Wholesale Real Estate: Not hitting your income goals?

Wholesale Real Estate: Not hitting your income goals?

– Alright guys, Steven Howell
here in a brand new video, not bideo but video, (laughs) I’m coming to you here just from my local coffee shop, just leaving. We’re getting a little
rain in lovely Ohio, and I got the new AirPods in, so let me know how the
audio sounds with these, but anyways, gonna go grab some lunch here and then hit up a quick workout. But I wanted to come to
you with a topic today of, thinking about your business
is not the same, okay. Thinking about your
business is not the same as acting in your business,
as doing something, as being proactive, and
this is very subtle, and I know it’s been something over the course of my nine year career as an entrepreneur that I’ve had to pay close attention
to, and if I’m not careful I can fall into this trap, and I want, I know that if I can fall into it that you guys can as well. So if you are a real estate investor, an entrepreneur, a
wholesaler, real estate agent, or run any type of a
business, has that goal that you had, maybe it’s
to do your first deal or maybe it’s to make
$100,000 a year, or to have a little bit more time freedom and spend a little bit more time with your family. Have you spent a lot
of time like searching for the latest productivity hack, you know, maybe writing in
your journal, or reading, or planning or drawing different things out in a little journal or workbook, or, you know, studying YouTube videos or podcasts or a certain course and you’ve spent a lot
of time like mapping out your ideal day or your ideal morning, or you know things like that, right. And so I just want to remind you because this is something that
I’ve had an entrepreneur about a year ago, that’s
levels ahead of me, share with me and it
hit home and then I was recently just watching a
video from an entrepreneur that that kind of re-sparked this idea, and I want to pass it along to you guys because you know, even
though I coach and I mentor and I have a real estate
investing business and a consulting business
and I have so much fun doing it, I’m in this
journey with you guys. And if you guys are new to my channel, welcome my name is Steven
Howell and I coach and teach people in the world of
wholesaling real estate. You can check out some of
my free resources below in the description and connect with me. I got some great free goodies for you, some of my best lead
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with you on any level, I’d love for you to comment below. I actually do take the
time to read comments, and be sure to hit the like button if you get any value out of this. So yeah, if you guys
have yet to do your first deal and you spend a lot of time thinking and listening and
strategizing and planning and you’ve hit that point where maybe you’re kind of
sick of hearing yourself even talk about it,
whether it’s with family, or your spouse or your
friends and you’re like, man, I’m just sick of talking about it. I wanna do something about it. Sometimes that’s good
when we get to that place of just being sick and tired
of being sick and tired. If that’s ever described, you know, where you’ve been; let
me hear from you below. So anyways guys, I
remember about a year ago, I was working with a mentor of
mine on a big project, right, and I was kind of sharing with him the different phases that I was at. It was a massive project, a bigger project that almost I’ve ever done before, and I remember sending him my 90 day plan, my 30 day plan, and I was executing. I’ve trained myself over the
years to be an implementer, and I don’t get it perfectly,
and I mess up all the time but you know, I have
that visionary mindset where I have ideas and things like that. But I realized after a
lot of failure that like, if you kind of just stay in
that creative, visionary, planning mindset and you have to have all the answers before you act, that the results never
come; you have to take consistent action and
really become an implementer of the knowledge that
you have, and you have to kind of put yourself
out there and act before you’re even ready, and you have to do that over and over and over
again because you learn so much more in action in the real world than you do behind the computer or listening to something, right. So I want to encourage
you guys to step out and take action because just
thinking about your business, just planning something in your business is not the same as doing. Now this can be a little confusing because maybe on Instagram or other social medias, you’ve heard that like
one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world,
for example, Warren Buffett. He’s one of the richest men in the world. You know, he says that he spends 80% of his day reading and thinking. I spend a lot of time thinking as well. I joke with my wife
all the time, you know, when she sees me in my
office and I’m writing things out on the whiteboard and you know, I have my little production
planner and different things that I’m doing, I spend
a lot of time thinking, you know, I have a Consulting business, a real estate business; I
run different promotions. You know, so I joke with her that I spend a lot of time doing that. But we gotta understand that we’re not where Warren Buffett is right now, right. He got to where he is by being very disciplined and taking precise actions. So there is a time of your
