What Should You Want?

What Should You Want?

What should you want in life? I remember
the first time I went to like a fully immersive event. What ended up happening
is they played this game which was the what do you want game. And they just kept
asking what do you want, what do you want, what do you want? And I found that most
people wanted the same things but maybe not because they wanted them but because
they were socialized to want these things. My question for you today is, “What
is it that you’re going to really want in the end that will give you the
fulfilling life that you’re hoping for?” So tell me what you want, what you really,
really want. No, tell me what you want what you really, really want. I wanna, I
wanna really, really, really wanna zigazig Guys we’re talking today about what you
should want. We’re here to tell you what you should want… -To see the Spice Girls will tell you what So here’s the story from A to Z. -I don’t
think they really tell you what you want. I think they just asked… -No, they never get to the point.
-So, listen if you listen to society they’ve got it figured out for you. In fact, when
I say society I mean your upbringing a family and friends. In fact, we all know
what we are all bred to believe in. I’m talking about Western thinking. And when
we talk about Western thinking I got this quote up here, “You need to know what
you really want or you’ll get what you don’t want.” Because either way the
results in your life are a byproduct of your desires. Even the sick and twisted
ones like how many of us have ever been replaced on our life where we were
afraid of bills? Getting bills right? That’s a want, when you’re afraid of
something and you’re pouring energy and “No, I don’t want a bill I, don’t want a
bill. All I’m thinking about is bill, bill, bill.” And what am I going to get? what am I
going to see? -Bill -No focusing, I’m going to get my focus on. So, I want to
talk about this today because a lot of you reach out. You asked me and I thought
you know what, “Let’s just get my opinion on. I wanna get Maryann’s want to get
carson’s and have this dialogue today on what should you want?” Well, society tells
us that we should want what? -College education… job… maybe a
car’s… a yacht or you know the accumulation of things. -My generation, I guess I’m
technically part of the Millennials. They want the things their parents have but
they want now. -Right, they want to be gift to them and then right on… -The coast house
that my parents worked for ever to get into… -That’s why… live in the
basement of their parents so really they’re getting what they want,
right? -This is true. So, you know should is a really strong powerful word. -Should
and I should… -I try not to shit on people. -Right, it’s gross -But I am today. And I
want to get real with what it is that we actually want. Because like… I want a nice
house, I want a nice car. A lot of people are watching this channel because they
want to build a nice lifestyle. And I kid you not, subscribe and follow and
you’re going to learn what you need to about providing an amazing lifestyle. But
don’t be surprised if when you get or move towards that lifestyle, if it
doesn’t necessarily give you what you’re looking for. -It doesn’t feel like you…
-Right, oh my gosh! Well it’s amazing like, have you ever
bought a car that you like to like maybe it wasn’t your dream car but you went to
a car lot, you got the car. And at first, how does the new car feel? -It
smells great. It feels good. it’s not breaking down, that’s super nice. You
drive it off a lot. You feel like a million bucks. -You feel really good at
first, right? And it’s fun and you enjoy it. But something happens over the first
couple of months. It’s somewhere within the first two, three months. It just
becomes a car. -I think an easier example that most people could relate to
is… -I see you’re showing us all three of them -I have… They release it in September and
everyone’s so excited and you get it and then how many people by November have
cracked screens and it’s just… -They’re not maybe… they’re not taking care
of it. So, it’s interesting that we as human beings especially in Western
society. There’s this internal ego with a mantra that says “More” and it’s hungry.
And it allow you to be satiated for a moment when you finally get your
levelled up like I moved out of my apartment I moved into a house and I
feel like the boss for a little bit. But then I take it for granted and I become
habituated to it and then it’s normal. And then I want more. And the problem
with more is that, enough more will never be enough. You can never get enough of
what you don’t need. Because what you don’t need can’t satisfy you and some
people figure that out too late in life. And I think some millenials are
actually catching on. It’s.. they’re like, “You know what? You’re right. I want
freedom of mobility. I don’t need a big income. I want the ability to make
choices that I want. So, I don’t want to work in a cubicle or I don’t want to
have to commute or I would like to be able to work from home, right? You know.”
And so we start craving and trying to find ways of how do I advance lifestyle.
