Vision Board Success Story | Real Estate Vision Board | Vision Board – Realtor |Realtor Vision Board

Vision Board Success Story | Real Estate Vision Board | Vision Board – Realtor |Realtor Vision Board

Hi, it’s Neva and it’s time for I just completed my vision board for 2017
and if you ever thought creating a vision board is a waste of time, is stupid, I need
you to watch this video so i can tell you how important it is and how it can change
your life. Number one. First of all, I want to stress to you three
top important things about vision boards. I’ve used them since I was a little kid not
realizing that they were vision boards. I just cut pictures, keep in my book, notebooks
and things like that. But it actually programs your mind. The first thing I want to stress to you is
number one, our self-conscious mind actually thinks and pictures in images. This is like neuroscience have studied this. This is a known fact that your subconscious
mind is where you make your ultimate decisions actually, and so it’s very important that
you control or direct your subconscious mind to what you want in life. If you’ve ever taken a marketing class or
anything like that, that’s why they’ll stress how important images are when you’re doing
presentations, when you’re doing advertising or marketing. It doesn’t really matter sometimes the words
you use because the image is having such a profound impact on your recipient. Number two, vision boards are actually Biblical. I’m going to break out my Bible for you. It’s in Habukkuk Chapter 2: 2 and 3 and this
is what it says: Then the Lord answered me and said, “Write the vision and make it plane
on tablets that he may run who reads it for the vision is yet for an appointed time. But at the end, it will speak and it will
not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it because it
will surely come. It will not tarry.” Right here, in scripture we see that seeing
a vision, over and over. He even talks about having it outside so that
people on the run can read it. So it’s important you make your vision board
that is out, hanging somewhere where you’re seeing it over and over and over. Because it says right here, that the vision
actually speaks. Every day that you’re passing your vision
board, it’s speaking to you. It’s actually affecting your subconscious
mind. That leads me into number three is that the
whole point is, you make your vision board, and what happens is that subconsciously you
start making actions to bring about what is in your vision board into your actual life. I’m telling you these are proven facts. Don’t think for a second that create a vision
board is a waste of time. This is a low cost way to start making changes
in your life that’s going to have an impact on your future. It’s the beginning of the year, these are
the types of activities you should be busy doing. So come on, I’m going to show you how I make
my vision board. It’s low cost and you can have fun doing it. Come on. Hi, I’m home today and Rachel is sleeping
so I say, “Hey, I have got to finish my 2017 vision board so I thought to share that with
you. I definitely recommend that you implement
this. I’m just showing you my table here. I’m just really been having some good old
time and that’s what you want and that’s what I would suggest to just have time, an hour
or two, so you can also have fun doing it. I made a grand mess, all the cutting in everything
that happened to me. I’m hoping I’m holding this camera and that
things are in focus. I want to show you what I did is I just took
a bunch of magazines that I already have around the house and just mailers that come to the
house as well. I just look for pictures and quotes that inspired
me. So you see I have IKEA, Restoration Hardware
because I’m huge restoration hardware fan, they’re one of the reason I love design and
that rustic look i used to have a lot of that stuff. So then my scissors, my phone. I’ve just been here chilling because the baby
is sleeping. I’m like, “Let me have fun with it.” Let me show you some of the pictures I cut
out and found in these magazines. Here, of course for real estate, one of my
dreams is to own multiple multi-unit buildings, sort of [0:05:27] like awesome pictures. I’m like, ” I want to own something like that!” So I include those and here my goal is to
be debt-free. Remind myself to always pay myself first. Definitely I have great tip for you here,
I have Dave [0:05:48] baby steps because we are on our way to building wealth and being
debt free. This is actually a picture of me and Rachel
from when I cash out 40 thousand dollar check. I’m including that and this one, in this vision
board because I need to remember what that felt like. After you do this for a while, you know how
you do things and we’re part of that things, after a while, it’s almost if deals can get
boring, and I need that spark of how happy I was when I’m at that one. This is my very first check when I made, what
is it, thirteen thousand seven fifty. I don’t know if I could and focus about that
but that check is. And this, I felt this, I love this. These words are found here closer than you
think. Just telling me, hey success is closer than
I think it is. Then why do I start picking here. My inspiration, my goal is to inspire others. So I chose, my goal is to grow my usage handle
and inspire you. So many other people that think that they
cannot be successful, the real estate, of course the Obama’s. They’re are feel-the-inspiration. Hey, husband and wife, two girls, that’s us. Me, Steve, Rachel and Brooklyn. Then I felt these, I love the two girls just
playing here just going crazy. That just inspires me. I love my girls, let them be themselves. Then I found this nice words, things that
I need to keep a part of outlook on life. Remind myself that I’m worthy. We get so beat up in this business and yelled
at. Just needs to be reminded that I’m worthy
of my goals and my dreams. Then I have here my passive, this actually
says passive income. It’s a goal. Here, it my health section to remind me. I’m really going to a lot of vegan, plant-based
diet. They’re here for my inspiration. This is actually from restoration hardware
of course for then bedroom. We’ve been in this house, how long have we
been here? 12 years or something, I feel like our bedroom,
we had completed it. Can we complete our room? We’ve completed all the other rooms, let’s
focus on us. Here, I saw this and it just reminded like
God and Jesus and coming in the clouds. So I put that there. I don’t even see this, but this picture says,
“Jesus is so sweet.” Then it has a cupcake in the middle. So I just love that. This is the war room, reminding me, we really
need to be in some battle in prayer and just dream and things like that. I love this. The enemy is not fighting you because you’re
week. He’s fighting you because you’re strong. That’s what I’m saying. These are things we want to build ourselves
up. Build ourselves up in what inspires you. I just want to share that with you and inspire
you to do the same. In 2017, create your vision board. Adios!

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