Website Box | MLS Real Estate Website | Review

Website Box | MLS Real Estate Website | Review

Okay, so my name is Robert Newman I am
the founder of inbound real estate marketing or inboundREM. If you look at
my website and I’m a ten-year veteran of the real estate marketing industry.
I have run some of the sales teams for some of the largest and best-known real
estate website providers in the world and what we’re looking at right now is
what I would refer to as a Realtor IDX site. Now my language here is there are a
lot of sites out there that are either free or extremely inexpensive and all they
really do is they provide a pretty picture that connects your client to the
MLS of the internet. These kinds of websites have very little chance of
generating you any leads, they’ve got very little chance of generating you any
business. You’d have to be a very dedicated blogger and be a little
lucky and work really hard to make any of these websites make you money and
then you quickly realize that probably the best choice for you would
be a WordPress web site of some kind. One because you own it in two
because there’s plug-ins that are really good because the best developers in the
world are building additions to WordPress that make it easier and better
to use in every single category from speed, to SEO, to real estate lead
conversion but Website Box $99. They have hundreds of glowing reviews online
everywhere makes this a really, really super simple. This is a Website
Box site. Okay, to me it looks like a $99 site I’ll let you the audience be the
judge but I don’t find it to be all that impressive but I will say this if you
need a website and you’ve got 99 bucks Website Box is a good place. If you’re
brand new realtor and you’ve got some kind of sales team pressuring you
to get a website. I’ve actually reviewed a couple of
different companies on here that are great choices Placester also has a
five-dollar website that you can get and all those solutions will satisfy
your bosses, but these websites every single one of them is really only going
to. None of them are really gonna do that much for you except give you a
placeholder on the internet and then the question becomes what kind of
placeholder do you want. Like what do you want your site to look like Placester
for $5.00 a month will do better than this.
So I do believe that in terms of, there is one thing that these guys beat out
though no monthly fees, that’s pretty cool. So they have their own place,
they absolutely do. Like if you want something that’s gonna hold your spot
access the MLS and you’re not gonna pay anything recurring. I think these guys
are the only shop in town. For brand new agents looking for that
one specific thing these guys are it. I’m not gonna bother to look up the owners
of this particular company to be honest. I mean I’m not knocking them, but
it’s a throwaway website. You’re gonna spend the $99 you’re gonna keep it up
until you discover that you need something else and you don’t necessarily
own it. It’s not gonna do anything for you it’s just a placeholder on the
internet that looks like this, so that’s it. All right,
so thanks that was website Box it’s $99 and again the reviews are amazing I mean
for what they do in activerain and everywhere that I’ve ever read or looked
at everybody says that website box is a good way to go in terms of what you
can do. so here’s a fit small business by the way that’s doing Zillow
website builder versus Placester versus Website Box. One of the things that
I don’t really like about fit small business though and I’m sorry
totally not part of this review but you know what their affiliate deal is with
Zillow and they push Zillow of the dark and Zillow is not a real Realtors
friend. They never will be, it’s not like they’re this big evil monster in the
room they’re just a real sharp group of technology people that
has figured out a good way to utilize all the data that real-estate agents
work so hard to collect and it’s not their fault that they came up with the idea
and they’ve capitalized on that idea and they literally own the market. Now all
the information they own. However I do hold them accountable for the fact that
30% of the listings on their website is now wrong and they are such a
behemoth that they’ve got no incentive whatsoever to clean up their data. It’s
better for them if they have inaccurate data up online and that’s what they do.
So for me personally as a technology provider I just hold Zillow accountable
for the fact that so much of their information is inaccurate. For you as a
real estate professional, we’re all kind of lucky that they drop the ball because
your potential customers get real sick of everybody’s always talking about
Oh Zillow, Zillow, Zillow, Trulia or whatever. I mean yes people make good money off
leads off these sites. So I know that they convert and close. But, high-end
clients, smart clients always are doing other kinds of research because they
know definitively that twenty to thirty percent of what they’re looking at in
terms of information it’s outdated. So real great salespeople quickly take them
out of the Zillow ecosphere and then give them real information. So Zillow is
good to get that little point of connection but a lot of people don’t
make it that far, they automatically look at the stuff on Zillow. They make one
phone call find out if a listing is expired or not there or the price is different
and they’re sick of it and then they start looking for local providers or articles
on how to get better deals and homes in the areas that they’re looking in and
guess what very few people are providing that these days. So they can’t find them
which is why I’m such a big proponent of SEO. Write great content people come but
anyway that’s it Website Box, hope you enjoyed it.

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