Wholesaling Real Estate | 10 Ways to Build Your Cash Buyers List

Wholesaling Real Estate | 10 Ways to Build Your Cash Buyers List

Are you a wholesaler wondering how you can build your cash buyers list? Well keep watching and I’ll share with you ten different ways that are very Effective and how you can implement them to build your cash buyers list Hey, it’s Dara, real estate investor and entrepreneur out of Atlanta, Georgia And as you saw I’m gonna dive right into the ten different ways that you can start today and build your cash buyers list The first way and my very favorite, the most Effective way that I’ve Seen in my own experience to find true cash buyers is to just drive the area. You know when you go looking for a distressed property when you’re driving for dollars? Well, I call it driving for buyers You’re just driving around the area looking for the tell-tale signs of a rehab project and those things would include temporary electrical poles or the White permit boxes and the or a dumpster and these are things that tell you that this is an active rehab site So what you could do is you can write down the address and go home and skip trace those owners Or if you’re lucky and you’re driving around and there are people working you just stop right in Talk to those people and they’re typically going to be the contractors which brings me to Tip number two Tip number two to finding or building your cash buyers list is to talk to contractors So again, you drive around the area Hopefully there’s somebody working on the project that you’re gonna stop at and you talk to them you say, “Hey “Do you own this property or do you know who owns this property?” Typically if they’re not a subcontractor, if they are the general contractor, they will know who owns it They’re like, “Yeah, I work for the guy who owns it or the woman who owns it” and you’re like, “Hey Well–” you can you can position yourself in a lot of different ways. You can say, “Hey “Well, I have a property just like this one that I’m looking to sell So do you mind sharing their information with me?” Or you could Interact with a contractor to get their business and say, “Hey well “Do you do more a lot of jobs like this for just them or would you be interested in working For someone like me as well who does some renovations?” You get their contact information and you can Position yourself that way in order for them to feel a little bit more comfortable giving you the homeowner’s Information. Cuz some contractors you’ll find either there’s a language barrier Here at least where I live or they are a little finicky about sharing the homeowner’s information. No worries though because like I said in tip number one, if you drive around and see the permit box You are more than welcome to open it up and in there you’ll see a lot of different paperworks; you’ll see the permits and Sometimes if you’re lucky it’ll have the homeowner’s Information including their cell phone number. So way number three is to go to the auction That is another very effective Surefire way to find true cash buyers Because in order for someone to bid at the courthouse steps Whether it’s a foreclosure auction or the tax lien sales, they have to have cash Period. So right then and there they have their cashier’s check in order to bid on a property in the hopes to buying it So you just go every first Tuesday of the month here in Georgia and You bring your business cards or you bring a little notepad or something where you can collect their information It’s very important that you not only give out your information But you receive their information: their name and their phone number, if you can hold a conversation with them Right then and there that’s perfect so you can kind of get their criteria Of course, if you’re at a specific county, then you can almost bet that they buy in that county So there’s that. But um yeah, make sure you get their information and a little bit of their criteria and follow Up. Follow up follow up follow up That’s another great way at the courthouse steps to find Hedge fund buyers and hedge funds have tons and tons and tons and tons of cash and they’re there to buy up multiple properties So make sure you go out to the courthouse steps Again here in Georgia is the first Tuesday of every month I can’t really say for any other state or any other area because I’m not sure but definitely look it up and you can find Out when your foreclosure auction is being held. The next very effective way to find cash buyers is To go to the courthouse and look through the eviction records Instead of going to scour the eviction list to say, “Hey, do you want to sell your house?” I go and call them like, “Hey, you’re obviously a landlord. Are you interested in purchasing more rental properties?” So you go to the courthouse and spend some hours there to collect a lot a lot a lot of different leads For evictions and then you start calling them and then hey you ask em–you position yourself as you know Someone who finds discounted properties and you sell it to them and you Just let them know, “Hey, I’d love to do this business with you.” And that’s a great way to find your landlord cash buyers, which is typically a little bit harder I would say for most people, most wholesalers or Speaking from my own experience because a lot a lot a lot of cash buyers are fix and flip investors So the best way, I think, to find your rental or your landlord investors is to go to the courthouse and scour those eviction records The next very effective way to find your cash buyers is to make bandit signs. You want to make signs that say “Investor special”, “handyman special call my number” or “fixer-upper for sale” or “fixer-upper for cheap” Those are extremely effective in my opinion in my experience for finding cash buyers So it’s just all about how you phrase your Your marketing. Again, like I said “investor special”, “handyman special” You know, kind of the same things that you would put on a Craigslist ad which leads me to my Next way to find cash buyers. You want to put ads out on Craigslist Whether you have a property for sale or not, you know, you can simply say, “Hey cash buyers wanted, investors wanted” What other kind of ways: “handyman special” And things like that And it’ll get the attraction of a lot of cash buyers and you can just say simply tell them that you’re you’re looking to build Your cash buyers list and then that’s when you vet them to find out what it is that they want You know, you don’t have to have a property right then and there You just simply are finding ways to build your cash buyers list. So you’re posting on Craigslist Um, you have Sometimes you can post ghost ads Which work and they’re pretty effective as well, or you can just be straight up and honest like, “Hey I’m trying to build my cash buyers list.” or “We’re a wholesaling company that does, you know Whatever you want to say kind of volume a month if you want to be added to our VIP buyers list then contact me at this way.” It’s all about marketing So you just want to get your phone ringing and you just want to get people on your list So that when you do get a property It’s a lot easier for you to get it sold. The next way to build your cash buyers list is to use social media. Now I’m a great advocate for Instagram. I can’t say too much for any other forms of social media I guess besides Facebook because Facebook there’s tons and tons and tons of groups for you to join To post your properties and sell to investors But regarding Instagram You can hashtag and those are very effective You can