What is the #1 Quality Real Estate Agents Should Have

What is the #1 Quality Real Estate Agents Should Have

Hi everyone. This is your Tampa Realtor Lance Mohr and in this video I want to go over a great question I got
the other day from a home buyer and that is what’s the number one quality a real
estate agent should have when you work with them so I’m going to go over that
in this video okay so I just thought that was a really good question I just
of course wish I could really narrow it down to one quality and I am going to do
that I would say if you’re looking for a real estate agent whether you’re a buyer
or a seller you really need to look for an agent that has a lot of great
qualities not just one or two of them you know there’s so many things do they
have great communication are they honest are they looking out for your best
interests do they know what they’re doing if they been in the business of IO
and it happened and have a lot of experience are they going to be
available to show you property what happens if they go out of town do they
have someone in their team or someone in their office or someone they could get
you in the home so you don’t lose it do they have know how to negotiate what is
the single best quality you could have now before I answer that I do want to
just give a sign note here I just have to say I think most agents out there are
honest and they’re really trying to do this for their home buyers and home
sellers some of them just don’t have the experience level so I want to sort of
put that off because at the end of the day you have to hire an agent that’s
honest or forget it so I just want to assume that every agent that you’re
talking to that you have a good feeling that at least they’re honest but if we
take away honesty and just put that off to the side I would say the number one
quality that an agent could have would be their knowledge not just book
smart but more knowledge on experience if they done if they’ve been through is
this our first rodeo or is it their thousand thousands Romeo and how do you
I’m stuttering here oh um you know what experience level do they have because
we’re in a different market right now and there’s a lot of people out there
they just don’t know what they’re doing and I think that’s okay I mean everybody
has to learn but you want someone who knows what they’re doing
someone who’s knowledgeable so out of everything except honesty and I’m just
gonna say I think everybody’s gonna be pretty honest out there there are a
couple bad apples but not many of them out there but put it aside honesty I
would have to just say knowledge that would be my number one quality I think
any real estate agent that you’re looking whether you’re buying a home or
whether you’re selling a home should have I’m curious to find out what do you
think do you agree with that you think knowledge do you think availability do
you think you think I should just say honesty and forget everything else so in
your input I’d like to know what you have to think I hope this helps you if
you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me if you like my
videos please subscribe to my channel click the little bell icon and you’ll be
notified of my videos I wish you the best of luck whether you’re buying a
home or whether you’re selling home have a great day

One thought on “What is the #1 Quality Real Estate Agents Should Have

  1. Good info as always. Let's cut the newbies some slack, they may not have the experience but as long as they are backed by a good team, the transaction will be fine, we all have to learn somehow.

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