Voices of the Recovery Act: Gail Land

Tell me about, when you got the
call that you were going to do, to get this stimulus project,
what was your reaction? Um, elation, mostly. We’ve had one of the slowest
years, I think in the history of our existence here in Monroe. And knowing that I could
get my crew back to work and possibly hire new
people was a great feeling. How many people have
you been able to hire? Um, specifically for this job
we’ve hired three apprentices. Mostly, this job
enabled me to put all of my regulars back to work. So, when you picked up
the phone to make some of those phone calls, what
kind of a response did you get? Oh, the people that I
initially contacted were through the apprenticeship
program. And of course they have a lot of
kids on the out of work program. And they were thrilled that
they were going to be able to send people to
work in Monroe. I also think it’s pretty
exciting to be a part of the whole stimulus
package program. We’ve heard about
it, we’ve watched it on the news, we’ve
seen it coming. And then, to actually say,
yeah, I’m a part of that, I think is pretty exciting.

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