Volkswagen Golf estate 2014 – Carbuyer

Volkswagen Golf estate 2014 – Carbuyer

If you’re looking for a practical and comfortable
estate car with economical engine choices and a high quality interior, then take a look
at the revised VW Golf Estate. With its new and stylish good looks it certainly trumps
the outgoing model in this department. Everything has been taken into consideration
here, the space is large and usable, the movable floor sits level with the load lip, there’s
extra stowage here [lift floor] and there’s also a ski hatch in the rear seat backs. talking of which although they don’t fold
flat, there is no step and the seatbelts don’t get tangled in the process. A really handy
feature when the boot is this deep. Another plus about this new estate car is
the room in the back for passengers. I’m only 5 foot 4 and a half but even Carbuyer’s Senior
Web Producer, Rich at 6 foot 1, is fine in these seats. here is rather much like the hatchback. Build
quality is high and the cabin is neatly laid out especially around the centre console.
Storage is superb, allow me to demonstrate and spec is good because you get this touchscreen
display as standard, digital radio, roof rails and an electronic parking brake. Move up to
an SE and you get things such as automatic headlights and wipers plus some extra safety
kit which we’ll come back to. Top of the range GT models get sat nav and parking sensors
as well as sportier suspension. Getting comfy for driving is easy, so let’s do that! The new Golf estate also sits comfortably
on the road, with its decent suspension setup that absorbs the lumps and bumps rather well.
This gives you confidence in the car. another reassuring quality is its safety credentials.
It comes with 7 airbags, automatic post collision braking, automatic distance control and city
emergency braking on the SE model. The hatchback on which it is based scored the full 5 stars
in the EURO NCAP crash safety tests, and we expect the estate to perform admirably too So it’s just as safe and good to drive as
the hatchback, and you would be forgiven if you thought it might burn more fuel being
a bit heavier but actually all models manage over 50 miles to the gallon. The 1.4 litre petrol doesn’t feel gutless
and returns 53.3 miles to the gallon, while the popular 1.6 diesel returns more than 70
miles to the gallon. The most fuel efficient 1.6 litre diesel fitted with Bluemotion technology
can return 85.6 miles to the gallon and is free to tax! It’s the one we’d go for too,
because it’s quiet on the motorway and doesn’t feel too sluggish either. Is there anything I don’t like about this
car? It is quite expensive. A Skoda Octavia for example is cheaper and slightly bigger,
a Kia C’eed Sportswagen is significantly cheaper and comes with a whopping seven-year warranty
– compared to the Golf’s three year guarantee… What’s more, it’s a bit too easy to drive,
if you’d like your practical car to be more fun, the Ford Focus estate could be a better
option. Having said all that I am being a bit picky,
the new VW Golf Estate will tick a lot of boxes for a lot of people. That’s why it’s
so popular. It looks smart, is great on fuel, safe and practical. Check out its rivals though,
watch the Kia C’eed video here and the Skoda Octavia video here, and click here for our
latest video. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe to the Carbuyer channel by clicking here.

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  1. Mazda interiors are dull but this isn't? Come on carbuyer….

  2. Don't buy this car with TSI engine. My friend has almost one year old Golf MK7 1.4 TSI. This engine consume alot of oil and sometimes don't want to start up!
    It's rubbish.

  3. good looks ??? Golf is one of the most boring cars ever designed.

  4. it's O.K.

    but the name "Volkswagen" should be pronounced Folkswagen and not starting with V

  5. till the new passat comes out this is probably a better option

  6. REPOST !!!!!!!!!

  7. Was there even a car in this vid?  Totally missed it.

  8. Too bland looking 

  9. I Like Vw Golf Estate.

  10. Good review: but I think I’d pick a Mazda 3 over a Golf as far as small family cars, the Golf is overrated and bland

  11. Oh look, a golzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  sorry, nodded off there looking at it!.  Nice review though :o)

  12. Why not buy a Skoda Octavia…cheaper, bigger and basically a VW.

  13. As stylish as a pencil. This car is a tool, a good tool, but nothing more then that and defintly not a cool car.
    Good if you want to pay a lot for something that will be good for driving around lots of stuff 😉

  14. 0:57 Fine ass crack

  15. It looks terrible for a car designed in 2014, obviously cheaper than Audi/Mercedes/BMW but years behind their estate cars.

