What Every 20-Something NEEDS To Hear About Money

What Every 20-Something NEEDS To Hear About Money

What’s up everybody,
I am Jaspreet Singh, and welcome to the Minority Mindset. You are a young
professional and you want to be smart with your money, this way you can be rich
while you’re still young, this way you can enjoy your life, and be financially
stress-free. But uh, how do you do it? Well, you’re in the right place because
today, we’re gonna talk about the best ways to use your money when you’re young
to build your wealth, so hit that thumbs up button, and subscribe to the Minority
Mindset YouTube channel, that way you don’t miss our new videos every single
week, and now, let’s get into it. You can think of building wealth kind of like
rolling a snowball. You start off with a small snowball the size of your fist, and
you pack it real tight, and then you go on top of a snowy hill, and then you
start rolling the snowball and slowly, slowly, slowly, after a little while it’s
gonna grow to the size of your face, and now, you keep pushing it and rolling it,
and it’s growing a little bit faster, and after a little while longer, you’ve
realized that the snowball grows to about the size of your hips, or to your
hips rather, and you’re pushing it and it’s growing faster, and faster because
now the snowball is bigger, so it can attract snow faster, and you’re going, and
you’re going, and you’re going, and then oh my God! The snowball is about to roll
over your house! The earlier you start, the faster you’ll be able to build this
wealth snowball, which is why the best thing to do in your 20s is to invest
very aggressively, this way you can build a machine that’s making you money
faster and faster each year. Time is so important for your wealth snowball to
grow, this way once you get it really big, it can attract snow, or money, much faster.
Like, Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors of all time, ninety
nine percent of his wealth was built after his fiftieth birthday. Before he
was 50, he was still super rich, but after 50 he became unbelievably rich. Now
that you understand the importance of starting young, the next thing you have
to understand is that investing isn’t just something you do once.
Aaand done. I just bought some stocks. Well, I guess I’ll check back in 50 years…
Being a successful investor means making consistent investments to your
investment portfolio every single month, even if your contributions are small. The
best thing you can do is create a financial plan for yourself, this way you
don’t have to tell yourself how much to invest, your plan will tell you how much
to invest each and every month, and I’ll grab my whiteboard so I can show you
exactly how to do it. If you are young, and you don’t have a lot of financial
responsibilities, I want you to follow our 50/30/20 plan, which says you should
be spending a maximum of 50 percent of your income on yourself, you should be
investing a minimum of 30 percent of your money, and you should be saving a
minimum of 20 percent of your money. So, for every dollar you make, you can spend
50 cents, you can invest 30 cents, and you should be saving 20 cents. If you have
more financial responsibilities, like you have people relying on you financially,
it’s gonna be a lot harder for you to live off of just fifty percent of what
you make, which is why you should follow our 75/15/10 plan, which says you can
spend a maximum of 75 percent of every dollar you make, you should be investing
a minimum of 15 percent of every dollar you make, and you should be saving a
minimum of 10 percent of every dollar you make. Now, I know what you’re probably
thinking: “But Jaspreet, why are we investing more than we’re saving? I mean
my math teacher told me that saving is the key to building wealth”.
Well, sorry Billy. Your math teacher is wrong. Saving is losing. Investing is the
real key to building wealth, which is why we’re gonna be investing more than we
save, and not just that, after you save six months worth of expenses, so after
you’ve put aside six months worth of expenses in your savings account, you
will not save another penny, because saving is losing, and after that, you will
double down on investing, and then take this saving money, and invest it. And if
you don’t believe me when I say saving is losing, I already made a video where I
explain exactly why, and I’ll link it in the description below for you to watch after
this video. So, now that you’ve made the decision of how much money you should be
investing each and every month, now it is time for you to make a decision: how hard
do you want to work? There are two ways to invest your money: you have the active
way, and you have the passive way. The active way is when you invest in
yourself. If you have a business idea, you can be your own investor by taking your
money and investing in your idea, or you can buy an existing business through a
franchise, or buy an online business, essentially you are investing this
money to create more income, but you are actively working to grow your money
through this business creation model. Passive investing on the other hand is
where you send your money to work, and then you walk away, and you let your
money do its thing, and that’s it. At first glance the answer might be
obvious; Why would I want to do an active investment if I could just be a passive
investor? Well, the returns are very different. If you are a passive investor,
the returns tend to be a lot smaller than if you were an active investor. Like,
if you invested one thousand dollars in the stock market, after one year, you can
expect to earn an average $70 to $100 after a whole year of doing nothing
except just sending your money to work. But, if you took that $1,000 and you use it to
start your own business, you could turn that $1,000 into ten thousand dollars
after one year. If you are young and want to live big, well then this is your time
to go the active route and take more risk and put in that time. And, of course,
this upside does come with sacrifice too, I mean, it takes a ton of time and work
to build a business. It can be stressful and there’s risk involved, so it’s not
for everyone. But, if you can build your own profitable business and you can
start this on the side or in addition to your work, well now you will have more
money to fuel your passive investments. And if you’re young, and don’t have kids,
and you’re not married, it’s a lot easier to do this, because you have less people
relying on you. Whether you decide to go this active route or not, you have to do
this passive investing, and there are a number of ways to do this sort of passive
investing. Whoa! A beard oil company just went public. Let me invest in that! I’m a
very simple investor; I don’t like to invest my money and then have to wait 10,
20, 30, 40, years to see a return on my money. I want to start seeing my
returns a lot sooner, which is why I invest for passive income. In the stock
market that means investing in companies that pay dividends. Dividends are regular
cash payments that companies pay you just for owning them. Like, I used to own
a lot of shares of the McDonald’s Company, and every three months
McDonald’s would deposit money into my account, and I never had to sell a single
burger. You don’t need a ton of money to do this, I mean, you can start investing
with a couple hundred bucks and start getting those dividends. No, you’re not
gonna become a millionaire off of your dividends from a two hundred dollar
investment, it’s just gonna be a few bucks, but some passive income is better
than no passive income, and everybody has to start their wealth snowball from
somewhere. Now, my favorite way to invest for passive income is to invest in
income producing real estate, which are things like homes or apartment complexes
that I buy not to live in myself, but I’m buying them to rent out to other people
who have to pay me rent every single month for living in my property. The
thing that a lot of people get confused about real estate is they think:
“Oh, I don’t really want to do this whole real estate investing thing, because I
don’t want to have to clean toilets, and deal with tenants, and do all of that”.
Well now, my real estate investments are completely passive. What you can do is
after you buy some real estate that you want to buy as an investment, you can
just hand over the keys to a property management company—who don’t necessarily
want any money upfront, they’ll just take a percentage of your rent that you get—
and then they’ll handle all the work. Would you be surprised if I told you
that I already have a lot of videos on real estate investing? Yes? Well, then my
friend, you are easily surprised, because I have made some videos on this, and I’ll
link them in the description below for you to watch after this video. But, don’t
forget about the financial system we created in the first place! If you’re
making an extra $1,000 a month from passive investments, well you want to
send this $1,000 down this financial system again, this way you’ll be spending
some of it, you’ll be investing a piece of it, and you’ll be saving a portion of
it, until you save six months worth of expenses, this way, you can live a little
bit better, you’ll be investing some more so you can make even more passive income,
and you’ll get to your savings goals much quicker. The key to making smart
financial decisions is, one, understanding what to do, and second, knowing what’s
happening in the finance and business world, this way you can make smart money
decisions, and that’s why we created the free Minority Mindset newsletter, where
we break down the most relevant finance and business news stories, and then we
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