Wholesaling Real Estate: How To Get A Dedicated Business Phone Number

Wholesaling Real Estate: How To Get A Dedicated Business Phone Number

– What’s up guys? Steven Howell here. I hope you’re doing fantastic today. I wanted to hop on camera
and address a question that I’ve been getting
a lot in the comments, and also just private
messages and whatnot, and that is simply, “What do I use for “a
dedicated business number “for my real estate investing
and wholesaling business, “and is that important?” Maybe if you’re working
this business part-time, you still have a part-time
or full-time job, and you’re launching your real
estate investing business, trying to get traction. You know, is it important to spend money on a good dedicated business line, and out of all the services
that are out there, which one, you know, do
I recommend going with? And so, I just wanted to
hop on camera very simply and answer that question about a dedicated business phone number. Over the years, I’ve tried a
lot of the different services that are out there, and in my opinion, I think one of the biggest things, one of the biggest assets
that you have, you know, when you’re getting your
business off the ground, is to keep things very simple. The more complicated things are, the less consistent we will be. The more complicated things are, the more we will put
it off, procrastinate, and like I said, the
consistency won’t be there. So, whatever you can do in the beginning and intermediate phases,
and even later in business, whatever you can do to
keep things very simple is extremely important. Same thing comes to something as simple as a business phone number. There’s lots of different choices. So I just encourage you,
my friend, to make a choice in the very beginning
what you’re going to do. What I did for the first couple of years, I used just a free Google Voice number, and you’re certainly more
than welcome to do that. There’s nothing wrong with that. What I’ve transitioned to a while back was a dedicated business number through a company called Grasshopper. And a lot of entrepreneurs
use this company. They’re featured in, you know, all sorts of magazines and
stuff, and publications, but basically it’s a great
dedicated business number for entrepreneurs, and really
one of the number one reasons I use them is because of
their customer service, and just the reliability of it and the different features that it has. So I’m not gonna get
into a big, long, like, pro and con list and all
of that type of stuff, but basically it’s about $12 a month, and there’s the choice,
do you set up, you know, in your real estate investing business, you might be wondering,
like I wondered, you know, “Steven, should I set up a 1-800 number “or should I set up a
local area code number, “and should I set up multiple
different phone numbers?” Like, there’s another company
out there called CallRail that a lot of investors
use where you can have certain phone numbers for
certain marketing campaigns, and that, in my opinion,
works very, very well when you kind of get to
those more elite levels in real estate investing,
but in the very beginning it can be a little complicated,
a little confusing, you know, for the person
that’s just getting started, and they really don’t have a handle on their marketing campaigns
and all the A/B split testing and all the different
variables that you can do with that type of stuff. So I learned from a mentor very early on just to keep it really, really simple. So in my personal opinion, I recommend just getting the local area code number. Now, “Why?” you ask. Well, simply, sometimes, you
know, if somebody’s gonna get a letter from you, a postcard,
a mailing, an advertisement, or see a sign, subconsciously,
if they see a 188 number or a 1-800 prerecorded message, or just a 1-800 number in general, it smells a little corporate-y. It feels a little corporate-y,
and that can just, you know, give people that small
inclination of, like, “Oh, maybe this is not for me. “Maybe this is some
big, fancy corporation. “Maybe they’re trying to
take advantage of me.” You know, that type of thing. It’s just a small, little
thought that can creep in, whereas if it’s a local number, it’s like, “Well, hey, this actually
might be Steven, like, “who’s a good guy around
the corner here in my city, “who’s wanting to buy my house,
who can actually help me.” So I always, you know, chose to go with just a local area code number, which you can get with Grasshopper
for, like, $12 a month, and really have great customer service, set up a great voicemail, have everything go through
to your cell phone. And now, on all of your
ads, on your email, on your tagline, in any
letters that you send out, you have a dedicated business line that’s specifically for your business. So, when you start
doing a lot of marketing and advertising your business, all of your calls are
going to that number, and, you know, when
you’re getting voicemails at that number, you know those are leads for your real estate investing business. And honestly, in my opinion,
until you’re to the level where you’re doing five
or 10 deals a month, and you have multiple marketing campaigns and employees in your business,
and you’re really building a huge operation, then
you can get into something a little bit more robust
where you wanna have extra tracking measures in place. And so, that’s just one little thought, one little idea that I wanted
to share with you guys, kind of my perspective on it, because when we can make
little, small decisions of things that we’re
kind of wondering about, things that we’re thinking about, and we can go ahead and make that decision and take that item off of our plate, it frees us up, you know,
for other creativity and other things going on in our business that we can really put our attention to. So just one small tip. Guys, it’s Steven Howell here. I enjoyed making this video. This is a very short video. Loving the new Canon 80D,
which is my new camera here. I’m still learning how to use this thing. This is one of my first videos on it, so I’ll be playing with
the audio and the settings, and stuff like that. But guys, I love doing these
YouTube videos for you. The comments, the compliments. I do one-on-one strategy
calls when people opt in to my website, which is
ProductiveWisdom.com, and I have a ton of free
resources and goodies, and some of my very best training on the number one lead source
that I use in my business, so that is in the
description below this video if you go over to ProductiveWisdom.com. I’ll also have the very
first link in the description will be a link to Grasshopper where you can go ahead and check them out. Talk to their customer service
if you have any questions. But that way you have a
little bit more features than just a Google Voice number. If $12 a month is something you just don’t wanna spend right now, definitely go the free route then. Use Google Voice. But just get yourself a
local area code number that’s dedicated for your
real estate business, so now you have a business
number that you can put on your business cards, or in your emails, or in any of your marketing pieces. And so anyways, guys, I
just wanted to hop on video, say thank you. I’m spilling coffee on myself here, spilling coffee on
myself here this morning. But what I was mentioning with the whole strategy call thing, I do one-on-one strategy calls, you know, with people who opt in
to receive my boot camp and some of my free training, and the compliments have just been awesome about these YouTube videos
that I’ve been publishing, and so I just want you guys to know that I take those
compliments very seriously. So let me know what other
content you guys wanna learn. I’m gonna continue these
videos on a weekly basis. I have a ton of really cool stuff coming that I’m excited to share with you guys. So be sure, if you
haven’t yet, to subscribe to the YouTube channel here, hit that little notification bell, and leave a comment below
with your thoughts, feedback. And if you got any
value out of this video, be sure to smash that like button. I’ll see you guys in the next video. Thank you so much.

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  1. Thanks Steve!
    Great idea google & local#!

  2. Thank you. This really helped. I tried call rail before I was teady. Keep the videos coming. Great.

  3. If we sign up through your grasshopper link is there a discount?

  4. Love your Videos!!! Good Stuff!!! Thanks 😃

  5. No need to go here or there just go with CallHippo's Real Estate Phone System.

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