Welcome To My Channel|Capitalize on Capitalism,Cord Cutting,Real Estate, Making Money Online,Reviews

Welcome To My Channel|Capitalize on Capitalism,Cord Cutting,Real Estate, Making Money Online,Reviews

what’s up everybody and thank you for tuning into the most dynamic YouTube channel on YouTube I am your host – sexy as hell host Lamont Tyson hosting the life games channel and we’re going to talk about everything we do on this channel because our mission on this channel is to help you make life gains in every area of your life but before we do that let me put on my plus seven glasses up sexy as hell work on skilling up my craft give you all the better YouTube experience and something better to look at I’ve been at this YouTube thing for about three years and have learned so much and this is a updated welcome to my channel video what can you expect on this channel for one the mission of creating life games in every area of life takes us to helping you capitalize on capitalism and function and fitness so how do we help you capitalize on capitalism by helping you save money and/or make money and take that money that you save and invest it so by doing that we cover core cutting so that you can save money on those monster cable monopolies we cover apps that help you be productive some apps that help you make money we cover making money which includes one of my favorite vehicles for money making which is investing in real estate we also cover this new frontier called digital nomads where individuals are simply making money by using their computer through various apps through various websites through funnels online mobile ways to make money is the wave of the future and we cover all that on this channel we also review various products to let you know if they’re worth your time and effort we review movies because time is just as big a commodity as money in some cases is more of a commodity so we do firestick and shield moves you my miss that you can see from a Streamy apparatus and we do movie reviews streaming or Bement in which we let you know whether the move is worthy of you going to catch the theater beam or you should just wait for the stream we do a bevy of things to help you get life gains in every area of your life what I’ve been told is that I cannot grow a YouTube channel covering so many different things and what I want you to do if you like anything I’ve mentioned subscribe to this channel click my notification bail so that every time we drop a life game video you are privileged to get those videos first and you can help me deliver my message of life games by sharing everywhere you can and joining all the various things we’re involved in this pro in this channel I like to call the life game channel I also have a patriotic donation link which you can donate $1 whatever you want to do that helps this channel grow in the face of people saying we’re not going to make it and the services I offer as an individual anything you hear me cover on this channel our office services consulting on those things from the real estate to core cutting I write blogs I help people build their YouTube channels which is another area in which I help people make life games to increase their network because having a YouTube platform or a social media platform is one of the greatest ways you can increase your work to somebody else so we cover all those things on this channel and I hope that after this video you have decided to join the live games revolution and increase Life gains in every area of your life that’s going to do it for this welcome to my channel video after 3 years of learning don’t forget to like my video comment and subscribe go get yourself a life game join my channel share my mission and let’s see how we grow together and until the next sexy as hell video I’ll see you you

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  1. Great video very informative

  2. Hey lil brother.. Hope you and family are doing well. I know you guys are blessed as am I.. With the sad news today Terrarium tv being shut down, in your opinion what would be a good apk to install to replace it with.. and thank you very much. terry

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