What You REALLY Need to Start Flipping Houses in 2019 | Wholesaling Real Estate

What You REALLY Need to Start Flipping Houses in 2019 | Wholesaling Real Estate

If you’re like most people who want to
get started wholesaling houses, flipping houses and have no idea where to start
or maybe you don’t have any money at all, you’ve come to the right place.
Keep watching and I’ll share with you the simple tools that you can use to get
started right now with no money. Hey what’s up! Welcome back to my channel and
if you’re new, welcome to my channel I’m Dara, your real estate wholesaling
consultant, and as you saw in the intro this video is about how you can start
wholesaling houses with no money and more importantly, I’m gonna share all the
tools you need to get started and this is the bare, basic, beginners-friendly,
beginner 101. You don’t need a real estate license. You don’t need a ton of
money. You don’t need a website, an LLC, asset
protection layers and veil— you don’t need any of that! You don’t need a
website, you don’t need your name or info at professional email address. To get
started right now getting your first deal wholesaling houses, this is all you
need Resourcefulness. That’s first and
foremost, you need resourcefulness first. Second, I will say you need belief;
you need to completely adjust your mindset. To truly get started if you have
empty pockets, if your bank account is looking like “Bruh”, you’re gonna need
obviously some contracts and some know-how but that’s not something that
you need to start. When you’re at the starting line, these are the things that
you need: a phone, for purposes of making phone calls, you can download so many
different apps for so many different reasons; you can download apps to find
out comp, you can download apps to route your driving path and just
so many things you can do. You can download apps to get a new phone number.
So definitely need a smart phone first and foremost. Internet / computer that is
for the purposes of things that you can do on your smart phone but you have a
wider keyboard, I guess. But creating flyers for your deals,
creating marketing material just in general is a lot easier, for me, on the
computer because I have something to type with and a mouse in fact. And some
kind of wheels whether that be your own car, whether that be the public
transportation, ride-sharing app, neighbor whatever. You need to get– be able to get
around town. You have to go and meet sellers at properties. You have to go
and meet, um, you have to go see properties. You have to go to meetings, things that
are free. Know-how; you’ll obviously have to know at least the bare minimum of the
industry that you’re in, the market that you’re in, and, you know, things to say or
don’t say. So you need to have some kind of way to access education whether that
be books, meetings, podcasts, YouTube videos. You need to not be so green
behind the ear that you don’t know what ARV means or you don’t know what
equity means. These are things you have to get to know and that’s it. That’s all
you need, nothing fancy. No, I’m kidding. Other free resources that you’ll need as
well: you’ll need an email address if you don’t already have one, you can
keep your own personal one or you can create a new one. So get you a Gmail
account because you can then use Google Drive, then you can use Google Voice,
which is an app or a software that gives you a new “untraceable” phone number. So if
you have a phone and for whatever reason you don’t want to use your personal
phone number, get a new number from Google Voice and it’s an app that you
can download on your phone and whenever that Google Voice number rings, it’s on
your phone so you don’t need two different phones is what I’m trying to
say; you just have the app with a new number and you go about it that way. And
the good thing about Google Voice is that you can access it online as well. So
if my phone’s upstairs or somewhere or even if it was lost, if I had the internet,
the computer I can still call people, I can still text people using Google Voice.
Google Drive because you have Google Sheets which is like an Excel
spreadsheet, you have Google Docs which is like Microsoft Word. Sheets because if
you don’t have the money for a CRM, then you use what you have. Be
resourceful. Start where you are with what you have and these are all free.
Obviously Microsoft has exactly what I’m saying. The reason I’m saying Google
Drive is because you can access it literally anywhere. You can be at your
home computer and then go to the library’s computer, any other computer, if
you’re in your Google account, then you can access this information. That is the
Holy Grail: Google everything. I’m telling you that’s all you need to get started…
period! You don’t need any of that fancy-schmancy stuff. It doesn’t matter
how I started It doesn’t matter how John Doe and whoever
else you look up to started. It’s about where you are and what you have to get
started. And this video is obviously beginner level, basic 101 for people who
truly, truly, truly just don’t have the money to shell out for things like even
direct mail pieces, you know? Purchasing lists. If you don’t have money for any of
that, this is the video for you. I hope this video helped you. If so, give it a thumbs
up, leave a comment below, share this video, and subscribe to my channel. Thank
you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one.

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