What Is The Best Real Estate Investing Strategy?

What Is The Best Real Estate Investing Strategy?

Dude, check it out. Today I get to share
with you a brand new tool. I’ve never released it before. It’s called The
Ultimate Real Estate Game Plan. For those of you that don’t know me, my name is
Kris Krohn and today i’m going to teach you how to go from nothing to a
multi-millionaire through real estate investment. You’ve probably heard that investing in
real estate can be extraordinarily profitable. I had heard this, I caught the
bug and basically in a short period of time,
I bought 25 homes. Happened over 4 and a half year period of time. I always cite
what happened at the age of 26 because that’s when everything in my life
changed. I graduated from college, I retired, I quit my job, I had a $12,000
residual income from my homes and it’s because I had a game plan that I was
following. Over the years, I’ve had a lot of people asked me, “Kris, what’s my game
plan?” Or like, “How, could I do it or what if I wanted to do it different? What if I
didn’t want to move? What if I can’t rent basement apartments in my area? What if
my father-in-law couldn’t partner with me?” You know, you’ve heard my story and
you could… You could look at it and say, “Oh, my gosh! Kris, you got freaking lucky
like lucky dog.” There was nothing lucky about it.
The reality is give me someone rich, give me someone poor, give me someone in any
financial situation. Give me someone young, give me someone old and I can
create a game plan that can help you create wealth. I know this because I’ve
done it for thousands of people. Which is why I’ve transacted hundreds
and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate. Building
very successful real estate portfolios. Today I want to share with you a
document that I’ve created and we’re going to do it in video form where I want
to introduce you to the ultimate game plan for you.
Meaning, wherever you’re at financial in your life, how do we help you create a
life filled with everything that you want. At 26, I became a free man. I no
longer needed a job. I could freaking decide what I wanted to do with my life
where I wanted to do it, when I wanted, with who I wanted. And that’s the kind of
freedom that is more important than the million dollar homes that I’ve owned and
lived in and the travel that I’ve done and the countries I visited and the nice
cars that I drive. It’s all important but nothing compared to having a plan to get
you there. So today, we’re here to talk to you specifically about your plan on how
you can create really honestly the life of your dreams. So right now, the ultimate
real estate game plan, it has 4 specific components that I want to share
with you. And before I do, I just want to ask you a question, “Why do you want real
estate to give you everything that you want in life?” Like what will drive you?
What’s motivating you? Are you hungry? Because if you’re not, doesn’t matter what I
share in this video next. You won’t take action on it. So I’m calling you out and
I’m saying listen. Because at the end of this video, I am going to let you be one
of the first to download my brand new document for free on the ultimate game
plan. So you can figure out exactly where you’re at in life and how to get exactly
where you want to go. Now, four steps to make this happen. Now you’re going to want
pen and paper. This first step of the four is called Game Plan Criteria. This
doesn’t be very specific. You can’t just go out there and buy real estate. That’s
not what I’m talking about. Specifically, we’re actually talking about one single
family homes. 2, buying them below the median and number 3, we’re talking
about a minimum of a 3-bedroom one-bath up to a 5 bedroom two bath.
Now, this is very, very, specific for a reason because if it’s a single-family
home, not a duplex, not a townhome. Below the median means below 230, to 250 thousand dollars. And I want it to be entry level of
3-bedroom 1-bath on up for whatever you can buy between there and the median. I’m
not going to go into all the reasons why that’s the sweet spot but if you
subscribe to this channel and watch all my videos or if you download my book, The
Straight Path To Real Estate Wealth. Audio book, e-book, physical book. Get that
in your hands and you’ll actually get to read the science behind what I’m sharing
right now. You’re just going to have to take my word for it. That what I’m sharing is
the ultimate real estate game plan. You’ve got to have the right criteria.
Okay. Number 2, you’ve got to buy that real estate in a way that it produces a
compounding ROI of 15%. Now, ROI, how do you calculate that? In the
document I give you at the end of this video, you’re going to be able to calculate
that. But basically just like any business, profits minus expenses mean
something. You’re going to put somebody’s money into buying a house that meets
this criteria and it’s got to have a 15% ROI. If you remove the
compounding aspect, that basically means your money’s got to double every 5
years. 15% year over year over year means that your money doubles.
So, if someone put money into a property then the goal is to get
it to grow 2 fold every 5 years. Now, at the end, I’m going to show you an
accelerant to go way even faster than that. But someone could take a hundred
thousand and turn it into 200,000. Someone could start with
