VW Golf GTI VS VW Golf GTD review – Auto Express

VW Golf GTI VS VW Golf GTD review – Auto Express

This is the new golf GTI and Volkswagen have
made it not only faster than before but more economical too. But if you want performance
and economy, is there a better bet? The Golf GTD. It costs £25,285 which is around £500
less than the GTI. It has a 2.0-litre diesel engine, with 181bhp and 380Nm of torque. Yet
despite this performance VW have said it will return a remarkable 67.3mph and emits just
109g/km of CO2. The GTI on the other hand has a 2.0-litre petrol engine, with 217bhp
which is 36 more than the GTD. However, it’s 350Nm torque output is 30 less. It also returns
over 20mpg less at the pumps with a figure of 47.1 and emits 30g/km more of CO2. VW claim
the GTI goes from 0-62mph in 6.4 seconds. Which is about a second faster than our equivalent
GTD. So what happens over a longer distance? Well that was even more decisive than I thought
it was going to be. The GTI took 6.9 seconds to get to 60 the GTD needed 7.9 was doing
123mph the poor old GTD was trailing at 11mph. Ok, so the GTD lost out in the drag race,
but it did win in one crucial area, mpg. Over the course of the kilometre it returned 12.4mpg
the thirsty old GTI could only manage 6.9. On the road, in many respects, the GTI is
practically perfect. There’s tonnes of grip, the steering is beautifully weighted and it’s
got naturally feedback. posited, agile. but it’s just not that much fun. The Megane RS
is much more engaging, and that’s the same with the GTD. The biggest difference between
the GTI and GTD is the engine. There’s not much different in outright performance, but
it’s the delivery. With the Golf GTI there’s that urgency to the delivery, and lots of top end power, whereas
the GTD is a bit gravely and diesely. So which Golf delivers
the best blend of performance and economy? Well, for ultimate mpg the GTD is hard to
beat, and better still it’s cheaper than the GTI. But the GTI is hardly uneconomical, and
for me, the extra top end performance and handling make it the winner in this test.

100 thoughts on “VW Golf GTI VS VW Golf GTD review – Auto Express

  1. Somebody who can't afford (purchase and running costs) of a more powerful car?

    Hot hatch = cheap performance, or at least it used to be cheap
    GTD, just marketing, makes the 2.0D appeal to a younger audience,

  2. I love the GTI althought his design is so simple

  3. What a poor drag race

  4. Diesely?

  5. Tip… Loose the tacky soundtrack and really limit how much you talk about MPG figures as its insanely boring!

  6. Why the GTD driver waited only 1,2 secs he may wait 4,5 minutes before he starts the race ….

  7. Exactly.

  8. haha what a pointless start to the video by that start from the GTD

  9. terrible review, terrible race, time to un-subscribe?

  10. Worst review. Worst journalist ever. So boring. Sack him. And I was in a gtd mk7 against gti mk7 and it didn't pull that much atall. Bad start. Bad gear change. 0-60 times you quote were down to your incompetent driving BTW. Terrible

  11. Give the cars to EVO magazine for a proper review.

  12. DRIP, DRIP!!!!

  13. MPG stats between a petrol and diesel car = no point at all

  14. the GTD started almost a second later. this video is definitely not a good one

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  16. If you like driving, petrol beats diesel every single time.

  17. I just cannot agree with this analysis. Day to day (and not just a drive to the track for a drag race) the GTD is surely the best mix of economy and fun? ~10MPG difference getting to the race track isn't insignificant, times that over a 30,000 mile life span and it's a lot of wonga. If you want the most day to day fun, get the GTI. If you want the best day to day fun and some economy go for the GTD

  18. The comment about petrol being more responsive seems to be a bit of a cliché these days. After driving mostly diesels for the last 5ish years, when I get back into even a powerful petrol, I find myself missing the "immediate" low down power that diesels give you without need to change down.

    In my opinion:
    Diesel = A more relaxed/lazy power delivery
    Petrol = A more laboured/exciting delivery
    I think it depends what you prefer and are used to at the end of the day!

