Wholesaling Real Estate | Working a Subject To Deal

Wholesaling Real Estate | Working a Subject To Deal

– So sheetrock is going in this property and I want to show you kind of what we did to make this so different. (hip hop music) What’s up guys, welcome back
to another week of the vlog. We just got here to the star’s property, I gave you an update this week. I promise I’ll try to work it into every week’s blog, vlog. I got the absolute worst shoes on today. All white. Why did I do that? Francis and I have a
debate when we flip a house on painting the brick or
not painting the brick. I love painting the brick. J-Rock, show them a
shot of the front, now. – Hey man how’s it going. – Good how’s it going. – Told you I’d be back. Sup, Val, how you doing? – Cory. – So, sheet rock is going in this property and I want to show you kind of what we did to make this so different. The original line to the roof and the ceiling was right here. So there, I showed them
that, and it went all the way across, so if you
looked back that way, you see where the line was, right? So, right here. We then took the ceiling up and created the vault less of this one. So that added so much of a flair to this property. It makes it crazy. So, this one we’re still about
three weeks done, I think. Two to three weeks. Things are moving fast. All the progress is happening. All the progress is
happening back this way. So, if you remember, there
was a big tank in here. Right, Francis? – [Male Speaker] Yeah. – And – [Male Speaker] There
was a big everything. – Yeah. – [Male Speaker] Furnace right here, and a furnace over here. Furnace going to the chimney on this side and furnace going to the
chimney on that side. The chimney used to go all the way up to the top. – [Male Speaker] And they cut it down. – It’s missing now. – Make it look so nice and big now. – They originally had the washer and dryer hookups down here. All of this is going to
look totally different. I don’t know if you guys remember the original video. Gonna fix the wall here. It’s not that bad, but – You might just put a
couple steel columns there. – Order the custom braces – Yeah. – This will look totally different. – Then this is gonna get cleaned up and it’ll be a nice basement. – They won’t even know it. – Yeah, the house is so big upstairs. – Soffett guys are supposed
to be here yesterday. That’s how contractors are, um, I love this project because it’s better and faster than I thought. So, J-Rock, pan this whole thing so you can see how huge this house is. – I do the paint he don’t come in yet. – Is this gonna be a big window, right? – Yeah, two, two windows, two windows. – Got it. Got it, okay. Well, let’s see if we
can get into Walker Town. Thank you, sir. I’ll see you next week. – Anytime. – Yes, sir. – Right on you. – Okay. – Good to see you. – Hey, give, give Greg a call
for everything that you need. He’s good prices. Best around. (hip hop music) – That’s a new updated version. (background noise drowns out other sounds) Nah, man, that’s new. 2017. (background noise drowns out other sounds) – Yeah, right underneath there. Probably the gutters a
little bit overflowed, or not working correctly. You can see where the water’s hitting. (background noise drowns out other sounds) Nah, you see that pipe right there? But I don’t see a I mean there is a – This is coming down somewhere. (background noise drowns out other sounds) It’s good it has this retaining
wall is done properly. See the – The drain. – The drains, and it’s
not tilted or nothing. That’s good, it’s very good. (background noise drowns out other sounds) Here it’s really, really (chain link fence rattles) – That’s a deer, that’s a deer. – A deer. – Don’t worry, man. J-Rock’s got a knife, I would
have just taken him out. (background noise drowns out other sounds) – No, he ain’t trapped. Francis started to run, I’m like Francis, where are you going? I got this. (background noise drowns out other sounds) Huh? – I was so embarrassed one time (laughter) Yeah (mumbles) (laughter) (background noise drowns out other sounds) – What’s this, an intercom system? (background noise drowns out other sounds) Hey, Susan, the dinner’s ready. – A nest – Yeah, a bird’s nest. – Look at this. Big bird. So, you know, it’s uh, beautiful property and everything, but it’s expensive, so. – For 43,500 it’s a great deal. The crazy thing is it
can be lived in as is. It’d just be a TV show, the 70’s show. Yeah, probably, yeah. (background noise drowns out other sounds) So this is the house we negotiated with the lady that lived in New York. I’m closing on this property tomorrow and, um, I’m deciding if
