WHOLESALING REAL ESTATE ➡️ Is it important to have a website?

WHOLESALING REAL ESTATE ➡️ Is it important to have a website?

what triggers people mainly to want to
do business with you is really there’s an effect there’s a need in the first
place for your services right hey my friend what’s going on this is
all out come see you live my Empire Studios on the road today I’ve got a
question that I wanted to answer I’m actually in this place called I think
it’s hot still Long Island New York ah here for a project for another three
weeks or so I’m looks just dead so part of my voice okay but I have a question
that came in that I wanted to answer and and get to that today what’s going on
what’s going on all right so this question say is it really important to
have a website for real estate wholesaling business is there really
important to have a website for a real estate wholesaling business okay this
question was asked and said one of the groups that I’m a member of and up and I
saw all types of answers for that some people say no some people say yes some
people say it depends right and I see all of these different answers
but I feel like of course you probably want to know what my tick is on on that
very fact okay but first of all you need to understand what what’s the how what
websites were used for historically speaking okay so you need to understand
that first of all before we get into shoot you or not does it depend what is
the depend on alright websites are kind of like informational
page okay so so historically speaking before there was internet people have a
butcher some people call the broker for their business right this is basically a
book that contains information about a company the product and services that
they offer about the owners the board of directors
and all of these different things information you want to know about a
business to help you make a decision if if it’s in fact a good company to work
with if it’s in fact a good company to trust with your services and products
they’re supposed to enhance your life all right but you know as things
continue to evolve teen things content evolve people notice that that’s not
what triggers people to want to buy from you at least that’s not the main thing
okay well what triggers people mainly to want to do business with you is really
there’s an effect there’s a need in the first place for your services right also
when you provide such book here you’re assuming that people have all the time
in the world to do to start reading up and then maybe they have options and
then you’re competing for people’s attention and things like that that
could be true okay but if you’re spending money on marketing that those
are not the type of prospect that you want to be paying attention to if you’re
spending money on marketing you want the prospect that’s very likely already at a
place where they’re looking to make a buying decision right there are people
that are in research mode and there are people that are aimed buying mode in any
business okay no matter what kind of service you provide so for example real
estate wholesaling yeah it’s more like a service that you provide you help people
get rid of unwanted properties right you help real estate investors find deals
right so you you’re your business is has the same thing there are people in
research mode and there are people in buying mode okay so if you’re watching
this video right now you’ll probably somewhere in between maybe if you bought
something from me maybe you’re looking to buy something right well at the very
minimum you probably found this video from searching right you found my
channel from searching right so you’re searching for something that that
correlates with real estate wholesaling and you stumbled into my
and now you’ve been following since then so some is either someone is in research
mode or they’re in buying mode or somewhere in between the two okay
but either way any one of those two can become a customer a paying customer that
becomes money in your bank account right my personal preference is to cater to to
Kara – to both okay but when I’m spending money on marketing I need to
spend my money where are towards more the direction of the buy mode so on
isn’t that buy mode someone is ready to buy right now that’s why I need to be
spending most of my money because again I need to be able to turn I flip that
money as fast as possible because when you spend money on marketing basically
what you’re doing is you’re flipping money okay and you want that money to
flip into returns as soon as possible makes sense right so because of that
it’s very very important that you spend your money towards people in buy mode so
now what does that have to do with do you need a website or not here’s what it
has to do with it there’s a lot of people would inform me
with information on website out there that basically doesn’t put any money in
their pocket okay if you’re looking for like for example somebody made the case
that hey every business has a website these days and therefore you must have a
website and I kind of agree with that but not all the way okay because frankly
people could be following you because you create lots of content that help
them over time and that content frankly could just be on Instagram pages okay it
could just be a one minute post that’s consistent enough you build a big enough
followership on Instagram and you can build a viable profitable business from
that without having a website is that possible
heck yeah that’s possible so the trust factor was built based on the fact that