  19. The pointlessest review with the most boring reviewer.

  20. totaly true in theory, but vags 2.0 tsi has good response between 2k and 7k revs. and my mk6 dsg in normal mode switches gear at 1.5 or before.
    i mean it has both good attributes! the best thing in a gti is the engine, its awesome

  21. that moron in the GTD did not start even close to the GTI… loooow

  22. 2:46 – 2:52 "The biggest difference between the GTI and the GTD on the road is the engine.." Yeah, no shit! Sherlock!

  23. I like how it's chastising you at 1:01 for pressing the accelerator.

  24. Diesel is king
    some of us didn't buy our cars only to use in Tracks
    most of us live in the real wold with speed limits , speed cameras , red lights
    and zebra crossings , everyone knows diesel is slower , however diesel is much more fun to drive because of the Explosive torque
    GTD specs 7.5 sec from 0-60 mph top speed 143 mph
    Motorway MPG 76 MPG road tax £20 (for the all year)
    This specs are good enough in the real world or for non Topgear stig drivers

  25. They're both perfectly nice cars but neither is likely to set your underpants on fire. As a daily driver I suppose you'd pick the GTD if you had a long commute, the GTi if you didn't. I imagine the GTD will sell a lot better and be quite a tempting second hand buy in a few years when it's out of warranty and we can think about it in terms of remap potential.

  26. 67 mpg for the turbo.diesel…..but I can live with 47 mpg for the peppier sporty GTI

  27. Why compare these cars on performance? It should be a GTD vs a Merc A220 or something. The GTI and GTD are for different markets!

  28. get rid of that music!!

  29. The only point of the gtd is for company drivers nothing else. Because of these cars cost 25k so if you spend £25,000 on a diesel which SAVES you money. Why have you just spent 25k. Over 15,000 miles the difference between diesel and petrol will be about £1000 max so that's nothing to someone who has just spent 25k. I've just ordered a gti 3dr no dsg with options 30k the gtd is good on paper but does not make sense.

  30. english country fucks, dont know how to drive a car

  31. What a lot of people don't realize is how much power volkswagen holds back on that TDI engine. You can take that $500 you saved and go get the ECU tuned. And holy crap you will be surprised.

  32. Not really. You can switch it back to factory easily before you go back in for a warranty claim.

  33. Sexy flag girl!

  34. geez is that what calls ur attention with a 2.0 tsi engine turbocharged? haha

  35. What an infuriating review. Another car reviewer who has watched too may episodes of Top Gear. Why don't you tell us things that make a difference in the real world. The GTI will be bought by VW loyal 'driving enthusiasts' and the GTD by fleet/lease companies for company car drivers.

    GTD will outsell GTI by 3 to 1. Surely a better comparison for 'car enthusiasts' is the GTI versus BMW M135i.

    Best quote…'the biggest difference between the two cars is the engine.'

  36. Petrol rules!

  37. You obviously never driven a car with DSG. That is how it reacts without launch control.

  38. love diesel engines thats all i drive better fuel economy more torque more fun too drive. Petrol engines feel like go kart engines too me lol I can never go back and diesel engines last longer and have better resale value 

  39. Why are the steering wheels on the wrong side? Was this shot with a mirror?

  40. Volkswagen, STOP the auto DSG boxes!! I want a manual, proper box!! As for GTI / GTD, where can you use the minor extra performance of the GTI?? You can't! You'll either get grassed up for dangerous driving! Flashed by a camera! Or seen by a copper hiding round a hedge! The 'smoker' wins every time!! I'm soon to be after a MK6 GTD '09-10.

  41. i just recieved my gtd mk7, and in all honesty it dont make you wanna drive fast anyways, its so comfortable. a lovely cruiser. and handles exactly the same as a gti so really well.

  42. why the heck does the gtd doesnt have separate dual exhaust? -_- dont they know it looks a lot better? man! 

