WHAT?! Unbelievable Real Estate Facts That Will Blow Your Freaking Mind! 😳

WHAT?! Unbelievable Real Estate Facts That Will Blow Your Freaking Mind! 😳

– [Seth] So you think you know everything about real estate, do ya? Well, in the next few minutes, I’m about to prove your wrong. There is some pretty bizarre, ridiculous, interesting, and even funny things that have happened in
the real estate world. I’m gonna show you
verifiable real estate facts that will shock, entertain,
and amaze you, brace yourself. Fact number one: Warren
Buffett, everybody’s favorite American billionaire in
his 80’s, otherwise known as the Oracle of Omaha,
this guy is currently worth just north of $80 billion US dollars. To this day, Warren Buffett
still lives in the same house that he bought in 1958 for
a grand total of $31,500. Now, granted, the value of the US dollar has certainly changed since 1958, but even after adjusted for inflation, this comes out to somewhere in
the neighborhood of $275,000. And of course when you
account for appreciation of this property, it’s now
worth an estimated $652,000, and even then this property is worth less than 0.0001% of Warren
Buffett’s total wealth. This house is 6570 square
feet, has five bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms,
and by all accounts, it looks like a pretty decent house, but I guess it begs the
question if you were worth $80 billion, what kind of
house would you live in? Fact number two: Most
people don’t realize it but McDonald’s is not a burger
flipping restaurant chain. It’s one of the biggest real
estate portfolios in the world. The way it works is franchisees
will do the burger flipping while McDonald’s gets
paid handsomely for owning the best commercial real
estate all over the world. Seriously, think about
any McDonald’s location you’ve ever been to because
there’s a pretty good chance it’s an awesome place to have any kind of a restaurant and that’s one of the keys to McDonald’s huge success over the years. One of the key goals that McDonald’s has is to buy properties that it thinks either currently are or
will be very, very good locations for a McDonald’s restaurant, and then if or when those
locations turn out to not be as great as they thought,
then they can sell them off. But the other huge source of
revenue that McDonald’s has through its real estate is they charge not only the franchise fee in
order for those franchisees to use the McDonald’s name,
but they also charge rent to these franchisees in order to
use these amazing locations. And as you can imagine,
because McDonald’s does such high volume and they sell so
much food every single year, it produces enough revenue
for those franchisee operators to then pay that rent to
McDonald’s the corporation. And when you finally sit back
and realize how the McDonald’s machine works, you gotta
say, well played, guys. Fact number three: Perhaps
you’ve heard of the Burj Khalifa, which is currently the
tallest building in the world, located in Dubai in the
United Arab Emirates. Now, obviously, in order
for any building these days to stake the claim of being
tallest one in the world, it has to really, really be tall, and yes, this building is absolutely massive. It’s so big, in fact, that
you can watch the sunset from the base of the building,
get into an elevator, go to the very top of the
building, look out the window and watch the sun set all over again. This thing is so tall that you
can actually see the effects of the curvature of the Earth simply by going from the bottom to the top. Now, if that’s not impressive,
I don’t know what is. Fact number four: If
you’ve ever been fascinated by historic buildings, you are gonna love the ancient pyramids in Egypt. These things are so old
that even the ancients would consider them to be ancient. Built in 2560 BC, there’s a lot of stuff that happened after the
pyramids were built. The Great Pyramid of Giza
is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and
is the only one of those ancient wonders to remain largely intact. The Great Pyramid was the
tallest manmade structure in the world for more than 3800 years
after it was constructed. And if you’ve ever heard
of the wooly mammoth, you know one of these extinct
creatures that only lived during the Ice Age, well guess what? This animal went extinct
in 1650 BC which was over 1000 years after the ancient
pyramids were constructed. These buildings are truly
one of the oldest and most well preserved relics that
we have of the ancient world. It’s fascinating when you
think of how many things happened after these pyramids were built. Fact number five: If you
live in a state that has way too many outdoor advertising
billboards on the side of every highway, you might
consider moving to a place like Vermont, Alaska, Hawaii, or Maine. All four of these states
have outright banned outdoor advertising billboards. The idea behind these laws
is basically to keep from detracting from the state’s
natural beauty, and also to eliminate distractions for
drivers on the side of the road. Fact number six: Have you ever
sat back in your free time and just thought deeply about the question which of the 50 states
is the northernmost, the easternmost, and
the westernmost state? Well, I got the answer
for ya, and the answer to all three of those questions is Alaska. That’s right, Alaska is not
just the northernmost state, it’s also the furthest one to the west and the furthest one to the east. Now, the first time I heard
about it, I thought it was crazy until I did
a little bit of digging and found out where the anti-meridian is, and this is the line that
separates the eastern from the western hemisphere
around the entire world. And this line cuts right
through the Pacific Ocean and even though the bulk
of Alaska’s land mass falls to the east of Hawaii, if you follow the Aleutian Islands as
far as they go to the west, you’ll actually cross over
into the eastern hemisphere which makes Alaska not
only the westernmost, but also the easternmost
state in the United States. Pretty interesting, huh? Fact number seven: If
you’ve ever been curious about how much the White
House in Washington DC is worth in terms of
the fair market value, there’s actually an answer for that. Not long ago the real
estate website Movoto enlisted the help of a Washington DC area real estate expert to appraise
the value of this property, and when you take inventory
of the White House’s 132 rooms, 55000 square
feet, swimming pool, bowling alley, movie
theater, and not to mention the simple historic value of the property, it could actually, feasibly be
worth upwards of $1 billion, but based simply on the
property’s size and location, the estimated appraised
value by Jason Koitz of The Koitz Group, came out to somewhere in the neighborhood of
$110 to $115 million. It’s actually not the most
expensive home in America, and there are homes of other
world leaders that are worth far in excess of what
the White House is worth, but even so, I think we can all agree, the White House would be a
pretty nice place to live. And the eighth and final
fact I’m gonna share with you in this video has to
do with Lake Superior. Now, it goes without saying, Lake Superior is really, really big. Just looking at the
surface area of this lake, it’s the largest freshwater
lake in the world. It’s actually larger than
the areas of Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire combined. Lake Superior contains as
much water as all the other Great Lakes combined,
and here’s a real kicker: There is enough water in
Lake Superior to flood all of North and South America
to a depth of one foot. Now, I’m not sure how or
why that would ever happen, but let’s all hope and pray it never does. And with that, that wraps
it up for this video. Hope you guys found this interesting. If you enjoyed it, then by all means, feel free to leave a
comment to let me know what your favorite fact
was, let me know if you know of any other interesting
real estate facts. For more interesting, fascinating, crazy, and bizarre real estate facts, be sure to click on the link in the
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we’ll see you next time.

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