What I Would Do If I Were 20 Again

What I Would Do If I Were 20 Again

Alright. So, this is kind of cool. We’re
going to go into a time machine. I’m actually turning 40 years old later
this year. Which I can’t even believe. like what would happen if I could go
back to when I was 20 years old ?20 years ago. Like what would I do different? I
mean don’t get me wrong. The journeys been amazing. It got me here. But I kind
of want to know if I could do it faster, what would I do different? There are
3 things. There are 3 moments that would have changed everything. And
if I can keep you from making these mistakes, then maybe you’ll go even
faster than I did. So, when I got my first mentor, one of the things that he told me
was, “Okay, Kris. This is where you’re at. You’ve been at your job for a year. You
need to be there for another 14 months to create the two years.” So, my first
mentor basically told me to wait 14 months. And during that time he said, “Hey,
traditionally get yourself into a primary residence.” You need two years at
your job. He said, “You only have 2 credit cards.
You should get another one. So, you should have 2 to 3 credit cards.” And then
he said, make sure you keep your credit clean. So, I was making good choices with
my credit. And then the last one was, “Kris, save up $5,000.” Now, want to pause
for a moment. This game plan did allow me to buy my first house that kicked off my
entire investment career. And honestly, it’s amazing looking back and seeing
that that work. But you know I’m more amazed at? I’m more amazed that I stuck
with that game plan for 14 months. I mean, can you imagine? 14 months of doing this
and that’s how you’re going to make money in real estate? Man, talk about the slow
path. Talk about the patient path. I’m so glad that when I work with young people
these days, I’m not like, “Okay. I want you to do nothing for 1 or 2 years.” Like
drive me nuts. If I could go back to the beginning and I knew what I knew now, I’m
telling you right now, that would not be my game plan. These are good things to do
but should you allow these things to get in your way of investing now? No. Friends,
waiting means that you’re believing in some excuses keeping you from taking
action today. I don’t care how young you are. For those either like 18, 90,
20. And your parents are telling you that you’re too young. Or for somebody they’re
feeling like it’s too late, you’re too old. Listen up. Bullcrap.
It’s garbage. Lesson number 1. Don’t wait. The second thing is that once I did
get on a roll, couple years later, I started finding deals left and right. And
if I didn’t have the money to do the deal, I just let the deal pass by. So, I
was finding good deals and I wasn’t taking action on them. I only took action
on some of them. Knowing what I know today, if there’s a really good deal and
you can’t do it, do you realize that you can give it to somebody else
(It’s called wholesaling) and they can write you a fiver a $10,000 check saying,
“Dude you did the legwork. I get that you can’t buy it. Thank you.” But better yet,
don’t wholesale it. Bring a partner on. Say, “You know what? I got this deal. I’ve
done other deals. Will you do the deal with me?” Partnering was actually
something that I stumbled into. It was my father-in-law that believed in me. And he
actually offered to go in 50/50 and we bought homes. And it was only a couple years
after that that I realized that I could actually bring on multiple partners. So, I
did figure it out. Didn’t pick it up in a seminar, didn’t learn it and of course.
Didn’t read in a book. I had to discover it. If I could go back then I would take
these good deals and I would start partnering sooner. If you have a good
deal, there’s always money. That’s the lesson. So, before we move on to number
3, lesson number one, don’t wait. Lesson number 2, if you have a good
deal, there’s always money for a good deal. And the third lesson is like the
most brutal lesson. Like, I hate even opening my mouth and saying this to you.
Because I’m like… Listen, as well as off as I am. I’m telling you right now, I’ve
lost out on tens of millions of dollars because of this one right here. Which is
when I was finding all of these good deals and I had more and more partners, I
got to a point where I got so much contentment that I didn’t duplicate my
results. I don’t know what it is but people do this sometimes. It’s painful.
It’s like everything’s working for you and then you get distracted on something
different. How many of you know what I’m talking about. You get engaged with
something. You’re getting fruit, you’re getting results.
And then you don’t maximize it. You don’t optimize it. Dude, my world today revolves
around optimization. And I feel like I’m going back and I’m repenting for some
really bad mistakes. Because you know what?
I wasn’t duplicating my results that we’re successfully working. And now, I’ve
put them on steroids so that I can be duplicating as fast and as much as I
possibly can. So, if this lesson says, “Don’t wait.”
This one says, “There’s always money.” Here’s what this last one is. This one is
always continue doing what works. Friends, if I could come back. Time machine
popped back 20 years, those are 3 things that only I myself could teach
myself today. Hey, it’s not too late for me because I
did figure it out. I could have been more effective or more efficient. But I’m
inviting you to be faster than me. I’m inviting you to create wealth more
meaningful than me. I’m inviting you to do something and surpass what my
previous results are. And friends, these are the 3 biggest lessons that I
have learned. You know, I am… Worked with the mentor once who had gone bankrupt
twice. And I was hanging out with a friend that said, “Why are you mentoring
with that guy?” Like, “He’s been bankrupt. He’s failed.” And I looked at him I said, “I
would rather mentor with someone that has been on top of the mountain
repeatedly and then has made decisions that put them back down.” Because they can
teach you what works and they can also teach you what? What didn’t work? Today,
I’m teaching my three biggest failings from my past. But I’m also telling you
that I’m standing today victorious on top of the mountain. And I’m inviting you
to join me on that mountain. Click the link below in the description. Learn how
you can mentor with me. This is just the beginning of the journey. The reality is
I can help you get where you want to go way faster than I ever did. As long as
you’re open minded and teachable. It is a screening process. My team is going to
interview you. But hey, if you pass, then it means I get to mentor you and I get
to help transport you to the top of that mountain. You do your part I do my part.
And it’s going to look awesome. Hey guys, make sure you subscribe. Ring that bell
so I can let you know about tomorrow’s video when it comes out. And for the rest
of you, click the link below. Get my free book. Get with me and my team and let’s
start making some real estate happen today.

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