  43. Homeboy you need to learn throttle modulation on FWD

  44. Iv got a mk5 gt tdi and i keep up with 2.0 Iv done 142mph and was she was still pulling

  45. Petrol always. Diesel is for trucks or taxis.

  46. Im pretty sure you can remap the diesel engine that way it can match up to GTI. I'm going for GTD to save money and drive it fast I test drove the GTD and it was sick for a diesel engine tbh so YEAH

  47. What is the color of the GTD – black or dark grey?

  48. Cdot u drove a 1,5d aclass lmaooo u mug! Race for pink slips any day !!! Das auto

  49. You can easily Chip the Diesel and I've seen the GTD develop 520nm of torque on a dyno which would trump the GTI 

  50. Petrol all the way, u tight diesel lovers getting happy over saving a fiver a month on fuel. No thanks give the GTI!!!

  51. At gas prices today especially with diesel being cheaper than gasoline in the summer in canada i'd gladly take the GTD over the GTI

  52. People don't understand thats its not about "saving at the fuel pump" for diesel fans, its more of the reliability and the expense of wearing out a petrol engine versus a diesel engine. I'd rather have a car that will easily last me 300k plus miles then a petrol engine that preforms better, but if not upkept EXTREMELY TIMELY AND PRECISELY (due to the fact that vw's are expensive as fu*k to repair) can take a shit on me. I have a 1998 Jetta GLX with a 5 speed manual VR6 and repairing the transmission labor alone costs over $1000! (imagine how much a 2015 DSG transmission costs to repair!)

  53. I love my GT.TDI MK4 guys..

  54. As a company car doing >20K miles per year, the GTD wins hands-down for me :p

  55. The GTD driver didn't start the race on time

  56. how on earth you can compare diesel and petrol ? Tha F*** is that? Jesus …. Just that GTI have 2.0L engine and GTD have 2.0L engine, that`s, so childish and stupid… i love your channel honestly !!! but this review is complete CRAP !!! at least compare to others cars makers, with sort of the same engine …. talk about interior, boot, insurance cost, running cost(service) and stuff like that… option list, compare to others makers…. instead i can see only race….. sorry no offence, but seriously…. get a grip lads!  

  57. for you it is the winner in the test, because ist the best Car, if u have to ride the Way to work every day your preferences are  different………..

  58. The UK press tends to exhibit snobbery against performance diesels, so no surprises here.

  59. This is a hard one. I'd love to go with the GTI, but I can have almost the same amount of fun in the GTD, but don't feel bad for going out and just taking it for a spin. It's not nearly as thirsty as the petrol version, so I can have fun for a longer period of time with the GTD. The diesel sound isn't too bad anymore. I have a Golf MK6 GT TDI today and I actually prefer the sound of it in the lower revs. But when accelerating, it's hard to beat a good turbocharged petrol engine.
    However I find it easy to forgive considering I rarely need to visit the petrol station anymore 🙂

  60. remove the music, lets hear the sound difference you bell end

  61. atleast do a drag with both DSG fucking retarded.

  62. The black coloring on the GTD is hard to deny. It looks really good!

  63. Seriously, which is cheaper to run if You push these cars to its limits often? How long before pushed-to-the-limits diesel gets serious breakdown compared to petrol? What's the pricing on repairs comparing diesel and petrol? Think twice, it's not only mpg and the fuel price.

  64. natural feedback from the steering? have you ever driven a car with hydraulically assisted steering, or a car with non assisted steering? there is barely any feedback from gti's steering.

  65. seen better reviews than this auto Bill have one were they compare the two and have a drag race both using dsg gearboxes and the gtd wasn't that far off behind the gti

  66. What u arnt considering is the dpf in the gtd will clog up in less than a year if u arnt doing 25000 miles a year a lot of ppl buy diesel thinkin they will see the station less but in reality if u don't do the big commute to have them miles at the end of the year you will be handed a 4 figure bill to sort the dpf that isn't included in ur warranty gtd if u do the miles got all the way if not more fun on a normal day to day drive and the performance pack is defo worth a mention too

  67. At least start the drag at the same time!

  68. I'm a diesel fan and owner but with petrol engines getting more economical i would go for the petrol on this one

  69. Straight line power the higher bhp petrol will always win,. Its different horses for different courses., personally I don't like diesel cars I feel people get them Misconstrued as being fast because of the way it delivers it power lower and mid rpm, if your on the move and you need that overtake there is certainly enough grunt for that. And the likes of a GTD will certainly hold off any attempt to over take it on a motorway easily within legal limits its only if you go all out war and take it over a 100mph you find the lack of bhp in the diesel is apparent , and again if your a bit of a rally driver down the B roads you may the find petrol equivalent a bit better poised in the bends . For me is love to have an economical car like the GTD but I'd want the git for when the Red mist shows its ugly head .,! But I do ask my self is it worth paying the extra for that one moment of madness.

