university with quite significant student debts or graduate loans and you need a job
that is going to start paying you from day 1, that is one of the reasons why I got into
the industry and the fact that you can earn well throughout your career and progress and
see your earnings grow is an important consideration. The other thing that I think is a massively
overlooked element is that there are jobs in estate agency all across the UK. It’s not
just a London centric job, yes you earn more if you are in London but you don’t have to
be in London you can be on the South coast, you could be down in a very beautiful part
of the UK in a tourist area you could be in Manchester or Leeds you could be in the countryside
and you are going to be able to find a job in property. So you don’t necesarrily have
to uproot your entire life to start your new career and that again is unlike a lot of other
jobs that are out there. The most important reason why I think you
should consider a career in estate agency is because I have found that the industry
can offer significant satisfaction, real job satisfaction. The job in itself is all about
helping people. It’s helping people that are getting divorced, helping people that are
going to have another baby and need another bedroom, helping people that have to move
because of their job, helping people get out of Financial problems, helping people reach
the dream of owning their first home, helping people have Financial stability for the future
by helping them find a property to rent out and if you like helping people its a job for
you. And this is the way that we can change the perception of the industry is by encouraging
people to pride in their work and really deliver a service which helps people resolve the issues
in their life and help them achieve their dreams.
So I know its a bit gushy but that is the reality there is real potential for you to
have a rewarding career and I want you to take that away from this video.
At the end of it all what are you going to end up with, you are going to end up with
a huge amount of transferable skills. Whether you come to the industry for a year two years
five years ten years, if you want to go and do something else after, no problem because
you know what you are going to have a really quality set of transferable skills, you may
want to go and open your own agency or you go into another industry, a lot of people
move into recruitement because they decide at some point that they don’t want to work
evenings and weekends. It’s a very easy move to go into recruitment once you have worked
in property. You may want to retrain, you may get really interested in the legal side
of property, you may decide to go into law, into conveyancing, or you might decide you
the mortgage industry you can transfer your skills and take a mortgage qualification.
It opens you up to other careers other than just being an estate agent. You can also go
into surveying, it will require retraining, commercial property is another option that
requires less retraining. I hope that has given you a little bit of a snapshot about
why I think you should consider being an estate agent and I hope that will help you to shake
off some of the negative ideas that are out there about what estate agency is all about.
If you are thinking about being an estate agent I would love you to get some more information
you will find a lot of free information on my blog careerinproperty.co.uk you will also
find a link to buy a copy of my book which is for sale on amazon and it is called How
to have a Brilliant Career in Estate Agency…its a paperback, you can also buy it as a Kindle
and it summarises all the information that you are going to need in order to succeed
in your property career. I look forward to getting your feedback on
this VLOG, if there is other information that you want to know, if there is other guidance
that I can give you comment below and I look forward to helping you in your own path towards
having a successful career in property.

4 thoughts on “Why on earth would you want to be an Estate Agent?

  1. Very informative and helpful video. thanks a lot.

  2. Hi Katy, I am a business management student in my 3rd University. I have 5 years of luxury retail experience in the fashion industry but have always been keen on looking at a career in the property industry. I am thinking of going into estate agency when I finish and feel I have many transferable skills especially liasing with a variety of clients. Do you think I would need to start at the bottom as a junior negotiator? Thank you for the insightful videos :).

  3. Thank you for your videos! I’m 20 and I currently work in coop but I’ve learnt a lot about myself and that I’m especially a bubbly, happy person, good with people and even a bit on sales within coop…. I’d love to try out this kind of work, like you said it has great progression aspects to earn more money to keep moving in life… Last step is to just finish getting my driving licence then I can’t wait to start applying! Thank you, I will definitely be checking out your book 🙂

  4. How much do you think a 17 year old will get paid

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