Wholesaling Real Estate With No Money: Turns $1 into $9,200

Wholesaling Real Estate With No Money: Turns $1 into $9,200

One dollar into over $9,000 how did this Youtube subscriber do it? stand by Let’s get it Hello guys, this is ty aka the flip man Today we have another youtube subscriber that has done his very first deal, if i’m not mistaken He’s out of the state of Pennsylvania you think it’s not one of the bigger cities that I would recognize, but I’m sure he’ll let us know What market ease in so? Corey how’s it going? It’s going pretty. Good going pretty good just getting back from Cashing checks and paying bills that doing a couple other things today, but oh well hey That’s what’s happening man, Corey. I’m actually sitting there texted This morning letting me know He was leaving in about five minutes to go pick up His check you know from a deal. He had been working on or whatever and I’m Sending the congrats on it, so so we’re gonna get into how he found this deal how he ran into me and and how all that worked out and the main thing is how he picked up his check today and For me to see how that actually came about so just to ask you against a snowball question For who was Corey who are you were you were you actually from and What did you do before well his act today? What’s the name of the city or the time from um so I live I live in a town called Boyer town. It’s it’s near Pottstown is a Kind of the closest recognizable town, but it’s about 30 minutes from reading about an hour from South Philadelphia Okay, Oh summer town, but yeah, all right, okay, all right, so Just two before we get into how you got interested in real estate uh? What what do you do currently and? Yeah right now. I’m a construction project manager for for forever 21 and four so we build their stores we We get job. I’m a coordinator right now making my way up to a manager, so I do a lot of You know bidding on Jobs that you know we’re gonna need constructions onto it so a lot of you know similarities to Figuring out numbers as far as you know scope of work that needs to be done you know to a house like when you’re trying to Ballpark a number for Demolition and for repair costs and things like that so we I do a lot of that a lot of computer work I’m talking and other general contractors. We we get a job And we bid it out to four different general contractors, whoever’s got the best number We award the job and then we manage the whole project from Start to end and a lot of a lot of work in real estate to it when it comes to that oh Yeah, that’s that’s what I do now That’s my full-time job other than being a dad and the husband so I got to go guys, so how did you are? How did you get interested in real estate? I guess would be the question Whoa you know. I have to do a little housecleaning Don’t forget to take advantage of my two hundred-plus videos on wholesaling houses and real estate in general make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel and don’t forget to tap the bell to turn on the notifications So you are alerted whenever I go live on YouTube and when I upload brand new videos You can also take advantage of my podcast and flip man podcast calm for Apple and Android devices you can follow me on snapchat and Instagram at flip man net that’s up man deal t any t if you want a free copy of the one page Contract that I’ve used since 2003 you can download a free copy of that from my website flip man net but you also can take advantage of my coaching and step-by-step courses on wholesaling houses and Apartments along with flippin baking commercial buildings if you want the closing dot that I’ve used to put the deals together You can get it at free closing dot-com that’s free closing Dot-com I have something new I want you to take a bang job. Just go to Mel to flip calm This is an innovative way to stand out from the competition whenever you’re doing your direct mail won’t believe it using the power of the picture of the owners property But you can also get an actual discount on your direct mail order by simply going to mail to flip Calm don’t forget every Thursday Night Live Adrienne. I will have my actual flipping ours where you can get your questions answered Directly from me every Thursday night at 7 p.m.. Eastern my live flipping ours. You can access through flippa.com live on YouTube Facebook and Instagram now back to regular program So what sparked my interest was one day? I was I was just on YouTube and I got Stuck on and ad before a YouTube video started I was watching and it was there was an advertisement, and it was one of the Guru’s out there and You know and normally I don’t really look into the you know there’s ads or anything like the fading really looks like a game You know rich get rich quick scheme or anything like that, but yeah? He was just going to hear all the benefits of being a real estate investor. You know work at home You can make money yeah, Phil pussy asking over here you heard of him, but I’m yeah Yeah, I think I’ve heard of him. Also. Yeah freedom mint or something like I I mean So I don’t know it just that sparked my interest and then you know I was just Before today, I mean even you know even know what I’m doing sounds like a you know promising career It’s still you know when you have a house and car payment and family and stuff and barely barely making enough I mean I took a picture of my gas tank before I got the check that I was on II I was you know I mean I Always had second jobs and things like that, but you know when he was really when I started looking at a wholesaling It just really sparked my interest. I’ve always been like you know pretty good pretty good with talking to people and Figuring out numbers and things like that and and just the due diligence footwork that comes along with real estate and more videos I watched and things that just really sparked my interest as far as you know and