Why Does HONG KONG Have World’s MOST EXPENSIVE HOMES? – VisualPolitik EN

Why Does HONG KONG Have World’s MOST EXPENSIVE HOMES? – VisualPolitik EN

On July 1st, 1997, after 155 years of British
sovereignty, Hong Kong returned to China. It did so as a special administrative region,
under the “1 country, 2 systems” model. A model whose goal was to ensure that Hong
Kong would continue being Hong Kong, the freest city on the entire Asian continent. That means that thanks to this particular
political model, Hong Kong has its own laws, its own justice system, its own police force,
currency– even its customs and immigration policy is different from the rest of China. So in the day to day, it works almost like
an independent country. And it will remain that way until at least
the year 2047. Maybe that’s why, since Hong Kong passed into
Chinese hands, things in the city have gone pretty well. Over the past 20 years, Hong Kong’s economy
has grown by an average of 3.3% per year; more than 1 million people from Mainland China
have moved to this territory in search of fortune; and the city is still an oasis of
freedom. Yes, the influence and interference of the
Chinese government in local politics has grown a lot in recent years. Here, on VISUALPOLITIK we already talked about
this. For example, in past videos we discussed the
umbrella revolution, and Beijing’s growing interference in local politics. Well, my friends, in this video we’ll talk
about yet another outstanding feature of this place. Did you know that Hong Kong is the city with
some of the most expensive and smallest houses in the world? Listen up. (A RISING MARKET) With seven and a half million inhabitants
and more than 1,200 skyscrapers, homes in Hong Kong are terribly expensive. Well, homes, garages, offices… everything
that has to do with the real estate sector is… very expensive. So much that we can find news like this: ( “Hong Kong parking spot sold for a record
US$600,000” SCPM) In fact, if you had 1 million US dollars,
and you wanted to buy… let’s say, an apartment in one of the city’s nice areas, you’d
barely be able to afford 22m2 / 236 ft2 … for a million dollars! You heard that right. That is a scary figure. When considering cities with the most expensive
premium homes in the world, Hong Kong places second, just behind Monaco. (“Alibaba chief buys his own Aladdin’s
cave: Jack Ma ‘purchases Hong Kong’s most expensive home for US$193 million”. Daily Mail) But of course, if we take into account that
all kinds of people live in Hong Kong and skip Monaco’s very particular case, Hong
Kong is by far the city with the most expensive homes in the world. To give you an idea, since 2003 the price
of housing in Hong Kong has risen by 450% and today the average price per m2 exceeds
US $16,000; that is 1,486 USD/ft2 . Yes, that means that if you want to buy a
normal 90m2 house, nothing fancy, you’d have to pay, at the very least, one and a
half million dollars. Quite a mortgage! It’s very common to compare which cities
are more or less accessible by counting how many years of average wage, before taxes,
we’d need to work to buy an average home. So let’s take a look. According to the latest published data, to
buy a house in Hong Kong we’d need more than 18 years of full wages. For comparison, in cities like Tokyo or Singapore,
one needs less than 5 years of wages. In other words, Hong Kong’s situation is
crazy. And not only that, since property is so expensive
and inaccessible for Hong Kong’s own citizens… they’ve had to buy smaller and smaller homes. Do you know what the average surface area
for a home in Hong Kong is? Come on guess. 100 m2? 80? 60? No way! 42m2, or about 452ft2 Can you imagine living in a 42m2 house? Well, check out the latest trend: ( “Hong Kong is so expensive that architects
are building 100-square-foot ‘tube homes’ made from concrete water pipes”. World Economic Forum.) But, okay, some of you may be thinking…
wow Simon, that’s very small but… I’m sure it’s because a lot of people
live alone in tiny apartments, which alters the statistics, right? Well… no. On average, almost 3 people live in a 42m2
or 425ft2 apartment. That’s insane! And, it’s not only the homes. The same thing happens with offices: (“Hong Kong skyscraper sells for a record
US $5.2 billion” CNN) But of course, having said that, you may be
wondering. Why the hell are homes so expensive in Hong
Kong? Well… listen up. (THE LACK OF LAND, A MYTH?) Massive spaces, skyscrapers everywhere, small
apartments… and I mean small… tiny and expensive… apparently, that’s how we could
all describe Hong Kong, don’t you think? After all, we’re talking about one of the
most densely populated places in the world. Alright so, many people and very little space
pretty much the perfect combination for super high prices, right? Well… hold on just a moment, because dear
viewer… isn’t the whole truth. The truth is that less than 25%, that is a
quarter of Hong Kong’s territory, is urbanized and only 7% of the entire territory is occupied
by urban housing. Outside the crowded areas we can find countryside,
jungle, old villages, golf courses and many, many single-family homes. So how is this possible? See, for years Hong Kong was considered the
freest economy on the entire planet by the Index of Economic Freedom. We’re talking about a place with low taxes,
free trade, legal security and a very small amount of government intervention. Yes, this is a highly capitalist city. That’s why it’s the third largest financial