I’m going to wholesale or repair it myself, um, I’m going to start of by
spending one thousand, fifteen hundred dollars clean it out, then I’m going to stick it on the MLS and try to get almost what
I would make on a flip. If I can do that, then we’ll let it go. Remember, the MLS is the number one place to sell a property only
because it’s been in existence for a long time, but that’s
where you get all your, you can get cash buyers
by listing property on the MLS if you have the ability to take the property down yourself. And this one’s only 43,500 so I’m gonna take it down, try to list
it for around 70 grand. Fenced in back yard. Just need some all the windows are open, it looks vacant. A little pressure
washing, colors are fine. – [Female Speaker] Hello – How are you doing? – [Female Speaker] Good,
how are you guys doing? – I’m doing well, my name is Max, um, Christy, were you speaking
with Leica my assistant? – Yes. – Okay, perfect, this
is my partner Francis, this is my photographer. So, I guess tell me a
little about the story on this house. – Well, we moved in in
2004 when we had it built and then we’re ready to get rid of it. – You guys moving somewhere else – Yeah, we moved to Winston. – Oh, so you, really? Left Curtisdale – Yeah. – Didn’t like it? – Uh, well, my husband is sick and we don’t need to be in
a two story house anymore. – Oh, it’s just too downsizing, too big, got ya. – Pretty much downsizing because he’s, uh, he can’t go up and down
the stairs anymore, so – Understood. – Have to get rid of ’em. – Understood. Well let me, uh, mind if I don’t go inside and just look around? – Go right ahead. – And Leica kinda told you what we do? – Yeah. – Okay. So we flip a lot of properties, about we buy about ten a month, um, and we obviously buy all cash, so the price we offer is kind of as it is with the repairs in mind. – Yeah. – To get it up to speed. – The only thing I know of, well upstairs is painted, she’s almost done painting upstairs. – Okay. – But down here would need to be painted and then the countertop replaced. – Okay. – Because that countertop’s been here since we moved in. – Got it. – So. – What are you asking? – We were looking at about 130 – 135. – Okay. – If we go to market,
if we actually put it on the market, we were
going to do 147 – 150. – Okay. – And that’s based off of realtors. – I’m a broker. – Yeah, he has to disclose, I did say that. Okay, 150 is a little ambitious, but that’s what realtors do, they tell you a good
number to get that listing. Sorry Francis. (laughter) I just know how it goes. – This out here, we
added the wall unit here. – Okay. – [Female Speaker] So
they’re split system units. – [Male Speaker] Uh huh, yeah, I have one in my lake house. – Yeah, um. – Okay. – This was our office area. – Okay, so you don’t, okay this would be the garage. Got it, so it’s a bonus room. – Actually when they turned it into this bonus room, they left,
even though they enclosed it, if you take it out, you can
turn it back into a garage. – Mmm hmm, okay. – And then the utility room in here, this is where, it does
have gas and water heater. – Okay. – And the electrical is in here. – Is this where you guys had your no, this is not where
the wash room is was it? – [Female Speaker] No, it’s upstairs. – Got it, okay. (cell phone ringtone) So, I’m assuming since
you recently bought it, 2004 – 05 you said, right,
there’s a mortgage on it, right? – [Female Speaker] Yes. – Okay. – Yes. – This dishwasher is brand new. – It looks like it’s stainless steel. – [Female Speaker] Yeah,
it’s like been here since like October maybe? – [Male Speaker] So, you
guys just recently moved out. What is your balance on this one? Probably about 100,000 or so? – Mmm hmm. – That makes sense. So you’re really looking to get about 35, 30 cash in your pocket? – Yeah. – After the deal’s all said and done. Okay. – [Female Speaker] And
I would say the carpet because we had pets. – [Male Speaker] Yeah, we
tear all that stuff out because we have to make it a 2018 house. – [Female Speaker] Yeah. So this would be the master bedroom. – Okay. Attic access, closet (laughter) – Attic access, yeah. (cell phone ringtone) – Hey at the house. – We talked to. – In kernsville. Why? Yeah, I’m here. – So, obviously, flooring – Well the vinyl flooring,
too, in the kitchen is pulling apart, so – Yeah, no, no, so vinyl – The floor is, uh – Okay, well let me go. (background noise drowns out other sounds) – Washer and dryer room. – [Female Speaker] And
here is where the washer and dryer is. – So, we buy a lot of