day that you want to spend planning and thinking and
strategizing, but we need to make sure that we can confine that, whether it’s 30 minutes, and this could be different for every person, depending on what’s going on in your life right now, But we wanna confine that,
so whether it’s 15 minutes or an hour, but then the
majority of our time, and this is even more
important if you have a full-time or part-time job;
it needs to be executing. It needs to be implementing and you’re not going to have all the answers
and you want to act as fast as possible because a lot
of, I did a concept piece for my friends over at
REItips.com a couple weeks ago on this for a guest post,
and I was kind of talking about like a lot of times
what we think is going to be an issue, right, when we’re thinking and strategizing and
planning and then we go ahead and we put ourselves
out there and we execute and we do the thing that
we’ve been talking about or thinking about; what we thought was going happen, doesn’t happen. Or what we thought was going to be scary or an issue or something like
that; it’s not really an issue but there’s these other
little problems and different things that creep up that are
issues that we can deal with, But we don’t know that when we’re still in the planning phase. So the sooner we can get and
stay into the action phase, that’s what moves the needle and that’s what gets us closer to results. So anyways, I was working on this project with a mentor of mine and he’s like Steven, just get it done man. This is a great plan but
really nothing else matters, like just get it done,
and it kind of like, almost smacked me in
the face a little bit. I’m like okay, darn it,
just hearing those words I’m like, you’re right, you
know, it’s time to just do it. So I fall into this pattern as well guys. I don’t want you to think, I’m like, up here on a pedestal or anything. So I just want to encourage you. If you’re in real estate
investing business, you’re yet to do your first deal; it’s time to get into action mode, okay. And if you don’t have a plan, if you don’t have a strategy that’s
unique, if you don’t have something to follow;
I want to encourage you to go to the link below, in
the description of this video, and check out my blueprint program. I designed this specifically so you have a program to follow. All of my mentoring students go through this as well and they
have one-on-one support, but this is extremely detailed. It’s different than just the average little wholesaling course out there. I designed this to be extremely
premium and very detailed. And you don’t need a
huge marketing budget. You don’t need fancy
website’s tracking systems, and all these other things
that, a lot of times, you think you might need; The
key is less is more, right. In doing a strategy that’s maybe just a little bit different
and that has a different purpose behind it than the average marketing strategy out there, and it’s not about doing more; it’s about doing less, but having a strategy and a purpose, and being laser focused on that, and then once you start getting flooded with leads knowing how to talk with them. So guys, I focus on keeping
the marketing budget between a hundred and two
hundred dollars, and doing larger spread wholesale deals in nicer areas. You know, for 10, 15, 20
thousand dollars spreads. So everything A to Z, if that’s something that’s interested to you, then definitely check that out in the link below. You can always also go over
to productivewisdom.com and get some of my free training
that’s still very valuable. I’d love to have you other
there, and then I do send out email newsletters and some
really cool stuff as well, for kind of being part of that community. Anyways guys, I just wanted to pop on video before I grab
some lunch, and just remind you that thinking and
strategizing about your business; there’s a place for that, but what’s so much more important is action. So I just want to encourage you guys. I’m here with you. It’s time to take some action. It’s time to take that next step. It’s time to keep being
consistent; even if it’s tough, even if it’s hard, even if life is hitting you from a million angles. I get it and I just want to
encourage you in this video. So again guys, I had a ton
of fun making this video. My name is Steven Howell. If you’re new here, please subscribe. If you got any values,
smash the like button. Let me know what future topics
you guys would like to hear. One of the comments recently,
was to talk about like, how to talk with sellers and maybe some extra tips with that. So that’s probably
gonna be one of the next videos that I do, but
I’d love to hear from you from other topics in your
real estate investing, in your wholesaling
business, that you guys want to learn about and I’ll
be glad to do videos on those. So that’s all for this video guys. I’ll see you in the next one. Thanks so much.

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  2. This is exactly what I am going through right now. Good job Steven, great content!

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  4. Exactly..Steve Great Video!

  5. I’m there now bro! Drawing that line in the sand that enough is enough. Time to raise my standards. Would love a one on one conversation sometime?!?! God Bless!

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