Watch The “Property Brothers” Surprise 2 Of Their Biggest (Littlest) Fans Who Happen To Be Sister…

Watch The “Property Brothers” Surprise 2 Of Their Biggest (Littlest) Fans Who Happen To Be Sister…

My name is Lily and this is my sister Emma. (Emma grunts) (Lily laughs) Start over. My name is Lily, this is my sister Emma, and we are both big Property Brothers fans. I always keep a magazine of you guys in my bedroom. If I’m mad or sad, I just look at them to cheer me up. Jonathan was wearing a blue and orange flannel, and I had one, I was like, hey, wouldn’t that be so cool if I weared it to school? So I weared it the first day of school and all my friends said that that shirt looked really cool. Is Drew your favorite Property Brother ’cause he put on a pink dress when he lost his bet? Yeah? Me and my dad built this bed ’cause I think building and painting kinda like calms you down. I would love to see the Property Brothers. It would be a dream come true. (Applause) So here they are in person. Please welcome Leigh and her daughters, Lily and Emma, who were super excited backstage and now they’ve gotten super quiet. (Leigh chuckles) So girls, you’re really big fans of Property Brothers, right? Did you know that they just wrote a children’s book? Isn’t that cool? (crowd chuckles) Imagine that they are saying, yeah Rachel, that’s really awesome! That is so cool! So do you do a lot of DIY? Why do you think the girls are so into the Property Brothers? Uh, we do a lot of DIY and then also their father, so they made loft beds together– That’s awesome! –in her room, they redo the closets, so I mean, they’re always working with their hands. They just– I think it’s a release for them. They’re just happy doing it. Well we got you guys a couple of signed copies. Hey, where’s those books, guys? Bring ’em out for the ladies! (Applause) Lookee there! Hiya guys! Ohh, you’ve been so excited! Here, I’ll hand this over here if you wanna hold onto it.
Say ‘Thank you, Drew!’ I saw your room and all the stuff you have going on in there, wow. Isn’t it really impressive? I’m super impressed. They made their own bunk beds, isn’t that awesome? That is pretty cool. In fact I kinda wanna go back to bunk beds, so I was hoping Lily and Emma could help us with mine, too. Maybe? We’d have pretty big bunk beds if we had them. Emma, are you a very shy person? Well, can I get a Lily hug for your sister? There we go. Awww! (Applause) Awesome!
All’s well that builds well! Y’know what, I gotta say, I mean Property Brothers is not bad, but nothing compares to the Property Sisters. I would watch that show. There ya go, I would watch that show in a minute. (applause)

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