And I’m not saying that’s bad. Actually, I’m all for it. I think I was a
millennial at heart or even maybe Gen Z… Like, freakin 26, thinking I want to be
retired, right? I just went first and I’m like, “I don’t want to and it wasn’t that
I was entitled that it’s not like that I mean… -Yeah you had to rise… -I work my butt
off. But I want to do it in a smarter more intelligent way. So, in this
effort of what should you want, I want to share with you a couple of ideas that
have really helped me that I think will help you today. Here’s the first one,
what passive income will your time what passive income will free
your time? And the reason why I’m asking this is because time freedom is more
important than financial freedom. -No, I gotta say because I talk to people every
day who watch you on YouTube and they’re calling in and we go over this. And I say
what’s your biggest thing? And like, “I want financial freedom.” I’m like, really?
Because it sounds like you want your time back. And financial freedom means
being able to have your time and go to your kids games and not miss anything.
And that’s what people are really wanting. -I truly believe that time is way more valuable than money. Allotted the same amount and you can’t get it back. -Yeah, and you know what? After all of my years
being in multiple industry and having done all these different investments and
owned gold refineries to trucking companies. I mean friends, I’ve been there
all over the board and I keep coming back to two things that I invest in that
answer this question. One of those, is real estate and the second one is
business. These two things right here have the ability to restore time. There are
things that you can do right now to start getting your time back. Dude, I
remember when I have this job and I found out if I worked 28 hours I can
still keep my pay and then I use my free time for investing in real estate.
-Hacking the system… -They would chastise me from time to time. I’m like… and I’m
going to sit down and they would like… Jeff would be like, “Now Chris, I see that
you’ve only logged 28.2 hours. And I think you know that to keep benefits and
everything to keep us happy. You need to log a minimum of 28 hours.” “But I just do,
you feel good about that?” -Yes I do because I’m… And I asked Jess I turn on Jeff and I said, “Well Jeff, I
want to ask you. Am I meeting or exceeding my goals?” “You’re exceeding them.”
“Am i producing the result that you guys want?” “Yes.” “Am I getting all of my works
done that I’m contracted for?” “Well, yes” I said, “Do we really have a problem?” He’s
like. “Well I just feel like you should have more time here, like the rest
of us are putting is like…” -Just because you’re broken doesn’t mean I am. -No, no, no.
So, I mean… -Inside that, inside that. Yeah. So, listen I’m not trying to tell
you to cheat your boss. This guys runs my companies like, “Chris let’s head
out…” -I have learned the value of delegation. There is… you come to… I get
credit for things of all the time you’re like, “Dude that was such a good job. Dude
we got so much done this week.” I don’t do it alone.
-Yeah, it’s leveraging… Because time is limited. It’s delegation and
that’s what business affords you. -So, of the three things I want to share this is
the first one. “What passive income will free your time?” For me it’s going to be real
estate or business. Here’s the second question that I think you gotta ask
yourself which is, “What passive income will give you what you want?
what passive income will give you what you want? And you know what, for me I
think this is going to be a little strange but this time I’m going to write down,
real estate and this time I’m going to write down business. -So strange… -Some
ideas are small and they can’t produce enough. Real estate and business done the
right way is big enough to give you everything that you want. So, these are
really important questions to do some soul-searching on finding your answers
but this is the last thing that I had to bring up today. Because I recently saw a
couple of posts, it disturbed me to the max. And it’s this question use your
passion to make money. And it’s this idea like, “Dude can you imagine a better world
where you’re making your money doing all the time also exactly what you 100
percent of them love?” Like, think of people that get to do what they love. The
problem is that 87% of us do not like what we do, is a super sad statistic
that’s out there. And I’m actually going to come in here with reddy Ink and say,
“Watch out for this passion crap.” Wait hold up! Tell me what’s going on
here. Watch out for this passion crap? like… -Okay… -I read your first book.
-Yes I know. One of the fastest ways… one of the fastest ways to ruin your passion…
is to force it to be the way that you make money. And sometimes that works
really well but guess what? Sometimes, it can’t and if you don’t get it you’ll
kill your passion. And there’s a lot of people that are just doing things that
don’t make… I’m like listen, “Do something that is financially smarter for making
money and then go have your free time to go to your passion.”
-Well, -Don’t force it to have to make money if it’s not that kind of passion
like… I just give you one case in point. A buddy of mine growing up, Rodney. Loves
to sing, like loves, love’s, love’s and I did this passion challenged and I’m
like, “Okay, i want you to create as much money as you can in 30 days with your
passion.” I did and I sat down with them. I was sat down with all my employees in
this challenge and we set the other mics. Some of them like… one is like, “Well, I love
playing guitar and he made like an extra 500 bucks that month playing guitar. He
loved it, you got the money he should… Rodney sat down he said,
“Rodney, I love to sing and I’m like and I grew up with Rodney in my hometown and
he got me into choir. We’re having… Rodney is a great singer.