something I could do and something I could do from home and on the side and Just the more I looked into it the more appealing it came to me And and then you know eventually I got on your page with the with YouTube videos and with all the help out there it Yeah, it’s almost was handed to me. You know this opportunity to Make some extra money with all the help out there and things So so thanks to feel allowed you to stumble on to me at some point here. Yeah, that’s the power YouTube We’ve always. We’ve all been searching for one thing Ended up like wow okay? This is the answer that I really need you know one particular video But the kind of search results were working there, so And I know when you contacted me originally you had a couple of questions of what about the videos But Mike we were talking before we got started here recording this You said that What you basically do is watch the videos and and you join our Thursday night flipping over me and Adria Or you can ask questions live or whatever, and we actually we answered your questions So let’s get into I know you originally have one deal that you were working on but um Let’s let’s go back to that particular first deal that you were working on to fail through them We’ll get to this one here that they’re actually where you got you picked up your money today. We’re good at what you made Okay, yeah, you want me to just like walk through how it yeah how you how you even found the very first first deal yeah, and Well, it wasn’t a deal on you to get paid on it But you do initially to even start to to start talking to sellers. I guess is what I’m asking Yeah, so um So you know I was looking at YouTube videos probably about two weeks Maybe and I just like any free time during work Any time at all tonight’s on my ride in on my ride home. I just watched like all YouTube videos about Or you know anything about wholesale houses and build up my confidence and stuff and then Eventually I you know that’s the point where I was ready to take action, and that’s you know and I think that’s probably the hardest Probably you know Beginning for beginners to take that first step, and I couldn’t afford signs I couldn’t afford any kind of Advertising or marketing At that moment so I on a piece of paper at work and with a bright red sharpie. Just read we buy houses and my number and I took a picture of it, and I put it on face book marketplace and my You know a lot of comments were people just messing around with me. You know and talking and then I got a call though from one guy who said hey I saw your ad on Facebook marketplace and Sitting at a house for sale his father passed away. He got this house. They’re trying to get rid of so I went over and took a look at it and with the area and everything I just thought it would there could be an opportunity to make some money on it and So you know me and him went back and forth a little bit would talk in there was a mortgage out that was pretty high and that was When I didn’t really know what to do there were you know it there was a couple videos where you talk about mortgages? But I just you know I did I didn’t really know it was just my first. I was just an experience so I took a shot on it, and I sign a contract for With the guy for exactly what he owed on the mortgage with the area and stuff I thought still thought there was like a little mute left on the bone with a RV and things like that But don’t use through one-page contract and then right away I just got got on the ball with starting to market the property and I used my biggest The biggest way I got hits from people was putting it on Facebook, which it was almost kind of like a Hoover exposure just because Yeah, everyone starts Yeah, Facebook everyone’s on Facebook, so it was just a lot of Back-and-forth with people and you know and a lot of people weren’t really interested. They just kind of want to ask you questions and then Eventually I got in contact with a guy who was a new Young family and he really wanted to see the place, so I had some youtube videos, too I took YouTube videos of a property that you suggested and I sent them over to him and That really helped too because a lot of you know I think got a say out of ten people who saw the YouTube videos too after that we’re like okay, I still want to see it so I Ended up meeting with the guy to check out the property, and he was really interested in it And then he wanted to buy it you know and I thought it was good to go and then he I found out he wanted to buy with using a mortgage too, but You know I I didn’t know what I was doing I still don’t but it was Just seemed too risky, and I found out from some other people that you know there can’t be money you can’t make money with a mortgage and that’s So well I guess I remember a question that you may have text me or or problems act on the Flipping north or one of my videos, but I think I made it clear to you that uh because of how much they owed It the only way that you possibly could have deal did a deal with the lease option And then you know that’s still gonna be you know you have to understand what the ends and outs or that are to do that so What what made you finally just walk away from that one at the end of the day um Well it so the owner of the house passed away and It was a hoarder gentleman and about a month after that his wife passed away Leaving behind the house to the kids who they’re a little older than me, but and then through digging into it And I you know now I learned this moving forward that if that happened I gotta know whose power of attorney or executive estate Because it turned to find out none of them were had power of attorney or anything like that And I was doing all this work calling the banks seeing what they needed to do that power of attorney? And you know and then which was fine He was he was online with doing that you know, and I didn’t really have