  16. Golf estate GTI. I want to believe

  17. It's a HUGE disappointment that the rear seats don't fold flat anymore. That was a big selling feature for me, and VW always trumped its rivals with this. The angled seat back is a terrible annoyance.

  18. 0:37 is my favorite part

  19. Stylish good looks? WTF?

  20. Just get the Skoda Octavia Estate in stead.

  21. on the last scene it looks like a stretched out version of my fiesta mk6

  22. 0:37 Nice !!!

  23. How about a GTI estate? Oh we can dream cant we

  24. That ass…..

  25. 0:35 hory sheet!

  26. I wish they would delve into how good each navigation head unit is for each automaker

  27. New VW car is getting more and more boring

  28. Car buyer review Vw Golf Estate 2014 sponsored by Volkswagen, any more excited and her pants would be creamed!!! overpriced, dull, poor spec. Kia Cee'd SW is a far better car, trust me i went from a Skoda Octavia vrs to a Cee'd SW far more reliable, economical, easier to drive less crashy over bumps better equipped and better built. FACT. 

  29. No fold flat seats in an estate, what, thats the whole point of one.   

  30. Cool video Rebecca! : )

  31. I just love the way this woman articulates!

  32. Your attractive Rebecca Jackson!

  33. Why isn't 0:36 the top comment? Are you guys all grown up now? I'm disappointed.

  34. One day the bananas will be forgotten in the glove box and ripen to mush. Get with the program Rebecca!

  35. 1:05 – 2:05, from her body language, Rebecca was either tired or simply couldn't care less about the review of this car, no smiles, head tilted…

  36. Golf really did great job with Mk7's butt, you can check it out on  0:37 😀

  37. Does the front passenger seat still fold down flat? Wondering if I can fit an 8' surfboard inside…

  38. Why ford are always more fun to drive

  39. Some people simply don't have enough knowledge to recognize real quality. There are people who are dumb, they need the car to be flashy and scream at them, with lot's of fake chrome and shiny parts that makes them feel the car is high quality, even though it's not. Then you have people who like cars like VW because they know a bit more about cars and engineering. They can recognize high quality materials, high levels of build quality, attention to detail, they can recognize when a certain part is properly engineered and why it costs more than some other parts even though on the first look it doesn't seem clear why.  The fair thing is, that first group of people usually doesn't earn enough money to buy a high quality car anyway, so they can only hate based on their incompetence and lack of knowledge.  Those who can afford it usually know why they want it as well. 

  40. Rebecca, you're the best! 🙂

  41. 0:37 dat ass

  42. I dont think I would wake up on the morning after I had bought this car and think, I cant wait to go and drive and see what I’ve just spent £XXXXX on … would you ?

  43. kiss me before you eat bananas, vw sadness…

  44. 0:58 :))))

  45. Awful model

  46. Essentially a cheap Passat estate 

  47. 0:36

  48. No leather seats even on full spec? o.O

  49. Actually electronic parking brakes suck.

  50. I was behind one of these a few days ago and at distance I thought is was a Passat estate.

  51. Great car but I know this sound stupid but I much prefer the old steering wheel, the new on looks a bit ugly!

  52. Is she married? I bet she is. If she's single, I bet she has kids. If she is single with no baggage, then that is such a rare find nowadays.

  53. Eu sou brasileiro e sempre acompanho os vídeos do Car Buyer com o Matt e a Rebecca. Sou fã de vocês.

  54. I'd have a Honda Civic Estate, job done.

  55. When carmaker isnt passionate about making car and merely expect the branding & marketing to work the magic on sales, this is what you get.