that person shows up every day to give valuable content and help people right
on the flip side I can see how people could be googling information and they
are in research mode and they have a few options
they have a few options and they’re like let me read a little bit more on this
guy right and they start the google your name and if they find a good
informational website about your story and how you got here that can be helpful
okay for in fact that can be very very helpful but if they don’t find you you
know after all they have many other options anyway but like I said that
wouldn’t be an issue if you are spending your money on people that are in buying
mode okay so let’s talk about people that are in buy mode there are certain
trigger words to get things to say in your compelling sales message that get
them to put sugar and work with you plus you don’t have all that much time okay
remember they’re in a buying mood right you don’t have the time to be digging
around and seeing what’s best if you sound right and you sound top and
you sound like a fit for what they’re looking for for example you haven’t had
on Facebook that stays fair offer for an ugly house right if somebody has a house
that’s laying around that that’s not useful you know a house they inherited
and it’s collecting tax bills right right there right there they will click
on the link and they will contact you right they fill out a form you don’t
care about an about page if what you are saying basically give them what they
want right in that point in time when they’re in a buying mood they will
contact you okay but the same thing goes for if it was a phone call if the code
so actually it really depends on what the call-to-action was if the call to
action was simply give me a call if you have a house for sale then they can call
you so in that case your marketing message resonated with them and they
picked up the phone and they called you if you say text you they picked up the
phone and they sent you a text message right so either it’s a website as a
phone it’s a text messaging sister whatever it is as long as it’s a call to
action that can allow people to contact you that’s really the most important
part of real estate wholesaling okay and at the end of the day
when you send out the marketing message you want it to be compelling enough to
speak and trigger and pull the triggers that may people that want to that maybe
people want to do business with you what are those things
what problem solution your credibility you can see all of that in one video you
can see all of that in one write off in one ad copy right with a good call to
action okay with a good call to action and then on top of that you could have a
few more things like scarcity you can have some scarcity triggers you can have
fear of loss in the marketing message you know as long as you follow the
regular protocols of putting the nice and decent sales trigger trigger driven
sales message together my point is that it’s not really gonna matter if you have
a website or not it really doesn’t if you have a way of doing direct mailing
in a profitable way as long as all the triggers are inside of that letter then
people will call you and you can go there and secure the bag does that make
sense so my point here is it doesn’t really
really matter okay it’s really the purpose behind the website that makes it
matter okay if you have a website that people land on and it’s compelling
enough for people to fill out the form so they can book it through consulting
with you there was a phone number where they can call you it’s not the website
is the fact that people can contact you that’s what matters
do you know where web so a website if you feel like that’s a valuable thing to
make that happen in 2018 and beyond then yes you need a website it’s not about
the website is the question is the real question is that do I need a way for
people to contact me or for people to book a session with me or for people to
contact me if they have a house for sale right now if they feel like my services
is that fit for them do I need something to collect that that’s really the real
question you should be asking do I need a website is like no for what for
purpose do you need a website for purpose that’s a real question right
because that makes me say you don’t what the website does right so some
people say you needed sales for now you don’t need a website well that’s a
website it’s a web page on the internet on the web so but but there’s a purpose
behind it once you say a sales funnel okay so it’s not a really a website that
you need it’s a sales funnel that you need does that make sense
it’s a place where people can travel through an experience and feel compelled
enough to call you because they feel like your marketing message is a fit for
what they have to for what they want right so you need a place where people
can contact you about a property that’s that they need to get rid of right if
you’re building a buyer’s list you need a the page where people can feel like I
need to get on this guy’s biased list because he has discounted properties
right that’s a wholesaler those are the count conversations you want to be
having so let me ask you now based on what I just said in this video do you
need a website you tell me based on what you write below in this comment area
tell me if you feel and you give me the website or maybe you don’t feel you need
what what’s your thought process right now don’t forget
download my book is smart real estate wholesaling calm and you’ll see right
there hopefully we enlighten and educated
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