Wholesaling Real Estate | The Best Way to Find REAL Cash Buyers

Wholesaling Real Estate | The Best Way to Find REAL Cash Buyers

Hey guys, it’s Dara, real estate investor and entrepreneur out of Atlanta, Georgia Coming to you live with another video. This video is about why I quit going to meetings Sit tight. So I Started out My real estate investing career at a meeting! At a real estate investment club Association, whatever meeting. I was part of a REIA and I used to go faithfully. I’m pretty sure here in Atlanta There’s a meeting every single day of the week and I was at all of them, sometimes multiple times a day It was great, especially as a beginner It’s great, get your foot out there Get your name out there, pass your cards around You know? Call people and and I’m not knocking meetings in any way shape or form cuz I’ve done a lot of business with people Through these meetings. I still have a lot of relationships that I formed from these meetings, but Now what I’m realizing is that I gotta move with a purpose I have to be strategic and yes, they say meetings make you money But I say the right meetings make you money. The right meetings with the right people at the right time Make you money, so… I stopped going to meetings– or now, I strategically plan When or if I do go to meetings Simply because what I was realizing was it was a pattern; it was a rut, it was the same old Powwow more or less Especially certain types of meetings that I was going to where the whole idea, the whole premise is to get deals done Nothing more nothing less. We’re here at this meeting cuz you either have a deal or you want a deal or vice versa Let’s make it happen. And for me, necessarily, nothing really shook from that And What I was realizing that As myself, as a new investor, the room was pretty full of other new investors. Nothing wrong with that Obviously, you know, you got to be new at some point in time. Everyone is new as a novice at some point in time But I realized as I gained more experience, that the meeting full of Newbies isn’t where I need to be as far as Finding true cash buyers with experience and quick decision-making ability Finding people who could partner or mentor me, finding people who had some notches under their belt You know? Now, again, with being strategic and going to meetings Knowing that the types of meetings that I was going to before Had a lot of new investors, a lot of newbies I could strategically plan to go in order to get those new investors take them up under my wing and then go from there So there’s a time and a place for everything, and yes meetings can make you money But what I realized, again, is I just had to be strategic about it Um I had a purpose, I had an objective to every single meeting that I went to. And if my objective Was to find cash buyers; my objective was to sell a property, sell a deal I knew that certain meetings that wasn’t going to be the case Certain meetings are strictly and solely educational and that’s perfect. And that’s fine. And I would go there to gain knowledge that I probably didn’t have before But what I learned Is the best way, for me at least, to find true cash buyers It’s just out in the field. The same way the best way to find true Leads and motivated sellers is out in the field So while you’re out driving for dollars, which is a great way to find homeowners and distressed properties I’m out a driving for buyers. So I’m out looking at Areas of interest or areas where I do have a property that I’m looking to sell and I’m looking for the tell-tale signs of An investor rehab. Now It’s so funny because driving for dollars, there are telltale signs of how to find a distressed property or an absent, vacant Whatever property and go find the homeowner. Now on the other end, driving for buyers, there are also telltale signs And A lot of the times it’s a lot easier I would say to find the owner of that property because of the Permit box There’s a permit box typically on most rehabs That are pretty extensive and need permitting. And in that permit box You have the person who pulled the permit which is either a contractor or the homeowner and you have a lot of other information Sometimes if you’re lucky, they have– excuse me Sometimes if you’re lucky they have phone numbers, so that’s “Hey, so and so I see that you’re working on this property over at 123 Main Street, uh, seems as if you bought it cash” You know, I always have my arsenal, I have my access and know how they Acquired it, what they required it for, was it private, was it this, was it cash, whatever And now all I know and now all I needed was your phone number and thanks to the permit box I have your phone number. So now I have this deal In the same area where you’re already working. Do you want it? And that’s exactly how I have been successful in finding true cash buyers. Meetings are great But a lot of my best buyer clients have been Out in the field. They don’t even go to meetings and that’s what I learned. You just have to be strategic about the meetings you go to, the reason you’re going to these meetings, because they’re Your time is money Some of these meetings are 2, 3, 4 hours long and it’s just like, you know, if you’re going there to learn a new topic Great, go learn. If you’re going there to network and find somebody who can lend you money Sure, go go get that But for me I was always wanting to find buyers, find true cash buyers and I realized that that’s not Going to certain meetings is not where I would find them. It’s out in the field driving for buyers So I hope this video helps in explaining why I quit going to meetings and Why I am now out in the field driving for buyers and how I’m actually Doing a lot more deals that way. So if you liked the video, if you liked the content in this video Hit the thumbs up button, comment below, share this video all over the Internet, and subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching

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