  70. GTD!!!

  71. I want the GTD, VW America sucks hard with their lineup.

  72. worst review ever

  73. This is the most useless review i've ever seen. "The diesel sounds like a diesel". "The diesel has more midrange power". "The diesel is more economical". NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!

  74. I think that leon fr+ is a better choice over golf

  75. One hell of a jump start!

  76. This guy is a doughnut

  77. Worst review, learn to drive a GTD..

  78. The worlds shittest ever review

  79. Asshole cant even drive a gtd

  80. the GTD looks very nice , the best looking of the mk 7 range

  81. This was abominable.

  82. Shit reviewer …Thirsty "old" GTI!!?…. pillock.

  83. GTi driver – tyre smoking start. GTD driver – (late) granny start.
    We knew the GTi would win anyway, but this is just stupid!

  84. Which is best is a very subjective thing. Some people would prefer the more easy-going diesel engine and restrained styling of the GTD more. For company car drivers it's no contest. The GTD's low CO2, good fuel economy and firmer residuals make it much, much cheaper to own for them.

    I always think it's a bit irrelevant when journalists make subjective calls like whether an option is worth the extra, or which of 2 choices they prefer. It's all very well to say "Fitting 4×4 for £2000 isn't worth it", but the thing is.. it might be if you simply can't live without it due to where you live, for example. It's fine to say that "£2000 is a lot of pay for a 4×4 option" or even "Rather than specify 4×4, it might be cheaper to instead buy a variant which already has 4×4 as standard". But simply stating an option "isn't worth the money" – well, that depends on how much you need or want it and how much it costs and how much money you have.

  85. I quite liked this bloke's comments. Compared to the new Topgear's silly drag race this was quite informative. Of some interest, maybe, is that if you configure either diesel or petrol Golfs, with more basic engines, adding the options to equate to GTI/GTD specs, then you are paying very little extra for these performance engines. You would be astonished how expensive other Golfs become.

  86. was enjoying this video until he recommended a Megane! haha, I stopped the video wrote this and left.

  87. Just had my gtd remapped, +40 bhp, +90 torque's, the result would be very different 🖕

  88. The GTD driver was distracted by the starter girl.

  89. Reactions were well slow

  90. my boss has a gtd ….13plate its a stunner the drive is superb

  91. I think this was a Biased test , set up a scenario like Rolling side by side at 40mph and boot it (AT THE SAME TIME) not like your flakey drag race.
    So as if to replicate passing a 40mph speed camera on a dual carriageway and nail it once past the lines , up to a reasonable speed you’d be likely to achieve in a short blast along a dual carriageway before catching other traffic . May be upto 70-80mph from 40. Mph let’s see how well the gti does in that scenario because that’s more real world than 0-60mph

  92. The GTI has 30hp more but costs 5000£ more, if you're smart enough you would get the GTD and give it a mild remap of 30hp which costs 50£ and get even more torque and you get the same performance.

  93. U say it has 380 torque. Thts not true. I cant find any gtd wit tht amount of torque

  94. Awful review. GTD and GTI are aimed at different people who needs a performance comparison.

  95. Diesel is for trucks 😉

  96. I've got a GTD, my dad's got a GTI. Driven both and there really isn't much difference in the real world. Think I made the right choice given the difference in running costs, insurance etc.

  97. Terrible awful start too

  98. Or just buy a gtd and remap it 😂

  99. So you could have had as many chances to film again but this was the best cut. The Gtd driver should be sacked !

  100. Was Stevie Wonder driving the GTD. mmmmmh me thinks he was.

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