Wholesaling Real Estate | How to Wholesale Online Auctions

Wholesaling Real Estate | How to Wholesale Online Auctions

– Hey guys, Lex Levinrad over here. And you know, the number one
question I get from people that want to learn how
to start wholesaling is how do I find houses? So this is a case in point, This house over here
was listed on Hubzu.com, which is basically bank owned properties. It’s a site anyone can register for. You can go register right now, and you can bid on these properties. So in this specific case, a
wholesaler bid on this property. Actually bid $100,000. And I know that because I was
bidding on the same property, also on Hubzu.com, and he won it, and he put it out on
his wholesale deal list, and he contacted me, and he said, I know you’re buying in Port Saint Lucie, are you interested in this house? And I said yes, and I ended
up buying it for $110,000 So people say all the time,
where do you find deals? Well, they’re everywhere
guys, like on hubzu.com. If you’re looking for deals, whether you’re doing
motivated seller marketing, sending postcards and yellow letters, or whether you’re looking on
hubzu.com, or auction.com, there’s deals everywhere. And if you want to wholesale them, like the guy who just
wholesaled this house to me and made a quick $10,000 you can do that without
putting up any cash. If you want to fix and flip, you can also buy them like I’m doing and turn around and fix
and flip them, alright? So if you want to learn
more about wholesaling and how to get started wholesaling, we’ve got a wholesaling
bootcamp coming up. Go ahead and put your name
and email address below, and we’ll get you started flipping houses.

4 thoughts on “Wholesaling Real Estate | How to Wholesale Online Auctions

  1. Great stuff. Thank you Lex

  2. What happens if you are the wholesaler and you win the bid at the auction but can’t find a buyer? Are you stuck to pay the offer on that property?

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