Well-known real estate agent killed by son-in-law

Well-known real estate agent killed by son-in-law

right now at noon a woman is dead after she was gunned down in a driveway police say she was shot by her son-in-law and local 10 News reporter Roy Ramos is live this midday with what we’re now learning about that victim as well as a suspect Roy well we have learned that both the suspect and victim were well-known in the real estate market here in South Florida this all happening right here in the driveway behind me throughout the morning we have seen family members arriving here to offer their condolences after this horrific tragedy police telling us that the suspect drove off and then turned the gun on himself a Northeast miami-dade family console one another after a beloved grandmother was shot and killed outside of her daughter’s Highland Lakes home Monday miami-dade police said the man who pulled the trigger her son-in-law 52 year-old Stephen Qasim al just saw pictures like on Facebook of them and then to find out that her son-in-law shot her is just insane you just never know when people snap family friends telling local 10 the woman shot 70 year old Linda marks a well-known realtor in South Florida according to police just before 5:00 last night neighbors reported hearing shots fired and then saw Cozumel take off in his black Mercedes I came outside and I heard a helicopter and then I saw the son-in-law drive off Hollywood Police catching up to him not long after when they received a call from Miami Dade Police that the suspects cell phone pinged in their City they were able to stop him just north of Pembroke Road on 21st Avenue where investigators said he shot and killed himself a close friend speaking to local 10 said the violence was sparked by the recent news of a divorce between Casa MO and his wife basically he found out he was gain divorce and he was an Apple a divorce and he he shot his mother-in-law and I just heard back from miami-dade police they did tell me that this incident was fueled by a domestic dispute between that suspect and his mother-in-law we do know that a 911 call was made by that suspect to police we put in a request for that as soon as we get it we’ll be sure to bring it right back to you for now here in Northeast miami-dade Roy Ramos local 10 News

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  1. She had great plastic surgery

  2. What they said is not what happened. He was my dad's close friend. I know what happened. He wasn't getting a divorce. The mother in law was stealing his money from a safe and she was also trying to get the wife to divorce from Steve Kasimow and take the kids. When he found she was stealing he snapped and killed her.

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