anything better to do I have nothing else online But then it just came to the point where I had like a moment of clarity where I’m just sitting there knowing how much time I wasted on this house trying to do this for this guy and you know he? Probably wouldn’t have ended up working anyway. Just with you know the The way the house was and with all of the you know oops the hoops to jump through with Me what happens is that um and this happens a lot? But sometimes different clothes give out clothes product for you this way, but when the parents died And if they didn’t have a will, and then you have multiple kids hopefully all of the kids that they had are still alive because There’s one of them passed in it being it branches off to their kids as heirs. That’s why they call their property so If the East a Nabila different on how that’s handled, but here if they say three kids and the parents died Which will leave you know them have an equal shares of ownership to the property The title compass labs attorney would get you to get them to sign what they call an heir affidavit Document with two people that say that are not related to say they know them knew that they were Their kids or whatever and that normally were suffice Just the problem Is that a lot of times? The kids can’t agree on number one to sell it and then two to sell them a prize all agreed to selling at a price so that’s normal some of the issues that you run into if they and Only talking about one of the kids is that and they have kids so now however many kids Are from that particular sibling then you know they they get equal shares Also as full as making the decision on them the only ship and sale of the property So so let’s get to the deal that Jackson you know picked up your check On the deal how did you come? How did you go about finding this particular deal? So with the other house I was just talking about you know I got a lot of calls from people and one of them was from a guy who? Was a cash buyer he actually lives I think on the next road over from the house So he said you know he’s welcomed by he saw the house, and I meet him established a connection From that other house that when that ended up falling through So I was going back and forth with him kind of asking you know and I at the time. I was like okay You know I hope you know I was like alright. Well. Let me know what you’re looking for if I find anything like that I’ll let you know and Yeah in between that time I bought I think I bought about a hundred bandit signs just blanks with the steaks I actually used to be a sign maker so I know a warehouse where you can buy just the blanks and mistakes kind of a little cheaper price, so No less, but but anyway. I hand wrote on All the signs front and back we buy houses I put them up all over and that was my only means of marketing other than the Facebook – I kept kind of renewing that in all the areas and and so one day I got a call from The gentleman at the house that I just sold and he told me You know he wants to sell he’s he’s got to move up Steve to Scranton area Which is like the Poconos area? Gotta go. He’s got this house for sale. I was pretty good condition and You know he asked me if I’d be interested so I got some details down. I asked him if there’s a mortgage right away and come he said yeah, and let me know how much and And they’re like instantly in my head I kind of just it off on it because I know my last experience with the mortgage and all that yeah, you know so So anyway I You know I took it down and just from looking at the house. I went on google just google the address and stuff and And I got a picture of a pretty good picture of it. It was only about five minutes away from me too, so So I ended up Sending that over to the guy that I established the connection with at the other house so he gave you he gave you the owner Gave you a price Well, he told me about how much he owed and then I saw the ARV, and he how much to do he owed a Hundred and four thousand dollars on the house, and what do you what a day RV would what what number? Did you come up with the ARV was around 125 so what so yeah, so once I saw that I was like well There’s you know I don’t think it’s gonna be worth it But it was a pretty good house and for some reason I was like well Let me just send it over to the other guy that Was interested in buying the previous house? yeah, I sent it over to him, and he just was ecstatic using this is exactly what I’m looking for you know and Yeah, so it was just How was he going to make money, what was this the way, I don’t want to get ahead We’ll get into that so you know him and he was excited about it. So so what happened Yeah, you know well the property comes with a three-bay garage that the previous owner was doing business house Which would kind of you know? He’s gonna like end up renting that out on its own And you know this guy he comes to find out that he bought like a ton of properties in the past so He’s got something lined up to make some cash on it, but um Okay, I see so it wasn’t the normal It offices a long-term play for your buyer and so having that huge discounted most cash buyers need was it Wasn’t a big issue with him so what so so once you got showed that he was excited about it So what did you do with the seller? so I First I told him I was okay there. You know I had to talk to it with my associate You know I’ll get back to you, but I don’t think there’s gonna be anything we can do to help you But I was like I’ll let you know if anything changes, and so I called him up right away And I said hey, I you know I think we’d be interested in this and we you know check it out, and you’re you know You know talk a little bit more and so me and then went back and forth he you know he runs a business out of His house so it was a little hard to get a hold of amount of times, and he’s a little older So you know he doesn’t