houses and we renovate them. – Mmm hmm. – [Male Speaker] Obviously
there’s not too much to be done here, you just
gotta do the major stuff and turn it into, you
know, cooler stuff, like you know the kitchens and the bathrooms, do some updating to get the most maximum amount of money. Now I’m thinking if I
was to buy this house and put it on the market,
you’re probably pushing the 148-149 range to be able to sell it because you’ve seen some
comps in the neighborhood 155 with bigger square footage in it? – What year is this house, do you know? – 2004. – 2004, yeah. There’s two houses for
sale in this neighborhood right this second and they’re both bigger than this house and they’re selling, and one is selling at
150 and the other one at 156, but they are 1800 square feet. (cell phone ringtone) – That’s Leica, yeah, just tell her – So this one is, with
the bonus room downstairs is just over 2000 square
feet, or right at 2000. – With the bonus room. – Mmm hmm, because it’s 1414
before we added the room on it, and that room is
at least 500 square feet. – That room is, uh, I mean, you just measure the length and the width and then multiply it, and
that’s the square footage. – What do you think, like 300? Because it’s probably a 10×14? – Yeah, so that’s like 180 square feet. – And then some people love the garage, some people don’t care. – [Male Speaker] And the
floors too, it’s, you know. – I know. – You have to see if the other ones – Wood floor. This floor’s not bad, but, you got your stuff there too. Um, (background noise drowns out other sounds) I can do this, tile,
go tile here, cabinets. How much work are you planning on doing to the house? – I was just going to paint it, clean it, and be done with it. – Done with it. – Clean up the yard,
obviously, keep it mowed – Yeah. Are you guys current right
now with the bills on it and everything like the mortgage, I mean? – No. – So we need to catch
you up and then pay off. – Yeah, well, that’s what would happen if – Yeah, absolutely. – This, uh, this is two floors too – Mmm hmm. – Most of them in here are. These are nine foot ceilings. Most of them around here don’t have nine foot ceilings. – [Male Speaker] I like the neighborhood. I think there’s some, it’ll take me a little bit of time to fix this, but not much. I’d have to go granite countertops. Cabinets are not bad, white are in, but I probably wouldn’t spend the money to change them out other
than to get them redone. Um – This one’s 150 (background noise drowns out other sounds) – So it doesn’t make sense for me to buy it straight out cash, but there’s an option that’s
just as satisfying for you (background noise drowns out other sounds) What we’ve done, and we’ve
done a lot of them lately because there’s a lot
of people who are moving out of town or vice versa is we’ll negotiate a price,
we’ll settle on the price and there’s obviously a
difference on what you owe and what we negotiate on it. We would go to closing day, you would get that difference that day. We would pay the back
amount of the mortgage to keep it current – Mmm hmm. – Now, this project would probably take me 90 days or less. I would renovate it in 90 days, I would pay, I would pay the
mortgage for the 90 days, through an escrow, through an attorney, and we sell the house. To put it on the market and sell it. We would pay the mortgage, you would have already walked away with your profit, and the only person that gets delayed on getting their balance
is the mortgage company. – Mmm hmm. – The word we use for
that is a subject to buy. We buy subject to the existing finance. For you the change is nothing. It maybe helps you a little bit because you get a few more months of good payment record, we catch you up, and the bank gets their
money once we sell it. That’s probably the only way that makes sense from
an investor standpoint. But you still do have the option of going and listing it and doing that. With listing it, you’re
going to get inspections, and then they’re going to
negotiate the price down and you’re going to pay the
6 percent for the brokers. You’re probably going to wind up, I don’t know the pricing, but you might walk away
better knowing exactly what you’re going to get from us, versus putting it on the market and that longevity of time and the balance of the mortgage and the monthly payments. Um, so my deal is more cut and dried. You know exactly what you’re getting. Listing it, you’re not 100 percent sure when it will sell, what it will sell for, and you still have to make
those monthly payments. So, that’s kind of what I would do. I don’t know the exact numbers right now, but, it essentially doesn’t
