When You Travel to a Beach Vacation Rental Home (Do NOT Forget These 23 Items)

When You Travel to a Beach Vacation Rental Home (Do NOT Forget These 23 Items)

hey there when you travel to a beach
vacation rental home do not forget to pack these 23 items these vacation items
are going to save you space because they are very easy to pack when you do travel
to a beach vacation rental home do not forget eyedrops my eyes get dry
from air travel and it could be the sand or the chlorine that are drying out your
eyes for summer vacation travel I like to pack three pairs of shorts and three
tops that are going to mix and match with at least two of those shorts
now this royal blue top I have kept it in my suitcase for like four days
waiting to video this but this royal blue top will go with white shorts it
will go with even Navy shorts or a red plaid short also you can pack a dress or
two I like to pack two or three t-shirts for exercising or for hanging out at
night that will also go on top of my normal like solid shorts I really really
am a big believer in wearing a t-shirt like really relaxed t-shirt over a
pattern short or as well as a solid but I love it with nice pattern shorts and
then you can also pack like Merrill sandals like I did for possible rain if
you’re heading out somewhere for the day or at night to go eat there are other
shoes that you can go with for travel where it might rain these are leather
I’ll link them below and these are kind of a Swedish type and these are another
neutral pair that are easily packable and can go with multiple colors and then
for the airplane I wore a pair of nice gold sandals and then I can also wear
those to dress up a vacation type outfit while I’m there be sure to stick around
at the end to find the number one easiest packing item for a beach rental
home vacation and be sure to click the little bell beside subscribe down below
to give me a wriggling laying if you like this video when we went to Hilton
Head a couple of weeks ago I knew that we were going to be riding bikes it’s
such a great island very bikable bite trails
everywhere so I had to bring my tissues and I packed those in the opening part
this top part of my suitcase and then I packed my beach flip-flops the real
flimsy ones in the hidden section of my suitcase so don’t forget about that
section of your suitcase when you travel to a beach vacation rental home don’t
forget to pack a hoodie because when you come in for me and in the Sun all day
the air conditioning after the shower might feel a little chilly and you want
to just cozy up and it will help you stay warm on the freezing cold airplanes
during the summer one of the best packing items for a vacation at a beach
rental home is sandwich baggies and a gallon baggie you can use that sandwich
baggie for marinating chicken while you’re there you can use it to put chips
and divvy it out in portion sizes to take to the beach one day when we took
sandwiches to the beach one day we did use a gallon bag and it fit two big
sandwiches in each gallon bag you can even tear off a few long pieces of
aluminum foil and then fold them over and over put one or three in every
person’s suitcase and there you go easy to pack because it saves space and if
you are traveling with daughters a great travel hack that one of my friends and
subscribers told me about is to use an ironing board as an extension of your
counter space you can put makeup backs and all that kind of stuff and then a
pilot told me if you do that be sure to put like a hand towel over the ironing
board in case makeup gets on there and then another person goes to iron
something and there is blush stain or something like that that’s gonna get on
their clothes so be respectful of that on our recent beach trip I fell in love
with these towels my brother lives at the beach and he has lived at the beach
for about seven years I’d see why they are such an investment they do not get
sopping wet when you are laying on them drying off with them and they do not get
sand in them it just falls right out it doesn’t get in the bottom of your towel
so I came home and bought me one let me show you how they look beside each other
on Amazon and on their website it says that they take up 78 percent
less room and you can totally see how much less room or more space they will
provide you in your suitcase when you go to the beach when you travel to the
beach even for a day sunscreen saves lives
every morning I would put this type it’s called super goop of sunscreen on my
face and my shoulders when we would go for a bike ride or I would go exercise
it’s kind of like a Vaseline feel you can’t even tell it’s on like lotion you
know that it’s on afterwards anyway I’ll link it below they do sell three ounce
tubes of Neutrogena and just pack you one of those to get your family through
the first day so you don’t have to go to the store first but use the two of
lotion sunscreen that first day and then when you get to the store at your
vacation spot that’s when you can go get the aerosol and the 70 spray and all
that stuff when we travel to Costa Rica my husband found this and it was made
for the military it’s Sun sect I’ll link it below on Amazon of course it’s an
insect repellent for army guys military guys who will be outside with sunscreen
in there and if you use the link make sure you get the 2 ounce tubes because
they do sell the much bigger ones there is a smell to it that smells like insect
repellent but it’s not that bad do not forget to pack the lip balm when you go
to a beach vacation and if you’re like me I don’t wear a lot of makeup when I’m
on vacation and then for my foundation I use a Mary Kay CC cream CC cream is like
a tinted moisturizer but that’s my go-to one now when you are at the beach
location if you rent chairs or you use chairs at the hotel pool you may want to