-That’s good news. -Rodney is not a soloist. He’s a choir voice and Rodney was like,
“I’m going to go and record…” And it felt like American Idol… “I’m going to a go and
like get paid to like sing and solo.” And I was just sitting there like, “Well, I
am the opinion of one and I could most certainly be wrong but like…” I don’t
think this is going to work out…” And sometimes your passions
don’t equate to make money. Sometimes they do it. It’s great if they do. -I actually
jump in here and I think we should qualify this word passion. Because I
think a lot of people say they’re passionate about something and they’re
not. They’re like, “Oh man, I I love playing the piano.” And I was like, “Oh really, how
often do you play?” “Monthly.” And it’s like you’re not really
passionate about it… -Oh, I’m passionate about traveling -Right. Well, I love travel but I
can’t afford it and it’s like, “If you’re really passionate about travel you’d
find a way, right? And I think about… you know the goats the
greatest of all time and I don’t think you could stop them from doing their
passion. You try and get Michael Phelps… -Out of the pool. His hair is
never not wet. -I’m sure I can get him out of the pool and that’s why it equates to
being so successful is because it’s truly a passion. I think what you’re
really saying Chris is, “Don’t make your pipe dream, your goal for success.”
That’s how I would interpret that Yeah. So, guys we’re talking about
what you should want. Today’s conversation is just giving you an
opportunity to start exploring. It’s amazing so many of us get into a drone
sequence of just being in a routine. And not realizing, wait a second, “I’m not very
happy in this routine. I’m doing it out of obligation. It helps me pay my bills.
But I’m not exactly loving my life.” Listen, I want you to pursue your passion.
But what I would say is, do financially what makes them
sense to afford your passion. Do what makes the most sense to actually produce
like… the life that you want and to get what you really want out of life. I mean
I’ve done that with real estate real estate happen to be my passion but only
in the beginning. Like, I learned everything I could about it and then we
mastered it and did thousands of homes. And I’ve helped thousands thousands of
people use real estate as a vehicle for creating wealth. Like, how much you make on
your last house were you saying? -Oh I’ve got a I think…over a hundred grand
in profit. You… bought another house. -Yeah. So,
we’re doing the basement apartment thing we just moved for a second… -What did you
get your passions? -Well, see they are not at all involved in real estate because I
am in this club… -Well me too, right? I know you I’m surrounded by all people who are passionate about it. Tyler Bennett was my realtor. Todd helped, they all found our house.
They… we did our banking or got our loan with the same people that are a partner,
right? I’m surrounded with people that do… I would have never done it… The
reason I do real estate is because my passion is something else. Because real
estate fuels the passion. That’s the whole idea. It’s because it was yours now,
it can be still yours and I can do something else.
So you’ve got to ask yourself, “What do you want, what do you really want and how
do you start making choices today that angle you in that direction?”
And here’s hopefully one of the things that you get from today’s video. If you
know what you want. You’ve got to start making financial choices that will
enable the opportunity to get the thing that you want. And there’s smart ways and
there’s dumb ways. Subscribe to my channel. We talk all day long about all
the dumb ways things people do things with money that will never get them what
they want. We got other people that are out there. They’re consuming documents
like this that I’d make available for free or like my book that they can get
for free or they subscribed or they get me on podcast. And the information here
will divulge all of my systems proprietary formulas for how I create
wealth as well as my results on doing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of
real estate. And I make that available to as many people as possible. Because I was
one of those that even though I got mentors I basically had passion drive me
into actually taking action and add resources that I could go to help me.
I get to be that for a number of people today. We get to be that
for a number of people today to inspire them on what they can do to fund the
life of their dreams. For those of you that are saying, “Okay Chris, so I get it.
So, your passion now takes you around the world traveling. Doing some amazing
things with your life. Starting awesome companies. Building incredible tribes.
Surrounding yourself with incredible people like they have here. You can learn
more about how I did that, here, through this book. This book is a free gift to
everyone who wants it. You click it in the link below and you cover the
shipping I sent it out to you. I have people literally that read this book,
take action on it and then they start producing wealth. And that might be you,
that might be your next step .So, I want it to be available to you. But I also
want to share with you what I did to become financially free by the age of 26.
And if you click the video over here to take and check it out. It’ll actually
walk you through exactly what I did step by step the five things that
actually built that wealth for me And here’s what I’m saying, “How you build
wealth may be your passion, it may not be. But either way find a fast-track, so you
can get out of the slow lane and get in the fast lane of living the life of your
dreams. So, you can actually get what you really want.

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