Who Really Killed This Billionaire?

Who Really Killed This Billionaire?

We turn to that murder mystery
that has gripped Canada. It did seem like you were watching a work of fiction, not reality. Tonight the mystery deepening behind the double homicide of one of
the world’s richest couples. But of course truth is often
much stranger than fiction as I learned as I went
on with the reporting. Their murder has shaken
the political establishment with many wondering who could have wanted to see them dead and why. This was just a seismic
event in the history of Canadian business and Canadian news. Now police want to know
who would want them dead. We are now well over a
year after their deaths and they remain completely unsolved. It’s quite a macabre story
in terms of how Barry and Honey Sherman were discovered. They were last seen, both of
them, on December 13, 2018 which was a Wednesday. They were trying to sell their home and so their real estate
agent was holding viewings for prospective buyers
and the agent had a couple touring the home who were being shown around the kitchen, the bedrooms, and they were shown the indoor pool. If you can imagine a line of
people comes into the pool area and sees this really
gruesome tableau of Barry and Honey Sherman
suspended from a metal railing that surrounded one end of the pool with leather belts holding
them up by the neck. They were in kneeling positions
facing away from the water. She was kind of slumped
on her side a little bit, he was more upright. There was then a 911 call and the police were on the
scene very soon afterward. Now the billionaire
founder of Canada’s largest drugs firm, Barry Sherman
and his wife Honey have been found dead at their home in Toronto. Police describe the deaths as suspicious but say they were not
being treated as murder. We discovered two bodies of
people inside a home here. The circumstances of their
death appear suspicious. Homicide detectives are leading the investigation but there
is still no indication from police that the deaths are homicides. Over the next 24 hours you began to see anonymously sourced stories in some of the Toronto papers to the
effect that the police were treating this as a murder-suicide committed by Barry Sherman. The Sherman’s adult
children put out a statement saying that this was
completely inconsistent with the character of their parents and they also put together
their own investigative team. And they actually did a second
autopsy which is remarkable. They found things that
they believed indicated this could not have been a murder-suicide, narrow markings on Barry Sherman’s wrists, the scene was for lack of
a better word, quite clean, the way in which the murder scene seemed to have been staged. And then in late January the police hold a press conference. We believe now through the
six weeks of work review, we have sufficient
evidence to describe this as a double homicide investigation and that both Honey and Barry
Sherman were in fact targeted. We are not police
detectives, we do not have access to the corpus of evidence,
we are not going to solve the crime, so my goal was
create the richest portrait possible of this very unusual person and how he came to this very unusual end. As head of Apotex, the largest pharmaceutical
company in Canada, Barry’s net worth was estimated at over $4 billion at
the time of his death. Barry Sherman was a science guy. He had a PhD in physics
at MIT but he had become an expert in generics and in drugs. The generics business is a very tough one. It is zero sum in the
strictest sense of the term. That means that if you’re selling
a branded drug you have had a significant
amount of your profit wiped out and he was very tough in doing
this, very uncompromising. When you speak to people in the branded pharmaceutical
industry they sometimes refer to Barry Sherman in unprintable terms. It has been said, though
there may be some exaggeration in the numbers, that he
would sometimes be involved in as many as 100
lawsuits at any one time. He was a guy who did
not like to be crossed and if someone did betray
him or did something that he felt was improper
or disloyal, he would sue. He was a tough guy. Definitely someone who did
not have a lot of friends beyond his inner circle. Barry Sherman did face multiple lawsuits, among them a decade long
battle with a group of cousins who felt cut out of the Sherman business. These murders had sort of a Murder On The Orient Express quality to them. There was a long list
of theories out there. Someone who everyone
looked at very quickly was Barry Sherman’s cousin, Kerry Winter, the son of Lewis Winter, the
founder of Empire Laboratories, the company where Barry
worked as a student and later ended up owning and Kerry and his siblings have been
engaged in a legal battle alleging that he owes them 20% of Apotex, that they were done out
of their inheritance. He cared about one thing,
money, making lots of it and not caring who he
destroyed, who he stepped on. That is a very bitter legal
battle and it’s one where Kerry has expressed publicly
and otherwise a lot of anger, said some things that certainly did not make him less of a suspect. I probably had reasons to lash
out, to do the dirty deed. But here he is, over a
year later, walking free and unarrested so I think it’s safe to say that he had nothing to do with this. Police say they are still talking to neighbors, witnesses, family members, business associates,
anyone who knew anything about the Sherman’s lives
or even their last hours. One of the things I was astounded by when I started reporting this story, and it’s something that I
really had no inkling of, was the extent of some of
Barry Sherman’s entanglements with really inadvisable
financial deals, businesses, and this put him in to bed
financially with a lot of people who really most high level
pharmaceutical executives would never have anything to do with. Kevin Trudeau, now in jail,
another convicted fraudster called Shaun Rootenberg
convinced Barry Sherman to invest in a online trivia app. The introduction in that case was made by someone called Myron Gottlieb. Gottlieb and Rootenberg
had actually met in jail and the most dramatic
of these involvements over the years was someone
named Frank D’Angelo. He is something of a B-list
celebrity in Canada. He’s well known as a director of movies that don’t typically get great reviews. Barry Sherman invested
in most of these films.Do what you gotta do.You’re trouble for me Angelo.I met Frank for lunch
and he is a colorful guy to say the least. If you wanna talk about
unprintable language, he certainly uses a lot of it. I just felt that I owed it to Barry to give my two cents. You know I don’t think
I’ll ever get over this incredible tragedy, this senseless act, as long as I live on this planet. You can see the appeal
of hanging out with him for Barry, particularly
because he would’ve been so dramatically different
from the other people who Barry Sherman would’ve seen and dealt with on a daily basis. Meeting Frank was not
uncomfortable at all. He was happy to help,
he had checked me out. He knew about me. I think I found him on
Facebook and sent him a note asking if he would meet and
after a few days he responded and said that he would. But he did make clear to me,
he pulled me close as we were leaving that first
lunch, and said you know, do the right thing for my friend and if you don’t I’m gonna
come to London and find you. He had been questioned by the police. He is emphatic that he had
nothing to do with the murder but he is of course
emblematic, indicative, of the tone of some of these
financial entanglements and those entanglements are to
many people very suspicious. Hank Idsinga, the acting inspector of the homicide squad,
says the investigation into who killed Barry and Honey
Sherman is still very active. I feel for the family and the friends. It’s dragging on, it has been a year. As an attempt to reignite an investigation, The Sherman family has asked
me to announce the offer of a reward of up to $10
million dollars for information leading to the apprehension and
prosecution of those responsible for the murders of
Honey and Barry Sherman. Truth is very strange, you know. Truth is much stranger than fiction, that’s why I love this job,
is that you keep finding out that what happens in the
real world is just as weird or weirder than Hollywood
could every come up with. It seems pretty clear to
all involved that something that Barry Sherman got
involved in went wrong and came back at him. If you think about the crime,
it is remarkable in many ways. One of the things that’s
remarkable is that his wife was killed and the
other thing that I think has confounded a lot of the investigators is when there are hits,
it’s usually a bullet, it’s usually quick, it’s
done cleanly, efficiently, in a way that allows a quick getaway. Barry and Honey Sherman
were strangled to death. So there’s this confusing
tangle of evidence that for the police and
for anyone else trying to understand this, it doesn’t
all point in one direction and that’s I think what is
so tantalizing about this as a mystery in some way
and I think it’s a mystery that’s going to endure.

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  1. Note: This video was re-uploaded due to a factual error in the date of the murder. We apologize for the double-upload.
    To read Matthew Campbell's full story on the Sherman murders, click here:

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