Where are the weak spots in the housing market?

Where are the weak spots in the housing market?

12 thoughts on “Where are the weak spots in the housing market?

  1. I wonder what the fixed rate for a home equity is if an adjustable starts at 4

  2. Every thing is fake and everything is a Huge bubble ✨✨

  3. economic fall down is needed, becasue if you have constant growth people are overinvesting, overspending in things that are not esential to sustain large human population:), Constant growth is impossible, because people are degreading environment faster then it can regenerate, when people have constant impresion of growth they shift resources/time into not productive areas

  4. I like how the CEO begins by saying, "The economy is extremely strong."
    Funny the same thing was said back in:
    October 2007
    January 2000
    September 1929
    "We learn from history that we do not learn from history."

  5. The housing market is the equivalent to a plantation work by slaves in today's world…you became a slave of the system…no matter blue or red state…..

  6. Lmao. What an idiot. Economy is strong? And people are taking out home equity lines because they want to lock in low rates? Bullshit. People aren’t that sophisticated. People are fuck*ng broke and they need to borrow to survive.

  7. Guess what this criss cross beast system has now become the beast against you!!

  8. I TOLD my girlfriend in Jersey to line up a mortgage loan last Spring. She didn't do it.

  9. Pay off your debts!! Never trust interest rates!

  10. This video is misleading ….the price to buy a home in New Jersey Is Ridiculous .. especially in Hoboken NJ

  11. This is pretty much how 2006 went too…..

  12. The Fed is ridiculous seriously it is a private company! People are mislead that they are government they are not their rate are in their pockets only..they are bs

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