change anything for you. You’ll essentially sell the house, the house will go into a trust, an attorney takes care of it. I don’t want to act like an attorney. The attorney would take
care of all that paperwork, you’ll walk away with a check between whatever we negotiate it for, and you are no longer responsible for the mortgage payments. – But my name is still on the mortgage. – It will still be on the mortgage, but the payments will be made
through an escrow attorney. So you never have to worry
about it not being paid because we’re going to
catch up the back payments, pay every month and the payments, and then there’s an
automatic clause in there that if we’re thirty days late, you get the house back
in the current condition that it’s in improved. So it’s in your best interest, you know, we would never let it back through, we would lose so much money. But I think that’s where you are. Those are your two options and it’s something for you to think about. Because you could either list it, which, that is how you’re
gonna get the most money to be honest, but when and
how that happens not sure. Because there’s just a
lot of details, like, this, even though it looks like paint. I have to put a whole new baseboard there. (background noise drowns out other sounds) I’m gonna put all new flooring in here and there, just simple stuff like that that just costs money. I’ll probably spend twelve grand. (background noise drowns out other sounds) It’s just regular wear and tear from living in it. – [Male Speaker] You have to bring it up to do the fixing that needs to be done. So that’s gonna be a lot of work. – So you can think about it. I can still write you an offer and get it to you and get Leica and she’ll explain it to you 100 percent. And then, you know, you can go either way, but when I make you an offer, you don’t spend another
dime in this house. You don’t worry about paint, nothing, no more expenses coming out. Just know that in ten days
I’m going to get a check. – Okay. – I think that’s probably, I know that’s the best for me. It wouldn’t make sense because my ROI, if I spent 135 cash to try to sell a house for 155 with a 20,000 dollar spread, I still gotta pay the 6 percent, I gotta rehab it, probably make two grand at the end of the day. – Yeah, okay. – But you can look us up, we’re reputable, I mean, we have the cash to buy it, it’s just not, it doesn’t make sense, and we buy about ten houses a month. Probably two or three of them fall in this category. – Mmm hmm. – It’s the safest thing. I make an offer, the attorney handles all the other paperwork. – Mmm hmm. – [Male Speaker] Is
this a working bathroom. – We’ve got it turned off
because we did some, um (background noise drowns out other sounds) – Yeah, you don’t need to pay for that. How far are you behind? – Just a month. – Okay, so you’re not in
terrible condition right now. – So you do have time, so, like I said there is that option of listing it because you do have time, you know they start
getting serious at three. – Yeah. – You know, but, uh, and
what’s your payments on this? – 723. – Yeah, so we can catch
you up, get you a check. It’s a simpler process,
it’s not for everybody, but it’s a simpler process
for you and your husband. So think about it and
I’ll shoot you an offer either this evening or tomorrow. – Okay. – And then we’ll go
from there, and my offer is what you’d walk away with cash. You don’t pay any, I pay
all the closing costs with my attorney and it’s
kind of cut and dried and simple, but – And what attorneys do you guys use? – We use Ari Ellison, he’s
been a real estate attorney for seventeen years. He’s down on Marshall Street. – Okay. – Yeah, so, he closes all our deals. So we, ten a month, we’re
buying two houses this week (background noise drowns out other sounds) yeah, they got their bar to lose (laughs) – [Male Speaker] I wouldn’t
want to lose any licenses. – Yeah, okay. – So, I appreciate you
letting me in the house and I’ll shoot you an offer
and just think about it and get back with me or Leica
and we’ll go from there. – Okay. – Thank you so much, I appreciate it. How are you doing m’am? (background noise drowns out other sounds) No. (car beeping) So as you see, that deal right there would not make sense for cash, but it would make sense
if I went to closing and all I had to do was
give her fifteen grand. Then my ROI is going to be much higher because I don’t have to put that money, so I put fifteen grand down, we’ll basically give her fifteen grand, which she’s basically