  56. 00:58 butt crack

  57. Such a shame about the stupid electronic handbrake 

  58. Did you say "stylish good looks" at the start there?? Well, its boring to look at..

  59. Two bananas one in the pink and one in the stink.

  60. Dat ass! :3

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  62. 0:36 YES.

  63. 0:37 Yes I quite like that large "boot"

  64. pause at 0:37

  65. Finally!

  66. why does it say that this was uploaded 5 hours ago when it was uploaded a week ago? youtube is clearly playing tricks again…

  67. this car did a good review about this girl

  68. I've driven this car. The electronic power steering is horrible on straight road, which is kinda funny, it ruined the whole experience for me. That being said, the steering in city is nice and the turbodiesel was quaint.

  69. One of My vw's has 185k on the clock and it's still on the same clutch exhaust etc..the awesome over engineered 1.9 tdi engine has never failed me……

  70. Wow Rebecca has a pair of guns

  71. Fuck this for a heap of 21st century shit.


    Nice one tho 🙂 i would still prefer the Hatchback Golf 🙂 

  73. Stylish good looks. Yeah right. Like, 5 4 inch and a half…

    Fuck biased reviews.

    Yikes. And I thought the golf could not get any uglier…They even have a decent looking passat estate and they always screw up the golf.

  74. This or the octavavia? I cant deside 🙁

  75. I have seen the Seat Leon ST the Octavia and Golf Variant! Why did I go for this car? simple, VW is still better build Quality and after 10 years still fun to drive without the car falling apart. Please note that I am a German speaker and have friends with each different Cars and ALL think theirs is the best haha.

  76. In my world of premium German Cars I would rate them in the following order VW – BMW – AUDI – MERCEDES so VW in my opinion is entry premium and this is why you pay a little extra!

  77. 5ft 4 &1/2 in must be her catch phrase…

  78. VW = Unreliable. Plague with locking issues on a 2012 Golf Wagon TDI. A/C compressor replaced in year 1. Now starter.

  79. If you want to buy a car for looks, then don't bother with the Golf, if you want a car that's well built, has German quality on the inside, and very good residuals, then look no further.

  80. worker mouth ( . ) ( . )

  81. 0:37 That's a nice boot.

  82. 0:37 that is bootylicious.

  83. good review. but why in these carbuyer reviews always show banana in the glove box? does the video maker know the answer?left banana in the car, how about …

  84. I've trawled through all the Carbuyer videos hoping for Rebecca's buttcrack and at 0:58, I finally hit the jackpot!

  85. You forgot about the handy central overhead storage for your glasses!
    Bought a 2ltr tdi bluemotion yesterday, don't know how I survived driving a 2001 SEAT ibiza for so long :'D
    Brilliant drive and beautiful interior!

  86. I never look at the car when she is doing the review

  87. I will never get tired of seeing Rebecca's buttcrack when she gets out of the car

  88. Why are all these copy paste reviews always so smart about chosing a 1.6 litre diesel over 2.0 litre diesel- quiter on the motorway and more mpg ? Really ? With only 5-gears as opposed to 6-gears that 2.0 have. Which means when car goes over 100km/h his revs are much higher .In 2.0 doesnt have to work that hard up hills etc. Had both VW 1.6 and VW 2.0 -2.0 had better mpg

  89. Your bum crack is fine in these seats as well

  90. Too bad in North America the Digital Cockpit and Electronic Parking Brake are reserved for the Golf R and if you're going to be a slightly more upmarket contender to Honda or Toyota for that matter in Canada and the US. It's still a mechanical parking brake lever in Canada and the US for the mainstream Golfs, but at least for the 5-door hatch and the Sportwagen they get the electric recline for the front seats if not equipped with the full-power seat(s).

  91. You are just great. I love to watch you

  92. 0:57 Jeer playback speed x 0.25 best


  94. 0:36 a really handy feature when the boot is really deeb as this one. Sure indeed !!

  95. who keep their bananas there? 1:25

  96. They do it on a purpose. If it was not for her butt, no one had an interest in it.

  97. The drawer is for gloves, not lunch.

  98. These comments scare me

  99. Agricultural machinery.

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