invest in little towel clips I have these cheap cute ones from Amazon their
parents that I bought for a cruise that we went on but my brother who lives at
the beach he has these metal ones and they are metal they’re pretty cheap I
think you get six for the set and he has had these clips for about five years and
they have worked fine notice if you are buying a beach chair before you go in
your vacation do not get the ones with the grommet and the thread to thread the
back to the frame of the chair I just have a feeling that that grommet is
going to rust after a while and my brother has had these chairs for seven
years I believe and they are still going strong they have a cooler in the back
like well that will mainly keep your water bottles cool water bottles cool
it’s a padded kind of cooler and then it also has a mesh pocket on the back for
it that he keeps his clips in and then it also has a pillow and then it has
even a rack for your towel to unfold a towel and hang that on if you need that
in the little pockets on the arm of the chair I don’t think they’re really
necessary because phones have changed so much in their size and they’re going to
have a lot of sand in them is what I found out when you come in the rental
home after being at the beach all day my favorite lotion is a super thick gold
bond for diabetics lotion and I transport it in these little containers
these are great space-saving containers these are the size and these are like
this these are a little squishy and these are not with thick lotions like
this you can put them in these kind of containers this set with cute little
colors also comes with this and it’s a tiny little container I’m not sure if
you would put your moisturizer for a week in there but it does have a little
lip that bits on there that I found you can even see the lotion and they’re
still from a previous Florida trip anyway those are options and I’ll link
both of these options below having a travel razor is great for when you go to
the beach but I recommend not using it when you first get there like don’t let
the first time you use it be at the beach start shaving with it a few days
before you go to the beach so your skin will not look irritated when you go down
to the water it comes in a cute little case but you do not have to travel with
a case like I’m I’ve never cut myself reaching into a pouch to get my razor so
I don’t usually travel with the case and I have to say that these earrings are
the cutest beach earrings and they were under I think ten dollars I’ll link
those below to polarized sunglasses are effective for your eyes and I’ve had
these for about two years and this is my travel set that I have
I used to buy like my sunglasses from the dollar store but being a midlife
person my eye doctor said that I already have cataracts and that we all do they
just don’t show themselves until we’re around 70 so polarized sunglasses these
are like 20 on line and these are around 11 I think I think these around 11 they
look like the risky business style you know Tom Cruise and these I call these
my volleyball sunglasses if you are going to be doing a water active sport
like kayaking stand-up paddleboarding or whitewater rafting I do suggest a little
strap like this I believe this one does float but they make some that float so
if your glasses fall off you will be able to find them because the band
floats a Travel hack for men traveling to the beach is when you need to pack
your belt to curl it up and put it in the collar of one of the shirts that
you’re going to wear to a restaurant another must for me is a waterproof
phone case and especially if you’re doing a water activity I have tested
this and I will link it below it is it does hang around your neck like this I
tested it last summer and I’ve used it this year and it does not leak
whatsoever it’s also a great way to carry like your ID card if you’re going
on a cruise ship and you’re going on a destination thing another simple packing
item for the beach is a koozie from your house you’re going to be having water
bottles cans drinks even if you buy a drink in a cup at the pool from your
Cabana boy you are still gonna benefit if you have that koozie to put it in I
like to pack ear drops when we are going to a beach vacation and I know the pool
or the ocean water might be a little weird
I travel hack for this is that this little pointer thing pops off and you
can just pour in a couple of tablespoons of your own alcohol from your cabinet
you don’t need a full bottle but it’s just as easy to take if you can do that
if you know you’re going to be living down by the water at the beach on
your vacation my brother lives at the beach and he has this tent canopy thing
it is so easy to put up it is lasted four years and it collapses in the same
way and if you look at my pictures of the roof and around the frame of this
tent you can see all the velcro and they use little spikes to put it in the sand
there are no ropes that you need to put it in the sand or anything like that the
container that the tent stays in has pockets for those spikes and some of
them roll but it’s affordable and it’s about the same price as you would pay
for one of those like Halfmoon shaped ones and they also make them with nets
that come down if you have a baby that’s crawling and you want kind of a boundary
setup highly recommend this brand and I will link it below and the easiest item
that you can pack for your beach vacation is a trash bag from your
grocery store when you get down to the beach just put a couple of handfuls of
free beach sand in it tie it it can weigh down the poles of your tent it can
weigh down the corners of some of your beach towels a great free easy thing and
it safe space in your suitcase because you’re only taking the grocery bag have
such a wonderful Beach vacation I would do it every week if I could thanks for

