What brokerage should you choose as a Real Estate Agent?

What brokerage should you choose as a Real Estate Agent?

what’s up everybody its bc brian kocel of southern california your real estate resource now I titled this video why I chose or why I moved to Keller Williams so obviously I switch from an independent brokerage to Keller Williams so if you haven’t followed me on social media you’ll see that I made the switch today Monday August 15 so I’m gonna make a quick video geared towards anybody in real estate or a new person joining real estate as far as or from the perspective of why join Keller Williams and I’m gonna highlight a few points that will help guide you whether to join a company like killer Williams or stay on your own and independent brokerage or whatever it is okay so let’s begin I was with the independent brokerage and I went to Keller Williams now I will explain right now why I made this move number one because I am building a team and I needed more support being an independent brokerage I was still doing things completely on my own love my old broker she was awesome I just became more of a manager instead of a producer and I cannot have that happen I need to be out there doing the income producing activities and I was getting away from that a little bit because I was so focused on training and building the team now with Keller Williams and their business model I’ll have help support so I’ll be able to grow faster scale better and ultimately get back to doing what I do best and grow my business faster right number 2 profit sharing whenever your market center passes its quota or whatever it’s supposed to make anything extra shared amongst all the agents which is awesome so it’s more of like a business model type business it’s not broker centric it’s agent centric which I love on top of that is also the sponsorship if I sponsor an agent or anybody under me on my team you for life will get a piece of everything that they make so you can create a humongous downline in the future in three four or five years of agents who are under you people you recruit and people who name you as our sponsor you can make a profit off that which is awesome so these are just a few things that I thought were amazing about the company and the fact and the number one most important thing about the office that I’m moving to is environment there’s a lot of big producers there a lot of people who are diverse as far as what they do to get business because I’m coming in from the old school door knocking calling and just prospecting and building my business the old school way organically there’s people at the office who do mailers who do social media strictly YouTube and and online marketing so I want to learn from them to be able to build multiple lead sources and streams of leads to further diversify and grow my business so these are some of the angles that you need to look at in order to determine what the best choice is for you so basically I boiled it down to this if you’re gonna be a solo agent who basically does everything themselves is gonna sell 20 30 40 homes a year and you want to just keep rocking it on your own then I would suggest to go with the independent brokerage because there’s less fees you can keep rocking the show be your own brand and do well now if you want to do what I am doing right now which is building a team and having a much bigger picture mindset you know doing 50 hundred deals or more and then having people working under you and really creating a business and I would suggest you join a company like Keller Williams of course if anybody has any questions I’m here to answer it for you I’d be honored to be your sponsor if you are joining Keller Williams all you have to do is mention me Brian Casella as your sponsor city he puts Cerritos California and for the market center you put Keller Williams Pacific estates and I’d be your sponsor not exactly sure if being a sponsor will entail me coaching or shedding light or anything like that I mean I’d be happy to do it if somebody did named me as a sponsor but I’m not entirely sure about it but that’s just another unique feature to Keller Williams that you won’t find anywhere else is the whole sponsorship thing okay hopefully that answers your questions there’s so much more that I wanted to add about why I made the move but those were the basic basic things that made the decision easy for me to join Keller Williams so hopefully that last breakdown I did between the independent or another company versus Keller Williams really makes the picture clearer for you so you can make a better decision okay so I look forward to growing my business and for all of you follow me on the journey I appreciate it and keep watching cuz I’m gonna grow expand and I have a Lamborghini coming soon see you guys

33 thoughts on “What brokerage should you choose as a Real Estate Agent?

  1. What I'm in Keller Williams too

  2. Would have loved to sponsored you haha

  3. Wiechert Realtors does sponsorships too

  4. So are you going to be going to less or more homes in Keller Williams?

  5. Is Keller williams more classroom based training as opposed to one on one coaching?

  6. I know I'm gonna have money, I just have it in me. I can't describe it but I know I'll have millions. I have some innovative business ideas but I'm still gonna get into this also.

  7. Do you own a brokage company team or do you work for one?

  8. Love the ending! Great content. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  9. If I've never had any experience in Real estate what do I need to be able to do what you do?

  10. so you joined the recruiting based company. great company if you are established, but not for new agents. Good luck with all future endeavors. I only wish the best for everyone.

  11. Welcome to the KW crew brotha! lol keep it up

  12. Brian, I'm just trying to get into real estate now, and I am asking a company for a job. Here's the situation. I called them up and asked them for a job. They seemed interested, and they told me to send them an email with my CV etc. I did so on Thursday last week. It's now Tuesday, and they haven't sent me anything back. I called them up and asked if they had got my email and everything was alright and they said I should leave my phone with them.

    Give me your advice on this,
    what do you think is happening?
    What do you think I should do?
    Am I not leaving it long enough?


  13. Glad to see you make the right decision for your business by thinking long term! Welcome to the fold my friend πŸ˜‰

  14. I've always considered keller williams, my home group and 21st century. / after hearing the sponsorship benefits.. hmm I'm interested more. Since It sounds like network marketing, but in real estate form interesting.

  15. Hello Bryan, I just recently passed my state exam and patiently waiting for my license to come in. I am based off the north OC area and an attending student at Cerritos College. Your office is in my surrounding area and I am interested in further information on the sponsorship program KW has to offer.

  16. Great vid like always Bryan

  17. Quick question, Im 21 and soon to have my real estate license, currently interning at Realty One. Do you think that being young will play against me in the beginning? Im very confident in myself and think that as long as I come off knowledgable and confident it shouldn't hurt my chances much. Any thoughts? Thanks ahead of time!

  18. Hey, I heard you say in one of your interviews that you used to play basketball in Spain, funny story, so did I for 2 years back in 2006-8, I'm wondering if we've eve played against each other. Anyway, I'm based in Sydney, I'm getting into the Real estate industry myself and your videos have been great for me to watch and learn things, thanks for the quality content, keep it up!

  19. Sorry i'm a noob and just learning, but why do you work under a franchise under Keller Williams instead of making your own broker further promoting your own brand rather than riding off of Keller Williams?
    Just because your independent it doesn't mean you have to be you can make your own thing right?

  20. In a big city should you want to specialize in a certain area (close to your office) or try to get clients through out the whole city?

  21. Would you suggest starting with a big company like Keller Williams or start with a local Brokerage and scale to a larger company as you did. Thanks!

  22. Bryan would you recommend KW coming in as a new agent? I moved from my home city to a new city? I don't have a Sphere of influence yet.

  23. I have a interview with Keller Williams in Rancho Cucamonga tomorrow morning. I'm super excited!

  24. I'm from Chicago and i went to cali last year for vacation and chilled at cerritos for a day. Small world

  25. I want you to be MY sponsor! Just send what you can when you can. Thanks bro.

  26. Are you still with KW?

  27. Is Keller a mlm?

  28. Keller Williams is nothing but a Realtor factory and that saturates the market with agents. They care about their bottom line, not yours. And they have a high commission split and monthly fees. Working for them, you're just making Gary Keller rich.

  29. Hey Bryan! I’m here in Tacoma and Ben Kinney owns the office by my house with Keller Williams. Went to a seminar and am thinking this is the place I want to start my real estate career. I know you’re not with KW anymore, but would you still recommend it? Looking for confirmation of my thoughts. Thanks

  30. I sent you an email today boss.

  31. What are your thoughts on Re/max for a new agent?

  32. I'm taking the pre license school and the school put me in contact with a broker. They put me on board already. The name is WARDLEY REAL ESTATE.(Las Vegas) is that a good place to work?

  33. Awesome advice!

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