Wholesaling Real Estate | Blair testimonial

Wholesaling Real Estate | Blair testimonial

– Hey you guys. My names is Blair Clark and I just wanted to share a quick
testimonial with everybody about my experience being one
of Steven Howell’s students in his one on one mentorship program. First of all, I just want to say that working with Steven has been a very valuable experience and I just want to get it out there in the open that I know that when you take on a mentorship program like this with a coach, like Steven, that
it does cost some money. But, I am just telling you guys that it is worth it, because any investment in your future or in your business, any investment ends up being worth it if that is the type of investment that is gonna propel you forward to get the job done and get moving forward in your business. If you are like me and you are entering this real estate or wholesaling world without really a lot of experience at the beginning, Steven is someone who can take you from just
a really super basic level of knowledge and just hold your hand through the whole
process, start to finish, and really help your business to grow, your confidence to grow. He teaches you so many
things even just outside of like step one through step whatever. He talks about your mindset,
helps you to figure out how to network within your own area. All of the little things outside of just what it takes in the day to day to run a wholesaling business so that you can just build yourself up and so that you can flourish. My story is that I am a former
elementary school teacher. I have a degree in education. I don’t know anything about business, let alone real estate, other than I had bought and purchased
and lived in a home, when I got connected with Steve Howell. I left education when we started a family. I am home now raising our two little boys. Even though I’m staying home with them and I really enjoy that, I wanted more and I wanted to do more and I wanted to start a real estate
investment business. But I just didn’t know what to do and I didn’t know where to start. After I looked up some
information on YouTube about wholesaling, I found Steven Howell, I got connected with him. I did his initial conference call. We just connected right away, I really liked what he had to say. I really liked his personality. We jumped in to the one
on one mentorship program and within less than six months Steve and I closed my
first wholesaling deal and we closed a $20,000 deal. For my very first wholesale deal, I made a 20K deal. When I talk to other wholesalers and investors in my area and I tell them how much I made on my first deal, it just blows them away because they are making a fraction of that when they are putting their deals together and collecting their assignment fees. I just wanted to make this testimonial for anyone who is
undecided, if you’re riding the fence about going with Steven Howell. Yes it’s going to be an investment and a commitment, but
that’s just business. You are going to put so much money into your business. Why not put a little bit of investment into an education that
is just so personal, so dialed in, so directed at exactly what it is that you want to do. Learn how to wholesale,
make a great living, and just really enhance everything that it is that you’re already doing. Thanks you guys. I appreciate you watching. Steve, I really appreciate everything that we’ve been through together. It’s been just an awesome,
awesome experience. Thanks you guys, take care.

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  1. Congratulations!!!!😊

  2. Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this testimonial that Blair graciously sent over to me. If Blair can do this business with two little ones – you can absolutely do it too. It's my hope that this inspires you. In this video, I linked the longer 50-minute case study interview I did with Blair as we dove into her first big wholesale deal. If you're interested be sure to check that out as well! Last, I'd love to hear from you in the comments. What topics do you want me to cover next?

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