text or do anything like that so but he lives about five minutes away from me So I could stop by a lot and just kind of like literally on my way home. Just pull in and talk to them and You did a lot of follow-up Yeah, yeah in the beginning. You know at first It was it was a lot because you know I really it was my first opportunity I got really excited, so I just wanted to kind of focus on this one you know Everything was lining up and then You know we came to an agreement on a price that I bought it from him for and one that I sold it for and What was it was a contract price with the seller the seller I bought it from him for 110,000 okay from the south from the seller okay, and then I sold it Wo mita, don’t pit too. Well. Well. I guess when you all agreed on the 110. I’m assuming you put it in the contract right Yeah, at that point. I already knew what I was gonna sell it for Because it was you know it was kind of a unique situation With with this guy when to buy it for you know the price so I made sure like the Ducks were in a row before I Bought it. Everything is In the contract so you You use my one page contract, right. Yep. Yeah, yeah, got them right here both of them signing Already dated from one from the seller And then one with the buyer here, okay? What did I did you did you give the seller earnest money of any amount? I gave him one dollar earnest money deposit with the seller Well, what did he say to be even question that or laughs yeah? He was you know I was like I don’t want to spend it all in one spot Did you actually transact the dollar give him the dollar yeah, yeah, I gave him dollar right there, yeah I had it was about the only thing I have And I took a line from one of the other like interviews he did with with another guy who schemes a painter He said you know in order to make this legal document there has to be a money Transaction or something I can sell you know I gave us the title this video, baby So okay You got the contract with each other so now even though the buyer was excited and sounded like he wanted to do it so So what happened there, so? It’s for the contract with your buyer. Yeah, so I ended up You know he wanted to see it he sorry, I emailed him just kind of a mock-up of what it would it wouldn’t look like without signatures and things like that but I Just kind of filled it out pretty You know as much as I could with our names on it the address Oz it you know I Made sure to know did you determine the earnest money deposit or what yeah, and I? Figure so I told him that I need a 2% earnest money deposit Oh God, you know there has to be that at signing I have to have a 2% earnest money deposit at signing so that was 120 and so you pick up with 2,400 That’s what I was learning yeah Let me give you a check or what did you how did he yeah? so so he he has his own real estate attorney like he’s bought a couple other houses in the past and when you stole me, I think he rents them out, but So he sent the contract over to him and his attorney and kind of my guidelines of how I want I want things to go And you know he came back to me the day that we signed and said you know things are pretty good But we we were thinking and he only wanted to give me like five hundred dollars at first And I so you know I can’t do that honest more than that so we ended up working out a deal And I all I did was add a separate line where He gave me $1,500 Honey when we signed and that after the title search was done. He would give me the remainder of the 2,400 which was $900 ya know and he gave me just a personal check for both of them, okay Did you uh? Did you go ahead and cast? Oh they just waited until the title was clear I cashed them Yeah, what yeah I did myself in the in the early days Because if that title doesn’t come back clear You know you you know you got to give him his money back, but once it’s cleared though you know that’s your is non-refundable or whatever so but yeah I Did cash in and get everything before us because Joe won. Give names, but the seller Showed me his title search and I knew that it was clean and before everything so I guess that a lot of things lined up really well steal to go through before I Proceeded with the buyer on the end you know what I mean like otherwise. Yeah, it would have been a little sketchy but mom so I know I know that everything was clean, and you know beforehand, but Normally, I got all right so we got a contract a in place contract fee. You’re using the the buyers a Tarnish last title covering. I guess like I always tell people don’t even worry about that part of it all right and did the At what point or I don’t was it just known from the beginning that you were going to assign it over to the buyer, or did you have to go in the detail with the title I mean the real estate attorney to Explain how you were going to get paid. I’m stolen by an assignment fee um Yeah, kind of both like actually I picked the I picked it. No company just a local one that was You know for all of us will go the deal who closed the deal because the thing you may do one of those days where? Title company closed the deal is the title company okay guys actually also a real estate attorney, too but So yeah, I um, I’m sorry. What was your question that it was I’m just saying how did did you have had they ever? Done an assignment of contract transaction before or did you have to explain it to them? Yeah, he was He was real familiar with them area And I was my first question like have you guys ever done it you know Simon fees or anything years ago You have plenty of them, so I think I remember you you’re one video about picking the title company or closing or something like that to have you know make sure you get a investor friendly company so right off the bat they were they were good to go and like I could call them up like any time really and just ask them questions that the buyer had You know