Why Do SO Many Real Estate Agents Fail??

Why Do SO Many Real Estate Agents Fail??

[Music] what’s up ladies and gentlemen this is brian kocel avicii your real estate source here in southern california as you will see on the screen if you have any referrals for Southern California LA County Orange County Riverside County and the Empire go ahead and email us at the email below it will pop up here in a second okay so I entitle this video why do so many real estate agents particularly new ones why do they fail well I want to talk a little bit about it so if you’re watching this and you’re either getting into real estate you’re new or maybe you’re somebody who’s in real estate who’s struggling this will shed some insight for you and will help guide you in the right direction so you can have some success hey guys just a reminder in the description below i have a link that is the link to the click funnels i’ve teamed up with greg so what we’re going to do is for all of you who follow me on social media YouTube Facebook everything else from time to time you see me do a promotion a special release new products make special announcements that is going to be exclusively distributed through that email channel now okay additionally I’m starting up a new program I’m going to give the details in that so make sure that you click on the link below and sign up so you can receive notifications and you can get all of the new up-to-date stuff and if we offer any promotions new events or special offers it will be exclusively done through that email I may from time to time announce it on YouTube and social media but the majority of the time 90% plus it’s going to be there so make sure before you continue go down there click put in your info see it as you know I think they said within two years it’s like 87% of real estate agents are pretty much out of the business something like that even if it’s 80% that’s still a lot right it’s pretty staggering statistic and I’m going to go over a few key things that cause that and then how you as the person watching this video can avoid it alright so number one what you learned in the classroom versus what you’re actually going to use once you become a realtor and you start working are two completely different things you see when you get your license it is like the regular schooling out there like college and high school and everything else they’re basically training you just the study and learn information that you don’t even use in the field and then regurgitate it when you get in the field it’s all about dealing with clients knowing sales skills being able to communicate closing the deal helping people buy and sell a house which you learn in the classroom some of its relevant like knowing some real estate law some fair practices and things of that nature but the majority of it isn’t actual knowledge and things that you’re going to use in the field because when you’re in the field it’s literally a direct sales job you have to contact people get and get them to contact you get them to meet with you to either buy a house or list the house for sale so it’s sales right that’s the biggest that’s kind of number two when you join a brokerage the majority of people are not taught they’re not trained they’re said there’s your desk there’s your phone get to work now imagine you’re new especially if you’re younger between eighteen and thirty I just turned 31 I started when I was 27 imagine the feeling you have all these hopes and dreams and then all of a sudden you get told there’s your desk there’s your phone and you don’t know what to do I didn’t know what to do I saw out mentors because the way I am obsessed about being the best at everything I’m very competitive so I said how can I be good at this thing how can I get ahead of everybody else so I was doing stuff even before I got my license like learning my scripts and dialogues what to say and how to say it studying the contract studying the processes going with agents on appointments with buyers and sellers to see what it’s like and getting actual in field experience you can do that too that’s a learning lesson for you so that proper training and mentorship is lacking do some offices have it of course however the majority and the prevailing occurrence in the industry is it’s not there or else they just want to be failing at the 87th percentile right lastly and this is something that’s being lost in society Nexus 10 real estate it’s just flat-out communication skills being able to communicate on a very high level I know I’m phenomenal at that I’ve done a lot of training I’ve gone through the phases of not being good at it and now I’m very good at it traveling and I’m speaking now doing videos all the time and before I continue right now when I say doing videos all the time I’m sure some of you pops up in your head like oh my god doing a video it makes me nervous right there that’s an insecurity that’s something you would have to get past if you really want to become a high-level at communicating doing social media doing some video marketing which is very prevalent here in 2017 so it would be another thing you could write down to do immediately I’m very polished behind the video and you watching this automatically without really knowing much about me perceive me as an expert because I am polished behind the camera and the information that I’m giving you is good and it’s relevant put two and two together ladies and gentlemen okay so communication skills if you get that no matter how you get your leads Facebook mailers you go out outbound calls or you have incoming calls from whatever some little print advertising that you’re doing you will have to communicate with people meet with them and get them to sign on the line which is dotted shout out to Glengarry Glen Ross which is a funny movie all right in a nutshell that’s what it is I’ll end the video here I may continue this series if you guys like it make sure you comment below if you liked it if you didn’t like it when you would like me to talk more about and I want to continue this series for real estate agents and salespeople in general just to help them okay so make sure you like the video if you have not already subscribe to the channel browse for my old videos and enjoy the content I will see you on the next one [Music]

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  61. This is an interesting take, but I think there's something else that's far more prevalent: Most of these people do not understand the market they work in. I was talking to a woman who showed me a potential rental she was interested in. It was an area where no home 1000 sq feet of more rents for less than 1200 dollars. Granted, this was a small home – 1092 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, in a desirable part of town. It was 1000 a month. Immediately, I asked what was wrong with the house. The further I dug, I found out this house sold last year for 141K and the last renter didn't even stay a year. So, just running averages in my head, there's no way this cash flows. If you went all in cash, it's even worse – it's negative ROI. It's been vacant for almost three months in a part of the city where rentals are rarely empty for one month as it's an army town. I warned this woman not to rent it because nothing adds up. There's likely something wrong with the house. A bunch of relators attacked me stating that I don't understand the market, I'm stupid, blah blah. A neighbor finally chimes in and says the roof is bad on the house and there have been electrical issues. These sorts of agents are the majority where I live. I'm sure this city isn't an outlier.

    The barrier to enter real estate isn't high. It's a good and bad thing. One of the cons is you get a lot of dumb people who don't understand investment. One realtor told me that "investors don't buy unless they make money". Please, most of the stupid flippers in my area make bad buys all the time. I see these houses every damn week and watch them lose money. I'd hate to be in a property management company working with these dolts. I believe it was the NAR whose statistics shows 10% of realtors make 90% of the sales on average in most markets. Sales are important, but you are going to get slaughtered if you can't read your market.

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