center in the world, after London and New York. By the way, interesting fact. The Basic Law, Hong Kong’s constitution,
limits the government so it can’t spend more than it makes. This means that the government usually closes
every year with surpluses. It has accumulated so many surpluses that
it has saved, check this out, over 220 billion dollars. Yes, public debt doesn’t have much room
here. But… let’s continue. The fact is that despite so much freedom and
so much commitment to capitalism… there’s a sector in which the government has intervened
a lot. You know which? Precisely. The real estate sector. See, the government owns practically all the
land in Hong Kong. Public authorities control when and how much
land is put on the market to be able to build on. And of course, the Development Bureau decides
what can be built. Generally, land concessions are given through
auctions, in terms of private homes, offices or commercial uses; or directly through agreements
with developers when public housing with lower rental prices is going to be built, which
is where a large part of the population lives. And it’s normal, even in auctions, for the
property to continue being government property, as they are granted a right of use for an
unspecified amount of years. So, sure, homes being so expensive in Hong
Kong has a lot to do with scarcity, but not due to a geographical shortage– due to the
government’s decision. There’s plenty of land to develop new residential
and office areas. And, there’s always the option of gaining
ground at sea. Yes, it isn’t a strange thing to do: a quarter
of all the built areas of Hong Kong are on land that was claimed from the sea. But the government decides absolutely everything. (“The shortage of land is a myth. There are over 200 hectares of land available
for building in the urban areas. The shortage of housing is real but that is
because of deliberate manipulation of the market by the government.” John Wright, a barrister and chairman of Friends
of Sai Kung.) Well, in recent decades, as we mentioned before,
Hong Kong’s population has grown a lot because many people have come in from China; in addition,
family size has decreased, and many Chinese investors want to invest in this city, known
for its legal security. All this has led to a rise in demand… but
not supply… because the government didn’t want it to. “Home prices will continue to grow due to
limited supply”. Thomas Lam, Senior director at Knight Frank) But… Why is the government interested in restricting
supply and increasing prices? Well… there are at least 2 reasons: The first is that auctions are a great business
for the public purse. In 2017, for example, 1 out of every 5 dollars
from public revenues came from land sales. We’re talking about more than 15 billion
dollars. The second reason… which is much more sinister,
is that there are suspicions of not very clean relations between the authorities and large
promoters. Well, suspicions and even, convictions. ( “Hong Kong Property magnate Thomas Kwok
back in jail for bribing city’s No 2 official”. SCPM) You see, the real estate sector in Hong Kong
is held in very few hands… hands that belong to multi-millionaires. In fact, 7 of the 14 biggest estate magnates
in Asia are from this city. And well, these big businessmen prefer to
keep prices sky high and avoid competition… something that happens when the government
brings very little land to the market and, in addition. increases any new project’s bureaucracy. That way, small and medium enterprises can’t
enter… and foreign companies don’t dare to, because they’d have a clear disadvantage. Of course, my friends, all of this has consequences. Listen up. (THE CONSEQUENCES.) The crazy price of housing has meant that
despite having a lot of employment and high wages, many people live in difficult conditions,
like families having to live in 40m2 or 431 ft2 homes while paying exorbitant mortgages. This system has also led many people, especially
the youngest ones, to depend on the government’s public housing rentals… which of course
are also very small houses. And remember, that in Hong Kong, there’s
no chance of living on the outskirts or in more remote areas, because that would mean
crossing over to mainland China… and losing all the freedoms that people have in this
city. And, as if that weren’t enough, the high
price of offices and business buildings has caused many companies and many investments
to end up in other cities of the Pearl River Delta, such as Shenzhen, which poses problems
for the future. But we’ll talk about that some other day. Anyway, my friends, that’s how things are
in the city that, until now, has been one of the most prominent beacons of prosperity
and freedom in Asia. Only the future will tell us whether it will
continue to be, and you know what? We’ll be very attentive here at VISUALPOLITIK. But now, it’s your turn. Do you think that the Hong Kong authorities
should promote the city’s growth by increasing the real estate supply? Leave your answer in the comments as well
as in the survey. I really hope you enjoyed this video, please
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at the Reconsider Media Podcast – they provided the vocals in this episode that were not mine! And as always, thanks for watching!

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