What Does A Real Estate Agent Do – A day in the Life of a Realtor

What Does A Real Estate Agent Do – A day in the Life of a Realtor

official so the first thing we’re gonna do is
we’re going for my daughter’s soccer game this morning so she’s got a game at
10:15 right now so we’re heading there after that we’ve got we’ve got a tour of a
property with a client that’s coming in from Arkansas that we actually have
under contract on another property so we’re gonna go check out one
condo for them and then we’re gonna head to the condo we have under contract for
them because the inspection is being done today and then after the inspection
we’re gonna head over to a new listing I’ve got coming up in far North
Dallas so the photographer’s coming and the drone guys coming we will be doing the
matterport 3d tour so it’s gonna be a fun packed day with a lot of
activities and behind the scenes stuff about what happens before listing goes
live yeah so one of the things that you know the conversation that’s been going
on nowadays is the market is shifting you know a lot of
people are freaking out because they’re saying homes aren’t selling people
aren’t buying because the national real estate market is going down
here’s my personal take on it the way that Texas market has been it’s
been amazing for the past few years but with everything else you know you’ll see
that you’ll see the same trends in the stock market – you’re not gonna see
anything just shoot straight up and continue going there’s gonna be a little
bit of a dip before it starts going back up again it’s just a
correction so in my opinion with the Texas market especially in North Texas
where we live right so you look at Plano Frisco Carrollton and Prosper Allen
McKinney there’s so much new stuff that’s coming into those cities that you
know the trends I feel yeah they’re gonna slow down a little bit but it’s
not devastating it’s not it’s not something that we have to be too too
worried about just because the demand is still there just like any product that
you’re gonna buy or sell it’s all about supply and demand what do you think
there’s so much construction going on everywhere you drive around in Dallas
because the demand is there a lot of these big investment firms that are
putting money into these things you know they do their research before they’ve
taped for down millions or hundreds of millions of dollars to build their
developments it’s because they know that the demand is there that they need to
meet so you know a lot of the worries shouldn’t really be there if and
especially when you were buying or selling a house right it all depends on
who you’re gonna use as your Realtor there are gonna be a lot of Realtors
that might leave the market when it slows down a little bit so you know who
are you gonna use are you gonna use any part timers are you gonna use some full
time you know Realtors that have have a ton of experience
you know that’s that’s gonna be the main thing if your house gets old or not you
know there are a lot of people that are just gonna put stuff out on the MLS
expecting other buyers to show up but you need to have a realtor that’s gonna
have a set strategy for marketing all right are you getting exposure are you
on Google are you on Facebook are you are you blasting this stuff out to other
social media outlets where people are actually searching so so a lot of your
success with that depends on that and I know I
I talked about this quite a bit in the last video that I put up last week which
showed the specific numbers for plano in frisco for the month of december and
december is you know historically the slowest month for a real estate and
actually home sales actually rose in december which was great
so you know there’s there’s my little rant about that stuff but yeah it’s i
feel is just a small correction that’s happening in the market which is natural
and actually healthy and the rest you know we’ll see where it goes I’m not a
I’m not a fortune teller so don’t don’t hold me to any of this but this is just
my professional opinion clients out of me offers without looking
at homes before uh-huh and so far turned out pretty well they’ve typically gone
well so but it’s always a like a little nerve-racking yeah let’s take a look at
what the inspector says during the house is in good condition if painters
checking out all right we can always go back I wanted to get the entire team here to
meet you guys so yeah because I know a lot of conversations have just been
happy you so if does a game plan we want to do was great seeing you guys again you – we
appreciate it once again okay see you you guys have a safe trip back and now we gotta come we can’t have the
client in the shot like so like insulated inside I either where I’m like I can’t go to
client meetings with dogs on you but you can go to climb you into the Jordans on
oh yeah hey Michael Jordan sponsor AK I’m alright alright see how solid is
this dang that’s a nice all right we got some fancy equipment
you know technology for places is getting popular but I’m still surprised
out a lot more listing and then you can even like look down on
the floor you can look up at the ceiling and now is gonna take all of these and
stitch them all together so you can walk around the house however you like what
your own is that later like one step at a time like
literally one step at a time number one just like in any sales first
you have to get the exposure right or a real estate it’s get it getting a good
picture so people get attracted to looking it up then it’s getting people
into the house to look at it and then it’s getting offers and then it’s
getting sold right so if step number one of the pictures
are good at the photography videography in the tofutti nice and good how are you
attracting people that are looking on every digital platform or homes people
aren’t going through magazines anything great so it’s like if you don’t have the
visuals to get people into the house how’s the house getting in sold in a ISM oh it’s gonna be way faster I was so
scared I was like watch out you don’t fall into right you got a good glimpse of what it takes
on a weekend and a life the glamorous life of a real estate agent but I hope
you guys had a blast I’ll see you on the next episode

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