negotiating in between what she owes and what she wants. And from that point it’s it’s pretty simple. Then you rehab the deal, what do you think this deal would take to rehab Francis? – Well – Flooring we know is cheap. – That carpet in there is awful. – It’s gotta go, yeah it’s gotta go. – So – At fifty cents a square
foot, dollar fifty installed. – Okay, so you have to
do still some painting – You gotta repaint the whole house. – The girl, the lady was
doing the painting up there that looked good, but, um, you’re still going to have
to do vinyl floors in the – Kitchen – Baths, the kitchen,
replace that carpet, um a lot of just – Small knick knack
stuff people hate to do. – Yeah, painting and floors, most of it – I’d say about six-seven grand. – Yeah, sure. That molding they put in that bonus room – Terrible, that’s just – They can just go over that. – That’s one by four ain’t it? – Yeah, you can just put
a crown molding over that, you can leave that there,
and make it look good now. Um, the only thing, the AC unit out there it’s, uh, it looks like it’s just – On it’s last leg – Not that old, but it’s two floors. That’s the bad part about this house. If you told me what you
don’t like about the house, is that it’s two floors, you know. – But you know, but you know
who two floors are good for? – What? – Younger families. – Yeah. – They love ’em. Because it’s a separation of the kid area and the living area and the sleeping area. And the bonus room is nice, but then they took away the garage. – You got to make it look better. – Yeah. – Yeah, they did take the garage, yeah. – Sorry. – But listen, I mean, 150
would be the max on that one. – Yeah. (background noise drowns out other sounds) So if you work a deal, if she’s working a deal where she’s trying to list it with an agent, let’s reverse back into that. Do some math, so you’re saying, let’s just say right
now, let’s say an agent was able to get her 140 right now. I doubt it. – [Male Speaker] They’re gonna have her do the carpet, you know – It smells like dog. – Yeah, that carpet is
actually torn already. – Yeah, no, I can see the
white parts coming out of it. – It’s torn, so she’s
going to have to do that. And then, she’s gonna take a hit for all the vinyl in the kitchen or she’s gonna redo the vinyl in the kitchen. You know what I mean? – So let’s just do best case scenario. Alright, pull out your calculator here. – Okay, so 150, right? – Heck no, she’s not going to get 150. – No, no, of course she’s not. – No, I’m talking about if she sells it, I gotta reverse engineer myself into what she’s actually going to make if she lists it, because remember there’s two options. – Right, what did she say
she was going to list it for? 154? – No, 147 maybe 150. She can list it all she wants, but she’s gonna get
140 plus closing costs. You’re not going to find your calculator in your contacts. Not unless you got a new app. (laughs) – Okay. – So do 140 minus, uh,
let’s just say 9 percent (hip hop music) equals – 127,400 – Okay, and let’s say
concessions of 3,500. I’m being nice, okay. – Well, you know there’s
going to be more concessions – Yeah, yeah, I know. Let’s just say that then she has a she’s probably going to
spend three more months on the mortgage, so
that’s another 3 grand, which she’s already one month behind. See, I already knew her pay points, I was just asking her
questions so she could reveal what she already said to Leica. One her husband lost
his job and he’s sick, so that’s the real reason they moved out and they probably moved in with mom who just showed up there late, right, so that’s the real reason. She’s one month behind. If she told me she’s one month behind, she’s probably already two
or three behind already. – Right. – You know how that goes. So, Minus 3 grand again. No, no, no, that’s so She’s probably looking at getting maybe 15,000 when it’s all said and done if she can get 140. So that’s my offer to her is, you know, maybe, not a lot. Probably can give her around 118. I could probably say, listen, you can walk away with 115. – I think you should offer her 115 max. – Correct. – I mean – So basically – She’d be dumb not to take that offer. Listen, at the end of the at the end of the day, she’s gonna have to keep on putting more
money before she lists it. She needs to sell right now. – Look how small the mortgage payment is. You know what you could
rent that house out for? That’s a twelve, that’s
a fourteen hundred dollar house rental, and her payments are 700. Imagine the rent cash flow
on a rental like that? (hip hop music)

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