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  2. yay! love me the Laurie channel. The Tommy Bahama low chair is a must- I have several. I particularly like the feature that you can carry these on your back like a backpack. such a saver and so good! Thank you Laurie.

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  4. They sell those tommy bahamma chairs your brother has at Costco for a little cheaper than amazon.

    I use the razor case. I have cut myself on them digging and let me tell you there was a doctor's trip involved.

    Also I learned this hack. You can cut a pool noodle 3 to 6 inch piece and tie the phone baggie you had around the noodle piece. It will do two things. Make the holder stand out in the water and make it float if you lose your grip.

  5. We have some of the Tommy Bahama chairs, too! LOVE THESE! We got them at costco for around $25 each. Years ago! I love them because they have a lot of room in the little cooler other pouches attached, so everyone can just be responsible for their own stuff! Thanks for the video!

  6. You can buy the plastic towel clips at the dollar tree. A pack of 6 is only $1.

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  9. Take a small container of powder. At the end of the day before getting in your car, sprinkle your feet and the sand will disappear. It really works!

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  12. Do not purchase a white towel … I have accidentally left white t-shirts, white towels, or a white nightgown at hotels and places that I have stayed… purchase or take colored clothing and or towels to save the disappointment of leaving those nice white things accidentally behind. The white things (even cords) blend in with the hotel (usually) white bed linens and hotel towels that are normally white. Any thing white blends when you are packing to leave in a hurry!!!

  13. Great content, as always.The towels look fabulous! Also, I like the Monistat chafing powder gel, not only for thighs and areas that rub when they are wet and sandy, but it can double as a make up primer. Leaving for Hawaii Next week and canโ€™t even wait!

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  22. Hi Laurie. Just got back from Surfside Beach in SC. Yes, I wish I would have remembered my Flamingo clips for my beach towel. It was always falling down. Yuck. I already put those Volleyball sunglasses on my Amazon list! You are the best ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. If changing the contents to reuse a container be sure to use a label maker or sharpie to indicate whatโ€™s now inside.

  24. Remember to pack a fresh baby diaper to roll up & hide your cell phone at the beach (if you go in the water). This detracts thieves, thinking itโ€™s a dirty diaper.

    Fantastic flip flops are: Oofos. They have a high arch, are wonderfully-cushioned & are great for lengthening your spine, because the heel is set lower. (Marathon runners wear these after events).

    Bring a small packet of Kleenex in case the beach bathroom is out of toilet paper. Bring Wet Ones also.

    Some people might wish to bring swim goggles, a bathing cap and hair bands/clips.

    If you go on a boat, bring anti-
    sea-sickness tablets & wear white-soled shoes so that your shoes donโ€™t cause black marks on the boat/yacht floor. Donโ€™t eat a big breakfast before you go out on the ocean (to prevent nausea).

    Bring waterproof ear plugs made of silicone that have anti-microbials in them which prevent ear infections.

    Bring a sunhat or a visor.

    Please remember that chapstick wax (when in the sun) can cause
    burning of your lips. Always use liquid tube Carmex or liquid tube Vaseline which wonโ€™t burn your lips if itโ€™s perchance left in the sun.

    Thank you for your great tips!!

  25. Great tips! We regularly bring converters/extension cords/power strips/etc and to be sure they don't get left behind, I mark them all with a little bit of duct tape in a tacky, bright color. That way I know which electronics are ours and they don't get easily overlooked.

  26. We LOVE HHI. We had a condo there for 28 years. We now go to Edisto as our family has grown with grands and the rentals are more affordable.

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