What is Micro Wholesaling Real Estate?

What is Micro Wholesaling Real Estate?

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Hey my friend this is OLA coming to
you live for myEmpirePRO studios on this episode I want to talk to you about what
is micro hole selling real estate stay tuned alright alright so I got this
funny conversations going on online on one of the forums and and it’s about
micro host selling real estate and I wanted to put a little bit of shed a
little bit of light on it okay I noticed that some of you engage in the
conversations our typical internet trollers okay
people that may be struggling in their business and they’re now skeptical about
gurus they’re skeptical about new information and knowledge and one of
them is micro selling real estate and I’m gonna read these comments to you and
then I’m gonna address each one of them okay so he says it’s about flipping this
is my co-host on real estate okay it’s about flipping and selling real estate
leads to investors allegedly you can get investors to prepay for leads up front
and use this to find leads via arbitrage you know um if you don’t know what leads
mean leads means prospects it means people’s contact information that I’ve
said yes I would like some help a lead means somebody who said yes I
have a house to get rid of right contact information of that kind of person is
what you call lead and will even die for leads in business generally because
leads is what turns to customers right so leave that essentially prospective
customers or potential customers if you will okay so so when you learn how to
generate leads and you sell that to other investors is apparently what they
are referring to as macro wholesaling so you’re not doing the wholesale
yourself you just generating the leads and you’re selling it okay but let’s
continue here so apparently there’s some software platform involved supposedly
supposed to supposed to automate this now here’s what I’m gonna want you
there’s a lot of people selling software selling apps selling this supposed to
make your life easier I’m sorry to Boston bubbles here really
all you need are the Google tools you need the Google sheets Google Doc okay
Google Gmail really to run this business and maybe if you’re gonna pay for
anything maybe an autoresponder to build your list of potential buyers to build a
list of potential investors yes you need to build a list at some point you need
to learn how to build a list okay oh and that’s what I will personally build
rather than generating leads to sell okay but I’ll talk about that in a
second here so it goes it continues it’s about selling motivated seller leads
right so people that are motivated to sell it sell a motivated seller leads to
motivated buyers at $8 per lead in groups of 50 to 100 you can advertise
the leads initially and buyers will send you the money up front then you turn
around and buy them from another source for less money and keep the profit all
right so again as wholesalers internet marketers business owners network
marketers leads is the bloodline of our businesses okay if you know if you’re
not generating leads there’s no money okay that is really that simple
so now this person is teaching people what would refer to as macro who’s macro
real estate wholesaling right and this is what it is you learn how do know you
actually sell it first and then you turn around and you buy it and then you give
it to them all right so you sell you learn how to sell leads first you can
collect the money and you buy it for cheap and you don’t know and you sell it
and this part in between that is the average is where you make your money
from okay now here’s the thing okay I don’t necessarily think that’s illegal
okay but I’m not a lawyer I’m not I’m not an attorney and I refuse to be an
attorney and I would not be an attorney and I refuse to give you legal advice
and I am NOT giving you legal advice what I can tell you is this okay in a
free-market world I personally don’t think that’s illegal as long as you
actually deliver within the time of your contract what you promised you’re gonna
deliver that’s leads that’s people’s contact
information that I’ve said yes I’m interested in selling a house if you in
fact you’re doing that ethically you’re generating real leads that are actually
interested there is a lot of companies doing that okay a lot of so-called
marketing agency agencies that’s what they do they generally need to sell the
leads and there’s all the spread in between all that money is where people
collect money that’s where people create the economy and create income and
revenue for their business okay so I don’t necessarily see anything
wrong with that now what they do is they batch it together in the form of 50 s
and $100 that’s 400 to 500 a piece in turnaround you buy the leaves and you
sell it if somebody is a sucker an offer to buy such leads and they can’t find
the source of this leaves on the internet then so be it that’s just what
it is okay and there’s nothing unethical about that because if they don’t know
where to find this leads and you know where to find it and you’re selling it
to the people and they’re willingly willingly and able to pay that money 400
800 dollars a piece for 5,200 leads that are actually
it’s that’s a real business model there’s nothing wrong with that and if
you find places to build your business that way where you can bring in some
cash flow into your business while you’re waiting for your first deal you
might you might as well just do it okay because you’re bringing value to another
person see as long as you’re bringing value to another person there’s nothing
wrong with it it’s absolutely a good thing and that’s I would do it I’m not
giving you legal advice but I would do that okay I will buy the leads I will
collect my I will sell you the leads and then I will tell you I’m gonna deliver
in the next two to three days I’ll go get the lead there will be real leads
and I will sell it to you okay I mean I would deliver okay and I will fulfill
the commitment okay and doesn’t again there’s nothing unethical about that now
is that something I would do now know what I know today with the digital age
infrastructures and platform of marketing like marketing YouTube
Facebook for cheaper and not have to do with the attic or somebody calling this
as another kind of camp I see I’ll have to do with this
kind of stuff okay now I’ve done a business model like that my past where I
help people generate leads but it’s often not appreciated the way I thought
it would be appreciated because I know the value of a lead the value of a meet
is not eight dollars per lead the value of a lead is 20 30 even sometimes $500
for need if you selling a product right for $20,000 and on an average you’re
bringing in leads you paint for an average lead is paying you $10,000 I
will pay up to $5,000 for that lead why because it’s printing money
