When do you need Model and Property Release when selling on Shutterstock

When do you need Model and Property Release when selling on  Shutterstock

Hi! This is Zdenka Darula. I shoot
stock since 2007. Today I have a very important question. Very complex
question to answer. When do you need model release? When do you need property release to upload your photos and videos to stock agencies. There are two types of licenses to choose from when you are uploading your photos and videos
to agencies such as Shutterstock, Getty, Adobe. Editorial use and commercial use.
Editorial means, that your photos and videos are used for news story and other
non-commercial usage such as magazines, features and books. Here you don’t need a
model release and you don’t need a property release. Commercial means when hands exchange money. That is wholesale, retail and advertising to sell products
or services. Some photos and videos will require model release or properly
release. What is model release? In the simple words, if you take a picture of a
person where is recognizable face or features, you need to have a piece of
paper sign which gives you permission to publish those photos. In fact, if you take
any photo of person and if you want to put it on your own website, you should
definitely have model release signed. I know what I’m talking about, I’ve been around
for a while and I know from my own experience. If you are an exclusive
Shutterstock contributor, then you can use their model release but you don’t
have to. You can use your own as well as long as it is acceptable to Shutterstock.
So you should check your model release with theirs to make sure you are not
lacking any information. To make it easier for you I actually posted a link
to sample model release in the video description below. If you take photos of
recognizable places, buildings, paths and automobiles, you will need a property
release. And here it get very tricky as when you need it and when not. So let’s look at it a little bit further. And since the list is very long,
you might want to grab some coffee. I actually grabbed that little help
because there’s no way I can memorize all that. Here we go. If you take photos of just general streets, cityscapes, you don’t need a
property release. But if you take photo of a building which is the main subject
of your photo in that city, then most likely you will need a property release.
If you take photos of just regular houses and interiors, exteriors, you’re
good, no property release needed here. But you will need a release signed if you
take photos of distinctive homes or parts of homes that are easily
recognizable either by their design or by the owner or private property that is
recognizable as a landmark or business and is the main focus of your photos or
videos. You will need property release for amusement parks, concert venues,
famous landmarks and historic locations, modern architecture, museum interiors,
stadiums, zoo or private wildlife parks, blueprints, graffiti, modern statues,
recognizable animals such as race horses, unique pets, certain zoo animals, but you
don’t need a release for unidentifiable chimpanzee. You also need property
release for scans or photographs of artwork. Modern artwork including murals
and sculptures located in public spaces. If the art is not recognizable or
blurred in a photo, you don’t need a release. Public transit system but if you take a
photo of generic subway station or generic stores and remove all signs, you
don’t need a release. Sheet music, studio shots or exotic or uniquely identifiable
animals. Tattoos. You need a property release if tattoo is close up and the
primary focus, or it shows celebrity or is trademarked or copyrighted. For example logo or character and that’s true. I took a photo of a model which had
tattoos on his arms. All the photos has been rejected because I needed properly
release of that tattoo. Unique or custom-designed luxury boats with visible
call letters, unique paint jobs or other markings, unique custom-designed vehicles or airplanes, products like toys, bottles and luxury furniture that is
identifiable and it has identifiable packaging which is the main focus of
your image. And some products cannot be in the photos at all, even if you remove
the logos. Here is the list. Rubik’s cube, red cross, Cristina Lu Putin, red bottom
shoots, Hershey’s Kisses, Apple devices, Lego and DUPLO building sets and figures, Crayola products, Luis Buton, Academy Award or ask your statuettes, UPS
uniforms because even without the logo it’s still recognizable by its brown
color and currency. You can show only less than 75% of currency in the photos
and videos. Long list right? It’s hard to remember them all. I hope you get clarity
when it comes to when you need model release and property release. If this video was helpful please give it thumbs up and subscribe to all future stock videos. Don’t forget
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respond. Thank you very much and I’ll see you in the next one… Cau… Ahoj…

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