VOC Leader Spotlight: Citizens Energy Group

VOC Leader Spotlight: Citizens Energy  Group

Citizens Energy Group is a diversified
energy company in Indianapolis, Indiana our business goals are focused on four
key pillars: it’s customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, operating
performance, and financial performance. Most people don’t correlate customer
satisfaction with utility companies. We’re in natural monopolies so we’re
going to get every customer in our territory; we don’t have to compete for
customers. So the natural question is, Why would you be interested in customer
satisfaction? Well for us, whether it be heat, electricity, or water consumption, we
feel that that’s more of a moral imperative for us to deliver a higher
level of customer satisfaction than if we were just competing for sales. We have multiple channels; we have a contact center, we have the web, we have a chat
feature, we have social media, we have field service opportunities, and
currently we’re measuring with ForeSee the contact center customer relationship
management and web authentication survey as well we’re really drilling down on
those three channels. I think we’ve got room to grow in measuring the other
channels as well. What’s important for us right now is to understand, at each one
of those touch points, what are customers telling us? What are those nuances? And
what are those things on the margin that really helped us drive a higher level of
customer engagement and customer loyalty. So at citizens energy I can think of a
specific initiative that ForeSee has helped us identify that’s leading to increasing
levels of customer satisfaction. We know that customers enrolled in three
programs with us – electronic billing, automatic bank draft, and the budget plan, which smooths payments out over a 12-month process – customers and all three of those programs are significantly more satisfied than customers that aren’t. What
ForeSee has helped us see is that there’s a direct linkage between customers
enrolled in only one or one or two of those programs
that they’re more likely to be enrolled in all three if we just target market
those customers. So we have initiated a targeted marketing campaign and in the
past five months we’ve seen an increase in enrollment for electronic billing of
17 percent which we know will lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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