What Does A Real Estate Agent Do?

What Does A Real Estate Agent Do?

Hi. I’m Jana Kllaasse I’m a realtor along
with my husband’s Paul – also a realtor all-around nice guy most of the time.
And we’re with Snyder Bailey & Associates here in the Eastern Panhandle. And just FYI I do a new video every week on all aspects of buying and selling
property and also feature some of my favorite neighborhoods in the Eastern
Panhandle. So if you hit the subscribe button just below here and then the
little bell icon you’ll be notified when a new video appears. So today I’d like to shed some light on what we do to earn the Commission money you are paying us – so let’s get started right now We’re talking about what we do to earn our keep. The whole thing begins with the first meeting. We’ll come to your home to meet you and get to know your plans and timeline so that everything we do is in line with that.
Next w’ell tour your home so we can learn the features that should be pointed out
to a buyer. And since presentation is such a huge factor in getting top dollar,
we’ll suggest some things you can do to improve the marketability of your home. I
wrote a little book “Simple Staging” which points out the aspects of a home we’ve
seen that are most appealing to buyers. Then we’ll schedule a photo shoot with a
professional photographer so that the best features of your home are captured.
The photo on the left is done with a regular camera- the photo on the right is
done by a professional photographer. The difference professional photos make are
huge. Worth the expense. The next job we do is
marketing your home and I don’t think anyone has us beat on that one.
We’ll do a great-looking brochure with a custom floor plan and information about
the area a buyer would want to know. We also do a video taking buyers on a tour
of your home – and here’s a little snippet the tour we did for a home that we just
sold Our marketing spend is pretty hefty because we believe
that’s what it takes to reach all the buyers looking for a home like yours and
also to motivate them to make an appointment. Probably the most important job we do is advising on price. I keep up to speed on new listings, recently sold
listing – I also preview homes so when I tour your home
I’ll have that information in my head and I also bring a list of active
listings, recently sold home under contract home similar to your home plus
I’ll bring some tax records – appreciation rates so we have all the information we
need to take it to consideration and arrive at a price that reflects maximum
value. you know there’s so much that goes into the sale of a home and you are
paying us to quarterback the entire process so that you get top dollar for
your home and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks during the contract
period – so that we all end up at the settlementt table and have a successful
sale. Okay thanks again – have a wonderful day and I hope to talk to you soon.

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