things like that because he me and him talked a lot about you know he had a lot of questions which You know I actually found out down the road that the guy who bought it from the buyer Had a bunch of houses because he just seemed very you know like he didn’t know a lot of of the answers and things like that but But in either way yeah, he and I ended up just scanning these in and emailing them over to him And I just told them that I’m not really doing him sign a fee because I didn’t want them to see how much I was I was getting is He just did. I guess he just you know there was two sets of the hard ones yes, he did one for the seller and one for the buyer correct cause normally what they’ll do is they’ll find the same document and Have you know two sides of it or whatever on the hood one sheet? But you know you can do two separate hoods or whatever so yeah? You pick the good title come you got fortunate there. Okay, so I was really upfront and open with everyone like right away I was like I’m gonna investor. I’m either going to you know I’m gonna try to sell this to someone else and and the seller didn’t care. You know he was he was okay with that Bye, new right away to that I was investor from the previous house and stuff so he knew I was probably could have just done an assignment fee but I don’t know I just with the first one I just wanted to kind of you know to keep things just to myself and my immediate family and things like that but In the buyer the buyer knew I was gonna make money on it and stuff like that occurred all right, so So you just spray it was actually ten thousand dollars But you ended up paying some of the fees and I think we just calculated. I think you made 9235 for 9235 you know how did it get to that point where you had to agree to pay those fees well when was that? discussed and determine Well, it was kind of just on my own I did that because you know I was talking with the real estate Turned the closing company the title company and he said you know a lot of times people will split the transfer tag the title transfer Which you know that on the original HUD one statement? They had that they had me paying for it and I called him up and I said no the end buyers gonna be paying for all that and He’s gonna owe my own, and I said well. You know I’ll pay for the For the title search because I knew it was five hundred bucks no thinking I knew I knew it was good already I knew that it So I was like I’ll pay for that and you know, I’ll pay for the Conveyance fee was something that the seller the original seller would have had to pay and I gave him my word that you wouldn’t have To pay a dollar so it was like a hundred twenty bucks or a hundred thirty bucks, so and I my stepmoms actually a Retired real estate agent said don’t ever do that again because if title search comes back not clear Still getting paid, so I would have to pay the 500 bucks either way, but yeah You know that it was just kind of on my own that I stepped up and said I’d pay for it I probably could have got away without paying it, but Yeah, oh good to kind of build some rapport with the guy and cuz he wants me to get some other houses for him in the future and things like that so Yeah You got that $500 you got a if a guy’s gonna pay Almost retail for stubble you find things that he warned you were definitely just assumed Here’s an example and that same deal, then he paid 120 for you from your calculation ARV was 125 now it sounds like he had a some special use there because of the garages there, but still paid a lot for it basically paid full price for But its own you had that proper in the contract for $60,000 like it could easily have been that you know it wouldn’t have been any different and anything that you had did Before to still get that type of money now you probably wouldn’t have Assumed that he was going to pay 120 for it or whatever But somet he would have paid 90 for that still would have been a thirty thousand dollar payday now the ninety two hundred So that you made It’s still nothing to sneeze that I’m just saying That the same effort it took you to make that would have been the same You know same same deal did especially dealing with this particular buyer alright So how long did it take from the point that you are? Well how long did it take from the point that you located this Opportunity do you put it on the contract and then for how long did for most she put her in the contract with the seller It took the clothes Um it took maybe it about two weeks longer than I wanted it to take I would say about a mom about a month for everything said and done It was you know the buyer the seller lived there. They were full You know they had a full house and everything and he was running a business so in order to Guys a little order to he had to pack everything up Um we wanted to immune the seller wanted to close you know about two weeks ago But the buyer just really wanted to take his time And he just kept like stressing that so I didn’t want to want to tick them off too much or anything so I got agreed on this date title search took about seven days which Wasn’t too bad, but so we picked today just because I had something going on like last week too, and we we couldn’t do it so towards the end of last week so Yeah, I’ve got a month. I mean we signed the contracts on 13th of November they were sign Probably about two weeks before that so about about a month a little over a month okay, all right That’s what’s happening. Okay. Okay, so you got that first deal? there was a Wonderful day to do whatever stealing was the day stealing’s going on yeah, so so what’s next man What’s your game plan? Do you pay a few bills is right on time for Christmas sure yeah? Your wife is getting some a little extra. That’s you probably wasn’t expecting yeah Whatever you probably you son also but But so what so what’s next as far as the business You know