okay that’s leads that’s becoming ten thousand dollars that’s like printing –
doubling the money okay so leads has no tag value on it until you do the math
okay so to me leads are valuable sure but it’s not always valuable to the end
end buyer okay sometimes you have to paint that picture
and when you paint that picture the painting another picture in their own
head yeah literally thinking you’re saying they’re gonna become a
millionaire but you end up selling this lead it’ll become a balloon yet and they
hold it against you I’ve been a victim of that okay and I typically I’m gonna
tell you right now I do not buy and sell leads anymore because of that reason now
there are ways you can put disclaimers together and and I still be doing the
right thing and not how people hold you accountable for such nonsense
but I like peace of mind I like to sleep well at night
okay I don’t like somebody linger over my shoulder so I rather teach okay I
rather teach people than give people the fish especially whether or not when they
don’t see that’s fish right I rather teach people out of fish that way they
can decide what’s good for them as a fish or not does that make sense so
that’s why I encourage people to learn marketing okay learn marketing and use
that marketing to build your own list now a supposed to love means selling the
leads to the investors I will offer to advertise their properties okay their
deals on my list just in case somebody picks it up if somebody picks it up I’ll
get paid as a partner of the deal I’ll rather do that because nobody is being
held hostage in that Oprah I’m building a list because I know
dividing and building a list and the leads on that list but I’m not selling
the leads without it’s actually becoming a real transaction that make sense so
create the creating transaction out of thin air it’s it’s it’s not really what
it sound like it’s not really bad ok but you have to understand that people’s
mindsets are all over the place the emotion the emotions if you will is is
wrong and when they really feel like they’re gonna make money and they don’t
end up making money just gonna have to wait to my bad mouth all over the place
about your brand and that’s why I avoided the idea of selling needs okay
personally just personally but there is a viable business and there are people
doing it successfully out there and without any of such Eric’s just
personally I it’s one of those days where I’m not passionate about it and I
stopped doing it completely okay and I don’t have to do that to make money I
have I can create real transactions I make tangible if you will
transactions and make money I can send somebody strong I can send somebody
traffic to buy their property and I can make money from doing that rather than
selling them a lead and then Lee Turner and say hey your link did not work after
not being consistent for a while because leads doesn’t simply just done we don’t
just work like that you have to be consistent with advertising and things
like that so you somebody try and once it doesn’t work they’re gonna claim it
doesn’t work okay but when I have my list I have my list and I can have a
test on my list over and over again and when I create a transaction I could a
transaction it looks like overnight success but the truth is that I’ve
literally sent that advertising out a few times before it hits and that’s real
business generally speaking okay so um you can never ties the leaves he says
you can never ties the leads initially and buyers will send you the money up
front then you turn around and buy them from another source for less money and
keep the profit it’s nothing wrong with that okay I just personally would not do
that Rob calls this a Detroit yeah arbitrage is real money’s equity okay
reselling someone else’s product for a higher price
exactly his core free-market is called business ok profits my asset my own
answered question to him was how did he set a price for $8 per meet I told you
earlier lead to me it’s not $8 partly there’s a lot more than that okay it’s
at least half of whatever the average average revenue per lead is for me
through the funnel okay so lead has no value to me as in like it has a lead is
very valuable for me is what I mean to say and $8 is nothing okay if I’m paying
$10 per lead as well as long as I’m making an average of $20 per lead on net
I’m gaining I’m I’m back all day long and that’s core business and you need to
understand that you need to have that mindset in order to be successful
entrepreneur in period okay just how fresh and qualified are day
well you gotta test that you got to do it over time to find out and no one’s
gonna promise you anything that’s the whole problem with lead generation and
selling the leaves if you can’t guarantee anything just like I can’t
guarantee you’re gonna wake up tomorrow I’m not gonna guarantee that your leaves
are gonna buy tomorrow but it’s your this is now time for you to take a risk
very simply right so the cost and software price for I guess to learn this
stuff is for $97 along with the usual bonuses if you sign up immediately as
anyone actually had any success with micro host an agency that’s the problem
with most of all they’re always looking for someone to have success first if
someone already had success with something and that’s why you wanna get
in it’s already too late you gotta learn how to test things on
your own if it makes sense to you you gotta learn how to test it if it doesn’t
work you keep it moving you make mistakes fast you fail fast you move
forward you fail forward like John Maxwell would say that’s how you do it
in real business if you can’t do that you’re not ready for entrepreneurship
you’re definitely not ready for real estate or selling because some of these
are gonna fall apart it’s gonna fall true it’s some deals are gonna fall true
and you’re gonna be a closing and you came closer and just have to go home
I’ve done that before I’ve been at closing before I thought I was gonna
make $30,000 and then the whole thing got blocked and some things came up on
the title and it was over and was and no one was making money that day and
worse that person I thought we were getting rid of her property that’s a
liability we’re stuck with the property yeah it can get really rough out here
but if you learn how to generate leads then you don’t have to worry about one
deal falling true because eventually you have back to back to back to back
situation okay so that’s what I have for you on this episode if you want to learn
how to generate your own leads for your own business you want to learn how to
generate money online but I’ll learn how to generate five thousand dollars every
30 days even before you close your first deal I have a free master class that I’m
doing you see the link on the screen it’s called all that talks calm slash
mastermind that’s why you want to go if you like what I’ve shared with you so
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