nothing like me or technically you know, $4,000 and turn that into
a million dollar. So you don’t need money for this to work but you do need to buy
properties that have this kind of ROI. I will show you how to do that. Okay, the
third step is that you’ve got to fund your properties. Now, the biggest problem
here is people are like, “Okay, I followed your criteria,
I found the property with the right kind of deal. But when it came to money, I
didn’t have money.” I’m going to share with you 4 strategies.” 2 require you to
have money, 2 require you to not have money and I don’t care which one you do.
When it comes to having money, number 1, you can either put 3% down on a primary
residence. That means that it’s a home you’re going to move into because 3% down
is normal. Number 2, you put 20% down and do conventional financing. This is
what banks want to look for when they give you money. Buy a $200,000 house, they
say, “I want 40 grand down.” You either have that money sitting in 401Ks, IRAs,
annuities, home equity, savings, some kind of asset. Number 3, you’re saying,
“Kris, I do not have money.” Great, I didn’t either. So number 3 is you follow my
partner system. You watch my videos on partnering and you basically work with
people where if you’ve got the deal and they’ve got the money. You put the 2
together and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Actually let them partner with
you. That’s the third option. And number 4 is what? It’s a form of seller
financing. Which is you find a house that doesn’t need a down payment because the
person that owns it is willing to carry it for you. Now, I know that some big
words for all of you but it’s explained in the 17 page document that you can
actually download on kriskrohn.com. It’s in the link in the description below.
Hang tight with me, this is important. These first 2 strategies, 3% or
20% down is going to range anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000 dollars. And you can use 401Ks, IRAs, Savings, home equity, things like that. Or you
partner number 3. Someone else that has the money or you do seller financing
where you don’t have to have any money either. So you’ve got to no money down
strategies. Between all four of those strategies, I do
%100 of my real estate. There’s nothing that doesn’t happen,
there’s no wealth that I create my world that doesn’t happen by using one of
those funding strategies. Now, I’m sharing them with you because whether you got
money or no money, it just doesn’t matter to me.
Also, age doesn’t. I want you to understand that loud and clear. Some
you’re like, “When I’m old enough I can do real estate.” Okay, most people think you
need to be in your 30s and 40s and 50s to do real estate. False. The fourth step
to the ultimate real estate game plan that’s going to be really important are
your accelerants. How do you accelerate and how do you actually go faster in
what I’m teaching you here. So there are 3 different accelerants. You want to
use all 3 if you want to have maximum growth and go as fast you can.
The first one is what’s called a refinance. This is where after you’ve
held the property for 2 or 3 years. You can actually refinance and pull out
your down payment so you can keep the house, keep cash flowing it and move the
money into a second house. The same dollar now has produced two homes. They
made babies. It’s like… It’s like rabbits multiplying, it’s awesome. Okay, if you’re
not doing a refinance then I want you to learn how to do a 1031 exchange. This is
where you’re going to sell the house… Not pay capital gains. You’re going to roll it
forward into more like kind properties. Again, it’s simple. One property becomes
2, 2 become 4, 4 become 8, 18 become? 16. Know what this last
accelerant, 8 can become a hundred. And this is the partnering differential.
This is where you can actually take all of your real estate. Maybe you bought 1,
2, 3, 4 homes. You say, “I want to go a lot faster.” I show you how to
actually bundle it up and showcase it to investors in a very fancy report. In a
business plan where you give it to them and say, “Wow! Check this out.” And now, all
the sudden, they’re saying, “Oh, my gosh! You’re crushing it in real estate. You’ve
got the deals. How would I give you the money, we’ll partner up.” Now, all four of
these together in this ultimate game plan. Knowing the criteria, get the 15%
compounding ROI, getting it funded with one of the four funding strategies and
then accelerating it to the max with these three accelerators. This right
there means that in 5 years you can own a hundred properties or it means in
10 years you could own 10 properties. There is a way for you to move forward
right now. There’s a way for you to be buying real estate right now.
The timing in the market is perfect. With my strategy, it’s always perfect timing
because it doesn’t matter if the markets up or down. And you can be creating the
life of your dreams right now. You need a game plan, you need a strategy, you need a
mentor and I’m providing all of them to you. Click the link in the description
below and then you can actually go to my website. Download the game plan for free.
Read it. Reach out and talk to my team and say, “Kris, the game plan makes sense,
I want a mentor with you.” And we’ll share with you exactly how to do that or just
use the game plan and go crush it in real estate on your own.

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