we about to go into 2018 so everybody here and ready to go. Uh-huh, but what are your plans? I guess to use some of that money for marketing. Uh so what’s next. Yep. Yeah a little bit of that I’m actually looking into a different Avenue That’s kind of like an online business that I don’t want to start so it’ll definitely help with little Kickstarter getting that going Plus I want to get some actual Vinyl letters on signs this time I thought Yeah, I wasted my money. Oh, I’m like the biggest fattest moves expensive Sharpie markers and within four to five days. They’re completely Faded out and I got one of those paint paint markers that you recommended, and it’s going on about three weeks And it’s it’s perfect condition. Yeah, yeah, though, those. We’re Michaels craft stores all the playoffs ordering offline or whatever I’ve been able to find what you can just walk in and get the red yeah, that used to have glue I don’t know why they stopped making the blues, but I get red and black if I’m gonna do something like that Just offset you know making it more noticeable, whatever But exactly what I did red and blue with I got my from a Seymour butts same same type of store But you’re gonna go ahead and order some printed signs Yeah At least a couple like I said I used to work in a sign shop So I’m gonna be doing a lot of like the application and things like that so I got a little discount on them, but And then I also from about maybe like two months ago. I bought a List from list source okay, I finally you know I hand wrote a lot of them So I just want to get get going with that get the rest of them by buy the rest of the stamps and things like that and put them away, and I have the Justice as you’ve mentioned the direct mail part of it Some some people maybe for me with it already, but I’m I’m gonna start promoting I think I am they say there’s this. This is a little bit unique way of sending out Mel I’ll discuss it with you after we finish this button. Oh, I don’t want to put it out there again not really really to go with you yet, but I sort of thought of it myself, but not in this way where it’s more like a streamlined way of doing it but on the direct mail, but It’s all about this action, so as long as you you take If it were me With that first deal you made a significant amount on though just you know you build such way you have to take care of what? You have to take care of but Make sure you probably have you enough where at least three months of marketing That’s the way I would advise you to go with it. You know. I’m saying no matter what happens You know well if you did this if you went ahead and bought Will just say I don’t know you’re gonna try to do your signs yourself or whatever, but I know you could probably buy I don’t know 500 bandit signs for 500 bucks You know that’ll that’ll last you you know what I’m saying that’ll last you. You know you know a few months You know whatever and now with the direct mail that can be all over the board or you can go as little as Two or three hundred dollars up to several thousand, so it’ll just depend on the direct mail, and how you do it, so But the main thing man, you close that first deal you pick put Put nine plus racks in your pocket, so you know it’s real That’s the main thing so twenty 18 Hey sky’s the limit man use that springboard to to dive in the ocean ocean of Casa with this wholesale game, so Anything you want to share before we close this out there um yeah, I mean just You know take advantage of the videos out there if you’re like me and can’t even afford You know a couple hundred bucks for mentoring and something like it’s all out there Just it’s all about with how big your heart is how big you know your drive is your motivation to? do this and You know you get out what you what you put in so? Just you know people out there that are just starting out or even going through like a dry season right now just just keep at it and the deals a little deals up calm if you keep keep looking and take advantage of of your videos and just you know I Mean there’s hundreds of people out there doing them on YouTube that you can you know string together some stuff? And you know and when you get your first deal do the mentor program or whatever buy off, but yeah? I you know a lot of I Guess opposition at first within the family and things like that or just Whatever you had already picked up twenty four hundred others, so well You got that up there? Whether that’s six to eight hundred or so dollars Y’all should have got it all in one dollar be other just I’m sure you and your family gonna. Have a I don’t know if you celebrate Criminal gang man your well We know wholesaling works in Pennsylvania was already, but so again core I really appreciate you sharing your story and your journey to your first payday and Again, thanks, and I will see you guys on the flip side All Right. See ya

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  8. Way to go man. I'm in Birmingham and closed two deals this week…

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  10. Is it normal for a cash buyer to turn down a deal because the property has a mortgage on it?

  11. Hi Ty, this is Justin Forte in Philadelphia. I have a couple properties under contract and I'm looking forward to closing my first wholesale deal. I have them marketed on Craigslist, Zillow, etc and I keep getting other wholesalers that say they can get it sold. What kind of agreement would I have to have with them to make sure I get paid and that they don't steal my seller? I guess they can't since I have it under contract but would I assign the contract to them and then they assign it to the end buyer? Thank you!

  12. Great Interview! I'm motivated even more to get these 3 sold https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCUT6PWTIGJgLYcwdC-i356rbz4a5OqHj

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