Who is the Best Real Estate Agent in San Marino

Who is the Best Real Estate Agent in San Marino

Paul Argueta here! I’m gonna share
with you who the best real estate agent in San Marino, California is courtesy of
Broker Metrics by Terradatum. Is there like a a a song that you guys sing or something like an alma mater – really? Is there… Oh that’s right that’s what you guys were singing. I
think I do have some of that on film okay I’m gonna look that up. Thanks for
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make sure that you click on the bell icon so that you can receive
notifications and alerts anytime we upload new videos. So you want to know
who the best real estate agent in San Marino, California is, huh? Well we use a
tool called Broker Metrics by Terradatum. Broker Metrics extracts all the sales
figures from the Multiple Listing Service and then what it does is spits
out the sales volume reports and the top agents by the number of units of things
sold. It does not take into account any off market transactions that may have
occurred, in other words transactions that weren’t on the MLS and it doesn’t
take into account the commercial real estate transaction, so you may be working with, you may be talking to, you may be interviewing, you may have even hired a
real estate agent that is not on this top ten list and that’s okay,
so long as you feel comfortable and confident that the person that you’re
working with meets all of your needs. Please by all means keep working with
them – you will see that that agent probably shares a lot of the similar
qualities that these top agents share and I’m going to talk about those
qualities after I share that list with you, okay? So let’s get right into it,
let’s talk about the top ten best real estate agents in San Marino, California.
The number 10 real estate agent in San Marino, California is Shirley Tang. Number
9, Xiao Cash Lee. I wish my middle name was cash. Number 8,
Gary Wat. Number 7, Nan Song. Number 6, Sarah Chan. Number 5, Chloe Chan. Number 4, Lina Zhang. We’ve made it to the top three real estate agents
in San Marino, California courtesy of Broker Metrics reports. Number three,
George Gao. Number two, Ash Rizk. And the number one real estate agent in San
Marino, California based on units sold and sales volume is Anna Wang. Congratulations to all of the agents
that made the top ten best real estate agents in San Marino, California list
based on their sales production. You guys had a phenomenal year and I’ve had the
privilege and honor of working with some of you on that list. I tip my hat to
you. Now I know what some of you were thinking but, “Paul don’t you live in San
Marino?” “Don’t you have kids that are in the San Marino school district?” “Don’t you have kids that have graduated from the San Marino school district. As a
matter of fact yes I have two that have already graduated from San Marino high
school. One of my daughter played on the softball team and my son played on the
high school basketball team for Coach Pop. Now the truth is I didn’t have a bad
year last year, in fact I had a really really good year – these agents just
happen to edge me out, they did a little bit better than I did, and you know what
you have to respect the numbers that they put up. They were great great agents. I look forward to this year and I appreciate all of the clients that have
given me the opportunity to work with them last year and I you know I look
forward to servicing you and your friends and your families for many many
years to come. Now let’s talk about some of the qualities that these
top 10 agents possess and how they made that list. The first quality
that a lot of these agents possess… The first quality that a lot of
these agents possess is number one, they protect their brand. These agents are
very careful about their brand and about their image – see they understand that
they are the CEO of their own company, their own entity, and they make
sure that while other real estate agents are out there using social media to
share things that they probably shouldn’t be sharing they are
cultivating their brand, they are protecting their brand, they are
insulating there brand to make sure that that it’s it’s protected. Look a
few years back Beyonce performed in the Super Bowl, and while she was performing she likes to sing and she likes to dance
photographers happened to catch her in some less than flattering photos and
those photos started to go viral. Within minutes her PR team was on the horn
contacting those people trying to get those photos removed from the Internet.
Beyonce spends hundreds of thousands potentially millions of dollars every
year trying to protect her brand, and yet there are some people who with
the aid of social media are ruining their online reputation are damaging
their brand and they’re doing it for free themselves, so that ought to
put things into perspective real estate practitioners just like any
profession has its highs and has its lows and it can be a stressful job, and
as a result of that you know sometimes real estate agents just want to relax, they want to unwind but you’re the really good agents you
will see that they’re very protective about what they do and about who they
share those experiences with, so the first quality that these agents have is
that they protect their brand. The second quality that these agents
possess, is that they listen more than they talk. About a quarter of a century
ago when I first was licensed when I got my real estate license at the age of
eighteen I was notorious for talking more than I ever did any listening. I’d
walk into a meeting and I would tell the client how wonderful I was, how
grandiose I was, how many sales I’ve had, what college I was going to, et cetera et
cetera. It was a very self-indulgent conversation because I felt that the
client needed to hear that in order for them to feel more confident working with
me. Now granted I was much younger than and so I may have had that complex of my age, nonetheless these agents listen more than they talk. In other words they know
that they have two ears and one mouth and they use it in that proportion, so
what we do now, or excuse me what I do now is I make sure that I ask questions
and I listen to all the needs of my clients. My clients will tell me
everything it is that I need to know on how to better service them, and so
it’s very important that you listen much more than you talk and these agents have
mastered that art. Quality number three, these top ten agents have a supporting cast.
See these agents know that you can’t be everything to everyone every time,
so they know that they have a marketing team, they have a transaction
coordinating team, they have an escrow team, and they have a team of vendors to
support them for their clients. This also means that there will be times
where your agents a really good one may not even be in town and you don’t even
know about it because they’ve got everything covered. They also know that they are fully responsible for any failures – see these agents know that if something
goes wrong it’s their fault right it’s my fault if something goes right and
it’s a success then the team’s effort, and they recognize
that team so when you work with one of these agents it’s highly likely that
they will talk to you about their skills and the number of people, the team of
people behind them that are there to support you and when you hire them
you’ve got that team working for you as well. Final quality, the fourth quality that the top ten agents in San Marino,
California possess is that their full service. They can handle the entire sales
process from A to Z it doesn’t matter what you throw at them. It doesn’t matter what scenario you’re in, it doesn’t matter the type of sale.
They’ve probably been involved in it they have experience in it and they’ve
got the team to support it. I’ll give you a real quick example – say I walk
into a property and I see that the property might be a little cluttered or I
see that there’s some furniture there that may not go well with the aesthetics
or the motif of the home, what I might recommend is that I hire a portable
storage container to come to the house and I might ask my client to fill the
portable storage container with things that they don’t use everyday to
declutter it, furniture that they don’t really use just so that that way the
home shows a little bit better. I might even recommend staging after but
the point is they say they fill the storage unit, the storage unit is then
removed and the home sells and everything is great. See
these are the small things that a full-service agent will offer, they will
offer staging company, professional photography, videography, drones, gardening services, an interior design. You name it these agents have access to
it and they have a team of vendors there go to people to help them during the
process so you literally don’t have to do anything. They are full-service

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