What Kind of Car Should a Real Estate Agent Drive? // The Real Estate Blitz

What Kind of Car Should a Real Estate Agent Drive? // The Real Estate Blitz

Hey everybody, what’s going on? KSA Kris here, Real Estate Blitz. I’m actually out on the road today, I’ve got
a couple appointments I’ve got to make. I always try to meet up with other real estate
agents once a week, and I also have another appointment at the escrow company, which is
good. So I keep seeing these posts pop up, I saw
it again when I was getting ready, and it was in Tom Ferry and it talked about this
real estate agent, young agent, asked about “If I’m selling properties, do I need a really
nice car? If I want to sell luxury, do I need to get
a luxury car in order to sell?” So, this is a question that I’ve been asked
quite a few times, especially when people see the cars that I drive, they start asking
“Should I get an Audi S4? Should I get a nice this, a nice that, should
I get a Cadillac?” And I think it’s a fantastic question, so
this is what I was told … I asked the same question to my mentor when
we first started in the business, and this is the way he put it to me; he says “Okay,
so you show up to an appointment to list a house and another agent shows up to list the
house. You have a nice, clean car, just a clean car. It’s used, probably not luxury, just a clean
car. And then your competition shows up in a Mercedes,
or pulls up in whatever, a Maybach,” I actually have a friend of mine who pulled up in a Maybach
the other night. So, does the car help? Sure, the car helps, but at the end of the
day, the person that’s going to pick the agent they’re going to sell their house with, they’re
gonna buy in to you and they’re going to buy into your company, those two things. The car helps, but you don’t need a nice luxury
car in order to sell real estate, and I think a lot of people get confused on that. So, as I’m reading through this thing that
this lady had posted up in the Tom Ferry group, I feel like she was getting bad information
and bad data. The people that were on there were like “Oh
you absolutely need to go out and get this new car,” and what they’re telling her is
“In order for you to survive in this business, you need to go out and go into debt,” and
I think that’s garbage. The first care that I was driving around,
I had a Jeep that wasn’t … I mean, it was clean. It was a clean Jeep, it wasn’t anything special,
it wasn’t a luxury car or anything like that, and I was doing anywhere from 8-12 appointments
and listings per month. So, to me, people were buying me, they were
buying the services we were providing and how we were going to take care of them, service
them, to get their home sold. Now, of course as I’ve progressed in the business,
I’ve gotten nicer cars, but the car isn’t what establishes if you’re going to get a
deal or not going to get a deal. So every time I hear that question, especially
for newer agents, I think it’s bad information for older agents that have been in the business
to say “You absolutely need to go out and get this type of car.” I think it’s garbage. So, examples; I’ll start with David Serpa,
he sells probably 20-40 homes per month, David Serpa drives around in a used minivan, okay? David Serpa doesn’t need a luxury car to sell
homes. I’ll give you another example; Adam, a buddy
of mine, he’s killing it, probably doing 10 deals a month on his own. He just recently got a new car because he’s
been doing 10 deals a month on his own, consistently, for a year, and that’s in the San Diego market
so it’s good cash. But until then, he was driving around in this
beat-up Subaru, and I think his bumper was even duct-taped with black duct-tape. So, did he need a new car or a luxury car
in order to sell real estate? The answer is no. The answer is, it’s you, people are buying
you, they aren’t buying your car. Don’t go into debt just so you can have this
car, because if you’re thinking that’s the magic pill, “Well if I have this car, then
I’ll sell more real estate,” that’s garbage. That is garbage, garbage, garbage, it’s bad
input. And anybody that’s telling you different … This is something that I’ve also learned;
people that are at a different level than where you’re at, it’s easy for them to say
“Yeah, you absolutely need this,” because they’ve already gotten to where they are. So I don’t buy that, that’s almost like going
and asking for some pointers from a professional bodybuilder on how to get your biceps bigger;
what he’s gonna tell you is not probably what you need to hear, because he’s at a different
level, he’s doing something completely different. Now, when you get some money, yeah it absolutely
helps. Especially with luxury property, look, I was
selling luxury property pulling up in that same Jeep. Now this is why I say, your car, even if it’s
used, even if it’s old or a little beat-up, just keep it clean. Keep it clean, have a clean car. But I would pull up and I was selling $1million+
properties in my busted Jeep, you know, it doesn’t matter. Now, as I’ve made money over the years, I
drive nicer cars now. I’m in my, I don’t know if you can see, you
probably see my kids’ seats too … This is my Audi S4, and yeah, it’s nice when I pull
up to an appointment in my Audi because if I’m selling a luxury property, it helps. But again, a nice car helps, it does not get
you the deal. So if you’re hung up on if you should go into
debt and spend money to buy a nice car so you can sell more real estate, to me your
mindset’s wrong, it is not about the car, it’s about you. What you should do is take that money, put
it into lead generation. Take that money, and put it into getting your
scripts right, put it into creating products that you can hand …
Because here’s the truth; people do not believe what they hear, they believe what they read. And if that wasn’t true, think about this,
you go in and you’re like “Oh, how much is that suit jacket right there?” and the salesman
is like “It’s a hundred dollars.” You’re like “Oh, a hundred dollars,” what
do you do? You walk over and you look at it, you look
at the tag and you’re like “It IS a hundred bucks.” You didn’t believe what he said, he just told
you what it was. So again, put that money into the products,
and put it into you. Invest in you first; the more you invest in
you and your products, and actually closing more deals and refining how you talk and what
you say, the sooner you can actually get a nice car so you can have a little extra. All right, that’s all I’ve got today, wanted
to do a quick one while I was out on the road, and I’ll talk to y’all later. Have a good one.

2 thoughts on “What Kind of Car Should a Real Estate Agent Drive? // The Real Estate Blitz

  1. The car helps. Mostly just to your self esteem. I bought a house from a realtor that had a ford focus with a busted headlight. I agree with having a clean neat car no matter the value of the car.

  2. That's why I drive a Ford Focus 2009 I love that car it came from a house I flip…

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