hashtag specific things to make sure that you’re getting traffic to your posts and you get your cash buyers’ eyes On your post or you can simply do your own hashtag searches and See who else is using those Hashtags and you start following them, you start DMing them. And I’d meet them at their project get to know them face to face and Then kind of build a relationship there. The next way that’s pretty effective to build your cash buyers list is to just go out and Meet people at the REIA meetings, and here in Atlanta There’s so many different meetings and meetups for real estate investors and wholesalers and cash buyers They’re pretty much multiple times every single day. So pick and choose and start building your cash buyers list that way again It’s similar to the approach that you take at the courthouse steps, whether you have business cards, you pass them out to the people But it’s most important for you to receive their information And and if they don’t have business cards You just take your notepad or however you want to get their information. Put it in your phone But always make sure that you put something to specify who they are and where you know them from So going to REIA meetings is a very effective way to Build your cash buyers list. However, I will say Beware that you know, some people are not true cash buyers, so Um I would say it’s very effective to go and after the meeting talk to the people who are hosting it and who are running the meeting And then just introduce yourself to them. I’d go to the host introduce myself and then ask them for their References and referrals like, “Hey, I love this meeting, great meeting, but I’m just getting started. I really want to build my cash buyers list. “Who here in this room are really doing deals? Who here are really buying fixing and flipping?” Or whatever who can you point me out to and then you know? Hopefully from there, they’ll point you in the right direction. The next way is to Interact with Realtors. Realtors are a great source for investor clients and cash buyers Of course, they work off of commissions so it’d be in your best interest to either Offer them– offer to pay them three percent commission or a flat fee for bringing you a buyer So again, reach out to realtors, use the MLS, use Zillow or other sites that have Properties posted for sale and/or Pending and that’s what I do. I go to the MLS look for pending properties Or those that are for sale newly renovated. Why? Because if they’re newly renovated I’m going to assume that an investor did it. So I’d call the realtor and again introduce myself “Hey I see that you had this listing, it’s a beautiful home that was newly renovated. “Let me ask you, was that an investor who did it?” Um then you get to know, “Okay? “Well, do you have more investor clients or do you think that this client of yours will be interested in More discounted properties that they can flip and sell for profit?” And then you go from there. And add that realtor to your cash buyers list, because they represent cash buyers. And then the final way to build Your cash buyers list is to call the numbers on those “We buy houses” signs. I want to say nine times out of ten They’re gonna be wholesalers and then the one time out of ten They may be cash buyers putting out their own Marketing for their own deals because they may not want to go through wholesalers. But no matter who it is you, want to call them and even if they are a wholesaler, that’s still a great way to Joint venture with someone. So if they’re a wholesaler who’s really out there doing it, then they probably already have a pre-established Or an established cash buyers list, so it’s great to be like, “Hey wholesaler, I’m a wholesaler, too “Would you be interested in joint venturing with me on some deals?” Like I said, that’s a great way to build your cash buyers list indirectly because that wholesaler may have their own Tried and true cash buyers list. Now they’re not gonna say hey, here are all my buyers, but they will like I said joint venture with you Co-wholesale, whatever you call it. And that’s a great way to get deals done That’s probably a pretty easy way to get deals done So again Just to recap, the ten ways to build your cash buyers list Starting today right now. If you just put in the work are as follows: the first way is to drive for buyers I can’t stress how effective that is You just want to be out and active because Sitting behind the computer all day can only get you so far. So get out there and drive around for those buyers. Next, you want to talk to contractors. Contractors are a great source to refer you to investor and cash buyers Next, you want to go to the auction because that’s very effective and people who are bidding on properties at the auction are Only cash buyers. Only cash buyers can bid at the auction. Next, you want to look up the public records– the courthouse records for eviction leads Those are people who have recently filed for eviction, and they are typically Landlords and investors and you can reach out to them to sell your rental Properties. Next, you want to put out your own bandit signs that are fishing for cash buyers They say things like “handyman special”, “investors special” and things like that. Next, you want to use Craigslist ads because those are very effective as well. Social media is the next way and it’s very very effective making sure that you use hashtags as well as search hashtags that are Effective maybe “#atlantarealestate” or “#realestateinvestor” or “#fixandflip”, you know things like that on Instagram are very Likely to get you to a cash buyer. Going out to REIA meetings That’s another great way to get your face out there and get, you know, your eyes out there on People who are actually doing fix and flips. Uh, again I always like to meet people at their sites just to make sure that they are true– tried and true. You can also do behind-the-scenes research as far as getting an address and seeing if they actually own it You know. The next way is to make friends with Realtors. Realtors are a great source for investor clients and cash buyers So you want to make sure you build relationships with Realtors And lastly, last but not least, calling those “We buy houses” signs to potentially joint venture with other wholesalers or they could be cash buyers. That’s very Less likely for it to be a cash buyer rather than a wholesaler, but it’s still a great way to Build your cash buyers list So I hope these ten ways are helpful for you to get started today Building your cash buyers list. And people ask me all the time “Should I wait to build a cash buyers list once I get a property or what?” And I always say no It’s great to build your cash buyers list Simultaneously while you’re marketing out for leads and sending yellow letters or whatever you are doing to get your your homeowner leads I think that at the same time you should be building your cash buyer list cash buyers list because You just want to be ready. You always want to be ready time is money and the quicker You have a list of cash buyers the quicker you can get a property sold So if you liked this video, if it’s helped you out, if you are going to do any of these 10 tips Which I advise you to do Leave a comment below Thumbs up this video and subscribe to my channel Make sure you share this video as well because it’s very helpful for you and your other wholesaler friends to have this information from me Alright guys. Well, thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next one

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