Well Pressure Tank Installation | The Home Depot

Well Pressure Tank Installation | The Home Depot

[MUSIC PLAYING] In the event that you need to
replace your pressure tank, I have a tank here that we’ve got
from Home Depot that is ready to go. We put a 10 inch tank tee in the unit. And so I’ve already put Teflon
tape on each one of my fittings, but I wanted to make sure I explained
how each one goes into the tank tee. This is a drain valve. It’s going to thread
directly into this line. And again, the Teflon tape will
be able to hold it all together and keep a nice, tight seal. Then, we have a pressure relief valve. This allows the pressure, in the event
the pressure gets too high in the tank, that this will actually open
up and prevent any issues. So we’re going to thread that in there. The next device is a pressure gauge. The pressure gauge will allow us to
know what the pressure is at this tank. You have a pressure gauge on
the pump, but also, you’ll have a second one that’s going to
be threaded into this tank tee. And this will allow us to know what
pressure it is at the tank point. And the last thing we have
is a small 1/4 inch plug. This plug here is to [? relieve ?]
pressure into the system. And we’re going to
throw that in, as well. Now, this is the tank assembly. It’s ready to be put in with the system. All we’re going to do is we
have a 1 inch female line. The 1 inch female line is going to
go to the outgoing line to the home. And then, we’re going to have a 1 inch
female going into this side, which is going to go towards the pump. Now that the tank
assembly is completed, we need to make sure that
we test the pressure. This tank should have a cut-in
pressure at around 28 PSI. The reason why is because we put
in a jet pump that has a 30 to 50 PSI pressure switch, and it needs
to be two PSI below the 30 PSI. So 28 PSI is our cut-in. And you simply just remove this
plug here, use a regular tire gauge to test the pressure. And if it’s at 28 PSI, you’re fine. If not, you can either relieve air
or you can add air by taking a pump and just pumping right into this. Once you’ve done that and the unit’s
at 28 PSI, you can put the cap back on. And the tank’s ready to perform. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Generally you want your female fitting to be made of a stronger matterial than your male fitting to reduce the chance of a crack. So I wouldn't have put that PVC pipe directly on to that brass or copper connection. I would suggest a brass fitting and then the transition to PVC would then be a male adapter. This will prevent a stress fracture of the PVC pipe.

  2. Absolutely love this channel! It's chock full of good info. I was inspired to start my own channel on professional painting for the DIY guys and gals. I've just started it and would love support/ feedback/ ideas for video topics. Going to get interesting in the very near future! Please subscribe and check us out! Peace!

  3. No unions? So, how do you replace the tank in the future?

  4. Where’s the pressure switch?

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