What Does A Real Estate Agent Do | Ask Rigs (Sharyn Rigsbee)

What Does A Real Estate Agent Do | Ask Rigs (Sharyn Rigsbee)

Hey there, it’s Rigs a Realtor with
Coldwell Banker King Thompson right here in Columbus Ohio. Yes I’m a Realtor and
by this title you know we’re talking why you should have a realtor to purchase
your home. Now listen hear me out for many people buying a home is the largest
purchase, the largest investment they make in their lifetime. So why don’t you do everything you should to protect that. To ensure that
you make the best decision. That’s where a real estate agent comes in. They really
bring that level of expertise and knowledge but more importantly that
market knowledge to you so that you don’t have to try to figure all this out. But if I can give you an insight tip in most cases the seller has hired a real
estate agent to list and sell their home. Meaning they have someone who represents. Meaning they have someone who is speaking on their behalf. Meaning they have someone handling their affairs. Do you really want them to have
the advantage over you? NO! You should hire a realtor too to do those things for
you: to represent you, to have your best interest and to communicate what you
need and to bring and to bring that market knowledge to you. So if you want to know what I
feel are the seven top things you should be looking for in a real estate agent
then keep on watching. Number one. Your real estate agent can help you get
pre-approved. If you’re not sure where to start here’s the thing real estate
agents have an entire network of folks that we know and lenders are one of them. We can get you connected with a lender that you can vibe with that can offer
you a great rate great, loan product and that can be a good resource for us
throughout the entire transaction. Number two. That real estate agent is
gonna help you find the house that you’re looking for. In one of my
previous videos I will link it right here I talk about you need to make
sure you know what you’re looking for in a house. What are your wants, what are your non-negotiable’s. That real estate agent is going to make sure you
know that and show you the houses that meet what you’re looking for. Now
remember if you’re not sure location or neighborhoods or schools guess what we
know that stuff or we can give you the resources to help you do that research
on your own. Number three. We are good at negotiating price and terms in addition
to that also any repairs that you are looking for from the seller. Now listen
in a hot market negotiation is more challenging but it is a skill and you
want a real estate agent who hears you and is not afraid to challenge your
position because we have to always find a win-win
but then is able to take what you need what you expect what you want and fight
for that on the other side with professionalism. So make sure you find an
agent who’s not afraid to negotiate for you. Number four. A real estate agent is
really good at connecting you with the people that you need. The things that come top of mind are your inspections. When you’re in that period you could need a
home inspection radon inspection termite inspection there’s a whole host of
things you can need depending on the house and the area that the home is
located in. Your real estate agent can be your go-to person to help you connect
with those folks easily. Number five. Your real estate agent is gonna make sure
that they manage the transaction for you. That contract is key. There are some
critical deadlines in there that honestly if those are missed you miss
out on getting the house but maybe even more importantly you miss out on any
money that you’ve invested being your inspections or even earnest money that
you had to put up at the request of the seller. So making sure that your real
estate agent manages the entire process and does that with a relationship focus
is key to make sure that we get you from
pre-approval to the closing table. Number six. Your real estate agent is going to
make sure they communicate to you and to others effectively. Literally a great
relationship can be great if you communicate well and can be disastrous
if they don’t know how and in this space there are so many moving parts to
purchasing a home and so many different individuals who are involved from your
lender to the title company to the listing agent to you to the home
inspector – you get my drift? Your agent is gonna be key to making sure of all of
those folks are talking together but more importantly making sure that you
are best informed and that you know what is happening right now and what is
happening to come. The last thing I’ll mention, Number seven is that a good real
estate agent is gonna stay in touch with you well after the closing. Listen you
spent at least 30 days together and in many cases much longer than that I would
hope you have a friendship at this point. So your real estate agent is gonna be so
key to you if you get in your home and need some additional home repairs done
some remodeling done they’re gonna be a great resource for you – remember they
have that network but then also you can be a great resource for them. If you’ve
had a great experience don’t you want to share that with other people? So if you
know friends family other folks that are looking to purchase a home or sell a
home and need someone they could trust and value you can recommend your real
estate agent too. How cool that there can be a great win-win relationship between
the two of you! So there you have it the seven things I
think you should really keep top of mind when you’re looking to hire an agent. There are well over a hundred things an agent’s gonna do for you throughout the
entire transaction but that makes for a long video and ain’t nobody got time for
that. So I just covered the top seven things I
think are most critical so you can keep top of mind how they add value to the
process. So be sure to LIKE this video let me know if it was helpful for you. If
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section let me know let’s chat over there certainly hope I
can add some value there if you have any questions that are kind of lingering
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miss a single one. Here’s the thing I wish you the very best as you pursue
this journey to purchase your home. It can be a fantastic time. Hire someone
that can help you make sure it is. Stay productive and fabulous and I will see
you in my next video. Take care.

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